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The 2007 Europa Super Showdown Preview.

Isaac Hinds gives his predictions for 2007 Europa Super Showdown. Will Quincy get his Olympia qualification? Will Adela add another title to her belt? Will Lonnie make it to the YO YO Championships?

Ed & Betty Pariso's 14th annual Sports and Fitness Weekend to get started on Thursday, August 9th. The Europa Super show will be the main event for most of the bodybuilding community, however there are more events taking place during this weekend than you can count.

This year the event moves to the Dallas Convention Center which promises to be bigger and better than every before. will be on hand to bring you another FREE LIVE webcast on Saturday, August 11th. There are a more supplement companies and sponsors for the expo than ever before. You name it they will be there representing. This is one of the only weekends where fans will get a chance to cruise an expo, check out a variety of other events ranging from MMA with Matt Hughes to a Hot Mom and Dad contest.

Lonnie Teper will be busy with emceeing duties for the IFBB pro shows, but had he been free I'm sure he could have given players a run for their money in the US South Central Regional YO YO Championships being held on Saturday. There is something for everyone this weekend and Dallas is the place to be!

Enough rambling let's get into the Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure breakdown of the show.

Men's IFBB Pro - 210 & Under

New this year is the 210 and under competition. This show was added to give some of the IFBB men a chance to compete against guys who weren't ginormous and dwarfing them by 50lbs or more. This will be the first time we see what the true weights of some of these competitors are when they weigh-in on Thursday evening. We hear all sorts of stories on what guys weigh and most of them add a few pounds to their actual weight. The competitors get weighed at the IRONMAN PRO but they are in their clothes and not a true weight. Who will make the weight and what will the line-up be? Your guess is as good as mine.

If Silvio Samuel manages to get to 210, it's lights out on this show. If he weighs in more than 210 it's anyone's show.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Silvio Samuel At The 2007 IFBB Colorado Pro/Am Classic.
View More Pics Of Silvio Samuel Here.

Tricky Jackson has his eyes on the prize but Eryk Bui may have a thing or two to say about it. It will be interesting to see if Eryk can nail his conditioning at this show. He has failed to match his National's conditioning thus far as a pro and his best look was in his debut at the IRONMAN last year.

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Tricky Jackson & Eryk Bui.
View More Pics Of Tricky Jackson Here.
View More Pics Of Erk Bui Here.

Speaking of debuts, Michael Ergas will be making his debut at this show and from what I've heard from my peeps in Gold's Gym Venice he has been doing some insane amounts of cardio and will be competing in this show. Many times when a competitor is still doing large amounts of cardio this close to a show it doesn't go in their favor. We'll have to see if Mike is the exception to the norm.

An Interview With Mike Ergas. An Interview With Mike Ergas.
If one was to refer to the amateur ranks of the national stage you could bet your bottom dollar that the name Mike Ergas would be tapping on your shoulder to remind you.
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Men's IFBB Pro

Last year this show served as the break out performance for Toney Freeman and he hasn't looked back since. Toney won this show over big Quincy Taylor, Johnnie O Jackson and Darrem Charles. This year Toney has his sights set on the Olympia and Quincy has his set on the title. There's been a good deal of speculation over Quincy's conditioning 2 and 3 weeks out from the show. There is no denying this is a VERY, VERY large man. QT checking in at 6'4" and will be on stage at well over 300lbs, this is one guy hard to miss in any line up. Will he have what it takes to be victorious?

Lonnie "The Swami" Teper has him as his pick but has been having second guessing since putting pent to paper. Quincy met with Ron Avidan and Lonnie in the USA restroom for a video interview, why they chose that setting you decide but check it out and judge for yourself on Quincy. There are close to 30 male competitors in this show but only a handful who I think will stand out.

My predictions:

1. Will "World" Harris:

    Will has been criticized for not coming in conditioned to his pro shows. He's competed in a handful of shows as a pro but has yet to match the look he brought to the LA show when he won and even the USA Championships when he turned pro. He showed everyone a look at what's to come at the LA show this year and his conditioning was above and beyond that of the others on stage.

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Will Harris At The 2007 IFBB Colorado Pro/Am Classic.
View More Pics Of Will Harris Here.

