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An Interview With IFBB Fitness Star Jen Hendershott - Retired Or Olympia Bound?

I caught up with one the IFBB's biggest fitness super stars, Jen Hendershott... Check out this moving interview with Jenny H. Jen shares a few things that she has NEVER revealed to anyone!

Jen Hendershott - Retired or Olympia Bound?

I caught up with one the IFBB's biggest fitness super stars, Jen Hendershott to get the real scoop on what is up with her. Is she retired as she eluded to after the Arnold or did she have a change of heart and we'll see her in the Olympia line-up this year.

Check out this moving interview with Jenny H. Jen shares a few things that she has NEVER revealed to anyone before this interview.

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Jen Hendershott At The 2007 Arnold.
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[ Q ] A'ight Hendy let's break it down. You said after the Arnold you were retiring and now a little birdie told me you're doing the Olympia. First, is it true you're doing the O?

    I hate gossip birdies! WELL, I am doing the Olympia. SURPRISE!

[ Q ] So what changed between March and now?

    Time is what we needed so we could make some decisions. (WE, meaning Brian, my husband, and I). This is ultimately our decision. We really considered starting a family but after months of discussion and time to think about the BIG picture we decided that we currently like the way our life is.

    I am so busy with Phat Camps and that's where my passion truly is at this moment. Listen, I am doing this because "I CAN". Simple as that. I am healthy, talented, and experienced. WHY would I not do it? Someday in say 5-10 years I will not be as physically able as I will be in my 40's, so I need to take advantage of every opportunity.

[ Q ] You were on the fence for quite awhile, what was the deciding factor(s)?

    We don't like to force anything on ourselves; we believe that God will deal the cards that need to be dealt. Starting a family changes a lot of things and it's a BIG decision. We trust that God will bless us again when its time.

    In the summer of 2005 I had a miscarriage, which NO ONE knew about, (BREAKING NEWS). We kept it to ourselves until we were ready to share with the world. It was an emotional time but we believe God works in strange ways and this is something we had to deal with as many families in this world do.

    Let me remind you that this was the year I won the Olympia, after winning the Arnold. We believe things happen for a reason and sometimes they are not always good things. WE know physically when I am ready we can do this, but right now is not the time.

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Jen Hendershott At The 2005 Olympia.
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    You know I also want to say for those women out there that can relate; that having a miscarriage is a big deal and a deal that is hard to handle. I have now been down this road. 1 in every 4 pregnancies end in miscarriages. I realized after researching, I was not alone.

    It's a horrible thing to go through but I am living proof that you can over come and move on. For information on miscarriages:

[ Q ] Have you been training during this time or are you sitting fluffy and wondering what the h*ll you're going to do?

    Both, I have taken some time off as I was a little burned out from the gym. I ate good but not a competition diet. I ran a lot, which I enjoy but I didn't ever wonder what the h*ll I was going to do. I am a woman with a lot on her plate and I can do anything I want to in this world.

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Jen Hendershott At The 2007 Arnold.
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    I was trying to pick and choose what was next for me as I had so many ideas and businesses I wanted to start. Since the Arnold I have helped Adela Garcia launch her camps.

    I launched my own book "The Curvelle Lifestyle" and I am launching my new online trainer program for my clients with four of my good friends and personal trainers. The site will be up early August and to learn more you visit Trust me there is never a dull moment at the Hendershott home!

[ Q ] You're already qualified, so we won't be seeing you in any shows prior to Vegas, correct?

    NO WAY, I am too busy!

[ Q ] What do you think of the current state of amateur fitness?

    I have heard there are some amazing girls coming up into the pros. I heard there are some real hotties! I think we need hotties in fitness and we need some strong talent. I figure they will truly hit the big stage right when I am getting ready to retire for the 2nd time. LOL! I encourage all the current girls to stay true to themselves and wish them the best. I am here if they need anything.

[ Q ] Why don't people see you attend many shows?

    Honestly, I don't want to pass out protein bar samples, I don't really find self satisfaction from signing autographs 6 hours a day, and I am over all the drama in this industry. WHY would I spend my weekends doing all that when I can be helping women become their very best and I can make a good living doing something I truly enjoy?

    I think at the beginning of your career its something you need to do but after your 5th year in the sport its time to get real! Seriously!

    Trust me I have Phat campers coming into the NPC every week. Latisha Wilder and I are launching our own team of athletes. WE know there are lots of good trainers in the sport but we know there are a lot of new girls coming in that are desperate for information, we want to help them. If anyone is interested email me and we can chat more about your ideas and career. Latisha and I would love to help!

