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The 2007 NPC King Kamali Classic Review!'s Bob Cicherillo served as the emcee for the event and did a good job. Here is my review of how the show went and a little about the top winners from the King Kamali & Jan Tana shows.

The first "Royal Affair" took place on June 23, 2007 at the Prestigious Tarrytown Music Hall in Tarrytown, New York. A short cab ride from the White Plains airport (a bit of a haul from New York City will get you there). King Kamali took a step away from the competitive stage to try his hand at show promotion.

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The Tarrytown Music Hall.'s Bob Cicherillo served as the emcee for the event and did a good job. Bob was entertaining as the host and through in some of his zingers and sarcastic wit through out the show. It's a good thing Bob can think on his feet as his co-host, WWE Pro Wrestler Batista was pretty much a bump on a log.

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Bob Cicherillo & WWE Pro Wrestler Batista.

It's always fun to see a celebrity in person but after the novelty of meeting them wears off, one is left wondering what value do they add to the show. Batista is a big dude, well over six foot tall but did he add much value to the show? Not really.

The show had about 25 total competitors, including men and women's bodybuilding and figure. While this isn't a huge show, it was a decent start for a first year show. The prejudging was run smoothly and quickly, which was great. If the pro portion of the show had been better organized the prejudging would have been completed before noon.

Bob Chick: Backstage Emcee

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Regardless of that, the show went quickly and was a nice change of pace from the previous weekend at Jr. Nationals where there show went long simply due to the 300+ competitors. I grabbed a couple slices of pizza after prejudging and enjoy the cool little town of Tarrytown.

New York definitely has the best pizza and while it didn't really help the diet, it's a travesty not to enjoy a slice in New York. The Tarrytown Music Hall is a very cool old venue that has lots of character and a nice change of venue from the norm.

The Evening Show

The evening show went equally as smooth and I commend King for his staff and organization. I've had my differences with King in the past, but he treated me with respect and was very cordial. His beautiful wife Barbara was in attendance and is about 6 months pregnant. She was upbeat and very supportive of her husband's efforts. It's nice to see bodybuilders doing things beyond talking trash or simply competing.

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Bob & King.
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The overall men's Bodybuilding went to Leonardo Nimo, who also won the light-heavyweights. The women's overall as well as masters title went to Dawn Whitman. Nancy Fuentes won the figure A class as well as the overall figure title. She is trained by Carlo "The Muscle Chef" Filippone.

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Leonardo Nimo, Dawn Whitman & Nancy Fuentes.
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Leonardo Nimo
Leonardo Nimo Wallpaper
2007 NPC King Kamali Overall Winner
Photo By Isaac Hinds.
Week #67 - 6/26/2007
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Out of all the competitors in the show Nancy showed the most promise to succeed in a bigger show. A little more time and she could find herself holding her own at a National level NPC show. Check out the complete results and photos here.

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Nancy Fuentes.
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IFBB Pro Darrem Charles mixed things up as the show's guest poser. Darrem is a great performer and was in excellent conditioning. Anyone looking for a guest poser for their show should definitely consider Mr. Charles to break things down on stage.

Darrem Charles Guest Posing

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The King Kamali Classic was held in conjunction with the Jan Tana Pro Classic, which featured IFBB Women's Bodybuilding and Figure. I had a fun time at this show and hope King is able to secure a date and bring the show back next year.

2007 IFBB Jan Tana Pro Contest Main Page. 2007 IFBB Jan Tana Pro Contest.
The 2007 IFBB Jan Tana Women's Bodybuilding & Figure Contest will be held on June 23rd in Tarrytown, New York. Women from around the world will come to compete.
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A little more time promoting the show and a bit more organization with the pro component (with a closer host hotel to the venue) and this could become a top NPC show in years to come. Check out all the photos and various videos from this show and let us know what you think.