    Harris is on track to qualifying for his first Olympia this weekend as long as nothing goes wrong in his final week of prep. Will has one of the best backs in the biz and if he brings the conditioning to the show he was showing at USAs, look out. Will's trouble area is always his glutes and hamstrings but given the condition he was displaying weeks out, I'd venture to guess he'll be alright. Will doesn't have the distention or wide waist of some of his fellow competitors. He is my pick to upset the show.

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Will Harris At The 2007 IFBB Colorado Pro/Am Classic.
View More Pics Of Will Harris Here.

2. Silvio Samuel:

    He's been steamrolling through shows all year. How this guy keeps his conditioning is beyond me but he will have to go on an all you can eat buffet binge all week not to place in the top three at this show. Silvio has a strong chance at winning the entire show and wouldn't count him out of a few first place votes.

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Silvio Samuel At The 2007 IFBB Colorado Pro/Am Classic.
View More Pics Of Silvio Samuel Here.

    He has full muscle bellies and insane conditioning each and every show he's competed in this year. The question with Silvio is his posing and his control over his midsection. If he can correct his posing he could find himself in the winner's circle with his first pro victory. Silvio has been training with Charles Glass and working with Bob Chic on his posing, we'll see how it pays off this weekend.

Olympia: The Series Episode #3: Silvio Samuel Saviour
Date: 7/20/2007

3. Bill Willmore:

    I've been told Bill Willmore has never looked better. Doesn't everyone say this before their show only to come back with some type of excuse? Bill has been consistent in his pro shows and always shows up in great condition.

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Bill Willmore At The 2006 New York Pro.

    He's taken some time off to add some size and work on his legs, will he be able to qualify for the Olympia in Dallas? I think so. Look for Bill to show up better than we've seen him before and find himself back on the Olympia stage in his sophomore year.

4. Quincy Taylor:

    Yes, you're reading it right I have QT out of a qualifying spot for the Olympia. Why? I don't think he'lll be in condition to justify him being in a top three spot. I saw Quincy at the USA Championship and while he claims he is holding about 15lbs of water, which I don't dispute, it's not all water he's holding.

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Quincy Taylor At The 2006 Europa.
View More Pics From The 2006 Europa Here.

An Interview Quincy Taylor. An Interview Quincy Taylor.
When caught up with the Q.T. this week he was less than eight weeks away from the Europa Super Show weighing in at a bone creaking 334 lbs.
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    Who knows though, stranger things have happened in the last couple weeks of a competition but I don't see it happening this time. QT will have to venture to the Montreal or Atlantic City show to get an Olympia birth. Quincy had some smack to talk on a recent Pro Bodybuilding Weekly show and while he is certainly big enough in sheer size to back it up, will his conditioning on stage stand up to the smacky smack? We'll find out in a couple days.

Olympia: The Series Episode #8: Quincy Taylor
Date: 8/7/2007

Quincy Taylor
Quincy Taylor Wallpaper
2007 Europa Top Pro Contender.
Photo By SecondFocus.

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480x640 - 320x240 - 240x320 - 160x160 - 160x120 - 128x128

5. Omar Deckard:

    Omar's downfall has been his legs but in this line up I think he'll be able to hold his own. He's added some size to his upper body and if he is able to dial in his conditioning, he should find himself in the top callouts.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Omar Deckard At The 2007 IFBB Colorado Pro/Am Classic.
View More Pics Of Omar Deckard Here.

    Omar recently made an appearance on "the experts" video where he did a good job of sizing up the competition at USAs. Let's see if Omar can match is video appearance on stage this weekend.

2007 NPC USA
"The Experts" Post-Show Wrap-Up

Poor Ron gets ousted by Omar Deckard... find out why, and who was wrong about their USA predictions? LOL

Windows Media (12.1 MB)
QuickTime (17.1 MB)

Women's Bodybuilding

At last count there were twenty female bodybuilders in the line-up. I believe this show will have two weight classes, how the classes stack up, I'm unsure of. Admittedly, I am not all the good at picking the female bodybuilders but what the hey. Do you have any thoughts on who will end up in the top five?

My top five picks:

1. Dena Westerfield:

    She was in the runner up spot last year to Heather Foster but could easily find herself in the winner's circle this time around. Dena has great symmetry and is always in good condition.