[ Q ] What is your take on the current state of pro fitness?

    Good Question? I think there are some girls that are pro that are not getting the opportunity to ever step on an Olympia stage and Arnold stage and that sucks! I know pro girls that have been trying to qualify for years and all I can say to them is don't give up hope.

    The girls that I will see at the Olympia are the girls who have established who they are and what they stand for. I know who's real and who's not. I know who works hard and who doesn't. They each get better, show to show.

    I am excited to see them and know that some will welcome me back and others will not. Oh well, they can honestly blame this on Adela Garcia and Heidi Fletcher. It's their fault as they have text messaged me to death, emailed me like mad women, and have called me with encouragement to not leave the sport. Well girls, I love ya and next time be careful what you wish for. LOL!

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Jen Hendershott At The 2007 Arnold.
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[ Q ] Do you feel a responsibility to other competitors since you're the fitness rep for the IFBB?

    Well seeing how the last athlete rep for fitness was NOT the best role model, YES! I have spoke to many girls who have lots of complaints and concerns about their careers and the direction the sport is heading. All I can do is listen, advise them best I can, and support them. I just want to be true to them as a leader and as a friend. Hang in there ladies!

[ Q ] Will we be seeing you compete in figure before you really retire this time?

    I will never say never, but probably NOT! There are enough figure competitors; they don't need me!

[ Q ] Who's style, talent, etc. do you like currently in the pro or amateur ranks? Don't give that oh they are all great whoo haa... :)

    Lishia Dean and Betsy Harris are my prodigies in Fitness as amateurs. In the pros the pro fitness girls with the wicked moves are Mindi O'brien and Angie Semech. NO one can take their moves from them, they are awesome. I love watching them perform.

[ Q ] We know you'll rock the house in Vegas, you always do, so can we expect to see the same routine as the Arnold?

    NO cookies at the Olympia sorry! I have something hilarious and completely unexpected up my sleeve. I know I am the only one that will have the guts to ever do this kind of routine. It's so funny that I have to stop and laugh when I am performing it.

[ Q ] Any hints on what it will include?


An Interview With 2007 Arnold Competitor, Jen Hendershott! An Interview With Jen Hendershott!
Jen is back and she's ready to for the Arnold. I caught up with Jen H Shot and asked her a few questions as she sits 1 1/2 weeks out from the Arnold. Catch the rest of the interview right here!
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[ Q ] Come on. No props so the Madonna make out is out. One hint?

    You are hilarious. NO making out on stage unless of course Adela and Heidi want to hook it up.

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Jen Hendershott At The 2007 Arnold.
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[ Q ] Are you really friends with Chris Daughtry or is that a ploy to sound cool?

    Well first of all I am cool without knowing Chris Daughtry. YES, I Know Chris! He actually tried to tell me his biceps were bigger than mine. I am good friends with his wife Deanna. They are really great people and its good to see great things happen to good people.

[ Q ] Why not have Chris play live on stage to introduce you if you're such good buds? LOL, jk!

    Dude you totally ruined what I am doing for the OLYMPIA. I actually thought of this but I am sure he is super busy, he has been on tour all year. However, I will remind him I am in Vegas that weekend and see if he is nearby for a visit.

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Jen Hendershott At The 2006 Olympia.
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[ Q ] You said you were in the video but I didn't see you - were you one of the 10,000 in the audience or making the whole thing up?

    Seriously I am in there! I was in the audience with all the families and friends of the Daughtry family. The video was made in Greensboro, NC. You will see my 1 second of fame around the :36-:37 mark in the video. Babe why you bustin' my %$$%^&?

    I love the guy's music; listened to it today doing cardio 2x, guy firkin rocks! I am just jealous.

[ Q ] Have you ever gotten any weird requests for your 30 minute phone consultations?

    No THANK GOODNESS! Only women looking for help.

[ Q ] Still with iSatori?

    Yes, I am still with iSatori. We are discussing my contract for 2008 this month. They have been very good to me!

[ Q ] How do you like working with them and what's your favorite product?

    I have two favorite products, Eat Smart and Curvelle. I use the Lean System 7 and MXLS7, but my favorites are the Eat Smart because you can make anything and everything out of this protein based protein.

    I love Curvelle because it has NO ephedra in it and I helped design it.

[ Q ] What brought the book about and how's it doing thus far?

