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The Colorado Connection, Pt. 2: An Inside Look At The Competitors & Competition Scene.

Welcome to the second installment of 'The Colorado Connection.' Each month I will feature a competitor, trainer, gym, and more. I'm here to show you that life in the bodybuilding and fitness world also exists outside of California.

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It's been awhile since the last Colorado Connection, and lots of things are going on in the land of the Rocky Mountains. So, let's get right down to it...

Pro News

Heather Policky

    You saw her exclusive training videos and progress photos here on first! Yep, that's right: Colorado's own Heather Policky represented the Rocky Mountain state in her IFBB debuts.

An Interview With Heather Policky, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder An Interview With Heather Policky, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder.
Heather Policky (pronounced po-lisk-y) is 4½ weeks out as I catch up with her at Harry's Colorado Pro Gym.
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    Heather won the 2007 Sacramento Pro show, and keep in mind this was her first IFBB pro show! What an accomplishment for your first time out in the pro ranks. Heather followed up her strong showing with an even tighter physique in Columbus, Ohio.

    Heather made her Arnold Classic debut and placed third, some myself included, had her in second but hey top 3 your first time out - not too shabby! Heather is taking some deserved time off from the diet and plans on doing the 2007 Olympia in September. Many people have talked about her potential for years and now they are seeing her reach it in the pro ranks. Great job, Heather!

Phil Heath

    What's happening with Phil "The Gift" Heath? Phil's debut DVD is out now, entitled "The Gift: A New Beginning." I followed Phil for 12 weeks as he prepared for his pro debut at the 2006 Colorado Pro show last May. You'll see how he trained and a behind the scenes look at what went on the day of the show. This is definitely a must have for bodybuilding fans.

Update in the Lift Corner Update in the Lift Corner
Phil Heath's DVD is in duplication and I'll have it in hand before the Arnold Classic, where Phil will be making his Arnold debut.
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    I caught up with Phil 10 days out from the 2007 Arnold Classic as he was doing a photo shoot for Flex Magazine. Look for the photos and story in the current issue. You can also check out a bit of Phil's Training with video coverage on

    Phil's been busy with guest posing recently making the trek out to Hawaii, San Francisco, and is set to hit Japan. We're planning out when we'll start filming his next DVD. It will depend on if he does the 2007 Olympia or not. I'll keep you posted on the details here. As most of you know by now, Phil finished 5th in his Arnold debut. It's a great accomplishment for any bodybuilder and you'll see him use that placing as motivation for his next show.

Chaundra Tangi & Lisa Marie Bickels

    We're loosing one pro and gaining another in Colorado. IFBB Figure Pro, Chaundra Tangi will be relocating to Chicago in the next couple of weeks. Chaundra will be missed in the Colorado community as she helps out a number of competitors with posing, makeup and training.

      To See Chaundra's BodySpace Profile, Click Here.

Chaundra Tangi Chaundra Tangi
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IFBB Figure Pro Chaundra Tangi.

    We'll be gaining another pro when Lisa Marie Bickels relocates back to Ft. Collins, Colorado. Lisa turned pro last year and taking the year off before making her pro debut on the pro bodybuilding stage.

Lisa Marie Bickels

Come see the beautiful figure competitor & IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Lisa Marie Bickels at TheFitExpo!

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QuickTime (18.0 MB)

Jen Hendershott

    IFBB Fitness Pro Jen Hendershott brought her PHAT Camp to Loveland, Colorado a few weeks ago. I attended the event and caught up with my old pal, Hendy. She puts on one helluva camp and I'd encourage any women considering attending to do so.

    She's one of the most motivating and inspiring people you'll encounter. She hasn't ruled out competing in the Olympia this year, so fans may see her back on stage!

Jen Hen's PHAT Camp

Come see IFBB Fitness Pro Jen Hendershott get PHAT in Colorado!

QuickTime (22.6 MB)

Other News

The local NPC crew recently met for a bowling night where we talked about the year ahead and enjoyed knocking a few pins around. I'm happy to report I bowled a whopping 131, which was enough to take top honors. Yes, we'll all be sticking to our day jobs and won't be on the pro bowling tour any time soon.

bowling bowling
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Colorado NPC Bowling League.

Wedding Bells in the Colorado Air

    IFBB Pro bodybuilder Heather Policky and NPC National level Bodybuilder Dylan Armbrust will tie the knot this month. I'll be attending the ceremony and will report back next time with photos and more. These two are great people and wish them both the best.