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Dena Westerfield At The 2007 IFBB Jan Tana.
View More Pics Of Dena Westerfield Here.

2. Tazzie Colomb:

    Tazzie was forth at this show last year and I look for her to be in an Olympia qualifying spot this year.

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Tazzie Colomb.

3. Marika "The Freaka" Johansson:

    Last year Marika was the hardest and most conditioned competitor on stage, even more conditioned than her male counterparts.

Marika Marika
+ Click To Enlarge.
Marika Johansson At The 2006 Europa.

    Marika looks to have added some size in her off-season and I look for her to be in great condition again this year. She should find herself in the top five and if all goes well for her in an Olympia qualifying spot.

An Interview With Swedish Bombshell Marika Johansson! An Interview With Marika Johansson!
In 2005 Marika made her pro debut in Texas finishing in 4th place in a highly competitive field missing an Olympia qualifying position. This year Marika will go for redemption at the 2007 Europa.
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Marika Johansson
Marika Johansson Wallpaper
2007 Europa Top Pro Contender.
Photo By SecondFocus.

1600x1200 - 1280x1024 - 1152x864 - 1024x768 - 800x600
480x640 - 320x240 - 240x320 - 160x160 - 160x120 - 128x128

4. Beth Roberts:

    It's been awhile since we've seen her onstage at least from my findings it's been since 2003. Beth has done well in all of her pro shows with her lowest placing of 8th at the 2002 Olympia. She is the 2001 Overall Nationals winner in female bodybuilding and has a pro win under her belt. She is no stranger to the top spots in the pro ranks, watch for her to make some noise.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Beth Roberts.

5. Debbie Bramwell:

    Debbie has been battling it out in the NPC ranks for a number of years and found herself victorious a few weeks ago at the Masters Nationals. This will be her pro debut in the IFBB ranks. She looked great in her win and should continue her winning ways in Dallas.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Debbie Bramwell.

Women's Fitness

Holy smokes is this one packed line-up! It's awesome to see this many fitness competitors on stage. It's been awhile since we've seen these numbers in a pro show. Anyone who says fitness is dying need look no further than this show. At last count there were 24 competitors who will take the stage on Friday.

1. Adela Garcia:

    What is there to be said about the hottest chica in the pro ranks? Adela recently tried her hand at figure in Houston and is going back to her bread and butter of fitness for this show.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Adela Garcia At The 2007 IFBB Arnold Classic.
View More Pics Of Adela Garcia Here.

    Adela tells me she is bringing back one of her favorite routines and is excited for this show. Making the three hour trip from her home in Texas to this show, Adela is the clear favorite to add another title to her belt.

An Interview With Fitness Champion Adela Garcia-Friedmansky. An Interview With Adela Garcia-Friedmansky.
Puerto Rican native Adela began weight training at age 17 to improve her sports performance. Adela describes how she has become a fitness champion.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

2. Mindi O'Brien:

    Mindi has always done well at this show and I don't see her luck changing much this year. She was in second behind Tanji Johnson last year at this show and I look for her to be in one of the top spots again this year. Mindi always brings great conditioning and awesome gymnastic skills to the stage.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Mindi O'Brien At The 2007 IFBB Arnold Classic.
View More Pics Of Mindi O'Brien Here.

3. Tanji Johnson:

    Tanji won this show last year and will have her work cut out for her to repeat as champ again this year. Don't count Tanji out as a threat for the top spots. She brings a great deal of enthusiasm to the stage and has been doing very well in her last few shows.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Tanji Johnson At The 2007 IFBB Arnold Classic.
View More Pics Of Tanji Johnson Here.

    Tanji will definitely be a top contender at this show. It will come down to her conditioning and how she fairs in the physique rounds next to the other competitors.

      Check Out Articles By Tanji Johnson Here.

4. Amy Haddad:

    Amy was top five last year in this show and look for her to be in the top spots again in 2007. Amy is one of the taller competitors in the fitness ranks but doesn't let that prevent her from a strong showing. She has great strength moves and look forward to seeing her on stage again this year. Will she bring a routine that doesn't involve a sword? We'll see on Friday!

+ Click To Enlarge.
Amy Haddad At The 2007 IFBB Arnold Classic.
View More Pics Of Amy Haddad Here.