    The book is doing GREAT and will be on soon. The book is one of my greatest accomplishments to date. iSatori has given me a huge opportunity to share my beliefs and my techniques using this book. Sales are rocking! You can get the book on

[ Q ] Are you still planning another motivational book? How will this one differ from the first book?

    This is something totally different and I am working on this now. I am also completing a competitor's hand guide and that should be out by FALL. I am wrapping up a 2nd cookbook also. Busy, Busy!

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Jen Hendershott At The 2007 Arnold.
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[ Q ] Do you expect it to match Harry Potter's first day sales?

    I wish.

[ Q ] Are you still doing choreography for girls?

    My new assistant choreographer Lishia Dean, who just placed 5th at the Team U in Fitness is working next to me to help me take on all the clients I have. I work one-on-one with the Pro girls. Julie Palmer and Heidi Fletcher will both be performing routines I designed for them at the Olympia.

    Lishia is so much like me its scary. She is very personable and realizes she needs to make this a business in the sport and that competing doesn't pay the bills. She is doing exactly what I did when I was an amateur working with other amateurs to make them the best she can.

    Lishia and I work well together and everything she designs has to be approved before she teaches the routine. She is wonderful, I am proud to have her on board.

[ Q ] Who's routine is one to keep an eye out on this year?

[ Q ] How are the Phat Camps going?

    Did you know I was the ORIGINATOR? They are rocking. I cannot do my thing without Heather Bear and my staff. They are wonderful and all the campers mean so much to me. They are the greatest.

[ Q ] You've been doing them for how many years?

    In August it will be my 5th year in Business. I am so excited, it's such an amazing accomplishment. The business keeps growing year to year.

[ Q ] What's been the most fun destination on the camp tour thus far and why?

    Fun-Vegas not on a Olympia diet. However the coolest place was New Zealand and Australia.

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Jen Hendershott At The 2007 Arnold.
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[ Q ] How big is your staff now?

    I have my assistant Heather Bear and my mom who work full time for me. I have 8 part time staffers. I have 4 staff overseas. Then I have my accountant and my attorney.

[ Q ] What do you feel you bring that other competitors don't to the pro stage?

    Well, again I will say what I have always said. I am who I am. You get what you see on and off the stage. I don't play to be high and mighty. I don't kiss anyone's @ss to get ahead; I don't pretend to be something I am not. I am me! When I walk on stage you get Jen Hendershott!

[ Q ] Will this be your finale or will we see you at the Arnold back in your old stomping grounds?

    To early to ask me this question. Anything is possible. I am in a GREAT place right now!

[ Q ] It seems most women in figure/fitness have gotten breast implants - why no upgrade on the girls for you?

    Why would I? I love my body and there is nothing wrong with it. I am a tomboy and I love not wearing a bra. I tell girls all the time at my camps if you wake up each day and can look in the mirror and like what you see why would you change it.

    You have to love yourself and if you want to get them, then get them. They are not for me! You didn't know I was also the President of the itty bitty titty club? Go girls!

[ Q ] Have you adapted to living in North Carolina yet?

    I love the weather! NC rocks! The people are super friendly here. However I go to OHIO often and I do miss my family and friends but it's a nice little life Brian and I have down here. We like it!

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Jen Hendershott At The 2007 Arnold.
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[ Q ] Broken any bones while practicing your routines?

    NOT yet!

[ Q ] How's your friend's cancer doing?

    Oh boy! Well it's a battle right now. Each day I pray for her harder than I did the day before. Rhoda is a strong little woman and she has lots of my fans, my family, and my staff pulling for her. You know with cancer you have to take it one day at a time. She will do it. I have faith in her and the trust the Lord will care for her!

[ Q ] Have you and Kelly Ryan stayed in touch since she's been incarcerated?


[ Q ] Still train with Mike Davies?


[ Q ] Have you been fishing this summer?

    YEP, I love fishing. I am going this weekend actually.

[ Q ] Thought about trying your hand at Dancing with the Stars?

    I have sent my application in 2 times. WE will see. I know I can @SS shake like a crazy women; I would be good at it.

[ Q ] What will you do if you win the Olympia again this year? Can you come up with something better than crying?

    HUMMMM... if I win, I will make out with Adela, how's that?! LOL!

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Jen & Adela At The 2007 Arnold.
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[ Q ] Thanks Jen. We'll be watching to see what you bring to the stage in Vegas. I know everyone appreciates what you bring to the industry.