      To View Policky/Armbrust Wedding Photos, Click Here.

    Fresh off his national debut at the Jr. USAs, Shawn Mack popped the question to his girlfriend, NPC fitness competitor Rachel Patton. Mack Wheels is happy to report she said 'yes' and the two will be setting a date soon!

Shawn Mack Shawn Mack
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NPC Amateur Bodybuilder Shawn Mack.

    IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Phil Heath and his long time girlfriend Jen will tie the knot on June 23rd in Colorado. I've had the pleasure of getting to know both of them over the last couple years and they are good people.

Colorado Competitors Head East

    A few Colorado peeps made their way East to Charleston, South Carolina for the NPC Jr. USAs - and some faired better than others. It was a tough lineup in the figure divisions as there were over a 140 competitors total.

    The best showing was from Shawn Mack who placed second in the Heavyweight division. It was Shawn's first national show and by far his best showing on a bodybuilding stage. I saw Shawn a little before prejudging and you could tell he was excited. He had the look of a competitor who knew he was on. His wheels were peeled and he came a long way in the 12 weeks of his prep.

    Carla Sanchez's Performance Ready Team was represented with 3 competitors. Liza Kampstra placed 11th in her first national show and had the best figure gesture of the show (you had to be there).

    Mother of four children and no stranger to the national stage, Anna Laratta placed 14th, while firefighter Kristine Reinking burned up the stage and finished 7th. Look for these three ladies on a national stage again later in the year.

Kristine Reinking
Kristine Reinking
NPC Figure Competitor & Firefighter.

Week #42 - 1/2/2007
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    IFBB Pro Carol Semple trained a team of 4 women for the Jr. USAs. You may have seen the preview of them here on before the show. Rachel Patton placed 5th in the fitness short class, and Tara Carrillo took 6th in the fitness tall class. Renee Paul and Mary Cencich both held their own in the figure divisions.

IFBB Pro Carol Semple & Team
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The Colorado Pro Show

    On June 1-2, 2007, pros and amateurs will find their way to the Colorado Convention center for the second annual Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am show. The show promoted by Jeff Taylor and Shawn Ray promises to be bigger and better than last year. This year the promoters have added a ton of events outside of bodybuilding that should attract a large crowd.

2007 IFBB Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am Classic
The 2007 IFBB Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am Classic will be held in Denver, Colorado June 1st and 2nd. The weekend will include an expo and many events like MMA, boxing, strong man contest, bikini model search...
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    I caught up with two local competitors who are preparing for the show. Sara Hurrle will be competing in her first figure competition while Paul Pfeifer is looking to re-qualify for nationals and head to the USAs in July.

    When I caught up with Sara she was eating a few hard-boiled eggs and preparing for a grueling leg work out with her trainer, NPC National level figure competitor Jennifer Schumm. I joined them in the workout for awhile but quickly became gassed. They trained legs for a good 2 hours which to me is insane but they did a circuit training of a variety of workouts. Seeing Sara's legs she's doing something right so who am I to comment on her training methods.

Jennifer Schumm & Sara Hurrle Video

Get the inside scoop from Jennifer Schumm & Sara Hurrle in Colorado!

QuickTime (29.6 MB)

    I've since seen her in the gym and she is getting leaner and tighter every day. She's doing something that I feel most competitors don't do while training for a show - balance. Sara is a yoga instructor, manages a clothing company and still finds time to hit the golf course. Watch for Sara on stage in a few days, she looks awesome.

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Sara Hurrle.

    Paul Pfeifer is a large man on a mission. I met up with Paul four weeks out from the show, snapped a few shots and did a video interview with him and his trainer Skip. Paul is looking to re- qualify for national status, which means he'll have to place in the top two of his class. He was tipping the scales around 235 when I met up with him and was looking lean. Where he'll end up come weigh-ins is anyone's guess but he will be in contention wherever he ends up.

Paul Pfeifer Video Interview

Get the inside scoop from Paul Pfeifer in Colorado!

QuickTime (16.4 MB)

    There will be a number of Colorado competitors in the line up. Look for Colorado Pros Jessie Palmer, Heather Mae French, Tamara Sherrill, and Liane Seiwald to take the pro figure stage. For more information on the show visit I'll be there photographing the event and doing video interviews with my partner in crime Ron Avidan.

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