5. Julie Lohre:

    Julie had her best showing at the West Palm Beach show at the end of 2006. She qualified for the 2007 Olympia there and has no pressure to nab an Olympia birth at this show. Julie has a great physique and solid routine. She should find herself in the top callouts again at this show.

Julie Lohre
+ Click To Enlarge.
Julie Lohre.

-> Not Attending:

    One name absent from this show that always adds some flair is Angie Semsch. She tells me she will be in attendance but not competing on stage. She is saving up for the Olympia in a few weeks. I know Lonnie will be disappointed he won't get to bust a move with her on stage.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Angie Semsch At The 2007 IFBB Arnold Classic.
View More Pics Of Angie Semsch Here.

    Who will pick up the dancing slack for Angie this year?

Women's Figure

The two time reigning champ will be out of the line-up as she prepares for the Olympia. Don't worry Amanda Savell fans she'll still be in attendance and working the Pinnacle booth. This leaves the door open for a new champ to be crowned on Friday night.

Top five:

1. Michelle Adams:

    Michelle was out of the top five last week at the Motor City show but look for her to rebound and add another title to her belt. She won the Montreal show last year after placing second in this show in 2006 as well. Michelle has all the right parts to win if she nails her conditioning.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Michelle Adams.

2. Shannon Meteraud:

    Shannon has been consistently at the top of each show since returning to stage. This mother of two packs a lot of muscle on her frame with a great deal of maturity to it.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Shannon Meteraud At The 2007 New York Pro.

    She is one of the more muscular competitors you'll see on the figure stage but the judges are fans of it. Look for her to be in the top spots again at this show.

3. Natalie Benson:

    Natalie is has a tremendous physique and gaining a number of fans along the way. Let's see if the judges are fans of her physique at this show. She has a unique look and one that I think is a pleasing one that belongs up on the Olympia stage.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Natalie Benson At The 2007 IFBB Houston Pro.
View More Pics Of Natalie Benson Here.

Natalie Benson
Natalie Benson
IFBB Pro Figure Competitor.

Week #60 - 5/8/2007
1600x1200 - 1280x1024 - 1152x864 - 1024x768 - 800x600
480x640 - 320x240 - 240x320 - 160x160 - 160x120 - 128x128

4. Krissy Chin:

    Krissy has been competing her little tail off all year. She competed in a number of NPC shows and won her class at the Figure Nationals in New York a few weeks ago. She went onto the pro show at the Houston Pro and placed in the top 10. If her body isn't too tired from all the competing she should fair well at this show.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Krissy Chin At The 2007 IFBB Houston Pro.
View More Pics Of Krissy Chin Here.

5. Andrea Dumon:

    Andrea can place well if she is able to hit her conditioning. She was out of a qualifying spot in Houston but look for her to improve on her showing there and be in the top callouts at this show.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Andrea Dumon At The 2007 IFBB Houston Pro.
View More Pics Of Andrea Dumon Here.

-> Others To Watch:

    Paola Almerico turned pro at the NPC Jr. USAs and made her debut a the Motor City. She has the structure and if she can fine tune her physique she will be a threat in the pro ranks.

    Kristal Richardson had her best showing at the Jan Tana but her physique seems to change from show to show. She should find herself in the top 10 at this show if she is able to repeat the look she brought to that show.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Kristal Richardson At The 2007 IFBB Jan Tana.
View More Pics Of Kristal Richardson Here.

    Amy Peters has been finding a look that suits her well and will also be in the top 10 looking to crack that top five spot.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Amy Peters At The 2007 IFBB Houston Pro.
View More Pics Of Amy Peters Here.

    Last but not least Lianne Seiwald put the right touches on her physique at the Jan Tana and if she is able to duplicate that and bring a polished presence to the stage again should end up in another top ten spot.

NPC Show

There is also an NPC show to this weekend as if there weren't enough things to keep track of. Let's see how I fair in my assesments of this show after the Friday night Finals. The women and the under 210 class will have their prejudging and finals on Friday with the Men's IFBB Bodybuilding on Saturday. If you haven't purchased your tickets yet get them today at this is going to be a great weekend of bodybuilding and fitness. I'll be there covering the event and will keep you posted on the PRO/AM blog throughout the weekend.

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