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Colorado NPC Competitor, Shawn Mack Prepares For First National Competition!

Follow the prep of NPC competitor, Shawn Mack as he prepares for the 2007 Gaspari Nutrition NPC JR. USA Championships. I caught up with Mack and his trainer at 12 weeks out. Check out the following photos and video!

Follow the prep of Colorado NPC competitor, Shawn Mack as he heads into his first National show. The 2007 Gaspari Nutrition NPC JR. USA Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships presented by Mona Vie on April 28, 2007 will be the final destination of his 12 week prep.

It was quite the trip getting to the gym as another snowstorm pounced on Denver. As you can see in the accompanying video, I was at a snails pace on the interstate. A drive that normally takes me 20 minutes took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to get to Colorado Pro Gym. These are the types of things Colorado competitors have had to deal with and it definitely tests their will in preparing for a show.

Shawn Mack
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Colorado NPC Competitor, Shawn Mack.

I caught up with Shawn Mack and his trainer Dylan Armbrust to take a few photos and join them for a fast paced arm workout. We rotated between biceps and triceps for this workout. Shawn has definitely put on some size since I last saw him and he attributes it to eating cleaner and lifting heavy in his off-season.

Shawn Mack
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Shawn Mack & His Trainer Dylan Armbrust.

Shawn's excited about making his NPC national debut in Charleston. I've seen Shawn compete in his previous shows and without question he will be at his best ever. His strong point is his quads and he has worked hard to bring up his upper body.

Shawn Mack
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He Has Worked Hard To Bring Up His Upper Body.

Shawn's Contest History:

  • 2003 Colorado State Championships, 2nd place middle weights
  • 2005 Northern Colorado Championships, 1st place heavy weights
  • 2006 Colorado State Championships, 2nd place light-heavy weights

Video Interview

Check out the video interview with Shawn and Dylan. Check back as we follow Shawn into the NPC JR USA show. I'll be getting more training photos and video with Shawn along the way. We'll be posting his progress photos as well so you can see the changes he makes over the weeks leading into the show.

Video Interview With Shawn & Dylan.
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We'll cap off this segment in Charleston with Shawn before, during and after the show.

Shawn Mack
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Shawn Mack.

Visit: for more info on the show.