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Reigning Fitness Champ Adela Garcia Set To Shake Her Booty At 2007 Arnold!

At only a few days out from showtime, the current Arnold Fitness Champ Adela Garcia shared what she's been up to and what is in store this weekend. Learn more about her plans...

At only a few days out from showtime, the current Arnold Fitness Champ Adela Garcia shared what she's been up to and what is in store this weekend for her road to repeat. Adela is a class act and always a joy to chat with (as long as she has carbs), she is what being a champion is all about.

[ Q ] Name?

[ Q ] Where are you living?

    Still living in Austin, Texas.

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Adela Garcia.

[ Q ] How do you like living there?

    I like it now - I've gotten use to it and made more friends. There is a new World's Gym opening and I will be doing some personal training there. I am doing personal training there currently but it hasn't "officially" opened.

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Adela Garcia-Friedmansky.
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[ Q ] What type of people are you training?

    I train all types of people; housewives, competition, anyone who wants to change their lifestyle. I am very, very picky when it comes to personal training, I only work with people who are serious about it. I'm not there to take their money, they represent me and I want them to get results. I want to work with people who are motivated and disciplined with their training.

[ Q ] Do you train them while doing your contest prep?

    I work with clients until about two weeks out and then I put training others on hold until after the show. I get too busy near the end to give them my all. It wouldn't be fair to them to try and train them without my full attention.

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Adela Garcia.

[ Q ] It's sounds like you're eating, what is the reigning champ eat a few days out from the big show?

    Yes, you know we have to eat Isaac. I am eating chicken and dry oatmeal.

[ Q ] How do you cook your chicken?

[ Q ] What's in your oatmeal?

    Nothing brother.

[ Q ] Is that all you're eating these days?

    No, I also eat tuna and Asparagus. Oh yeah and also orange roughy.

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[ Q ] What's in store for your routine this year?

    My routine this year, pretty much, is just about, you know how rappers write about their life whenever they rap? Well, my routine is kinda like that. My routine will be about a little of what I have gone through in life. It will be very fun and sexy. You know me Isaac and it will be very entertaining and all that sh!t. Ha-ha!

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Adela's Batman-Inspired Routine.
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[ Q ] How many times have you competed in the Arnold?

    This will be number eight. I want to break the record and do it at least ten times. I love to perform at the Arnold; it is one of the best shows. I enjoy competing so much and it is tough to think about retiring. I am trying to enjoy it while I can and make the most of it.

[ Q ] So you won't be retiring after this year?

    As far as I know, no. Ha-ha! I want to compete as long as I can and will do it until it is time to stop. Why stop when I am still healthy? I like to make people smile and it is fun to perform for people.

    When I first started, my routines were one of my weakest things but I have improved on that. I truly enjoy competing and look forward to it every year at the Arnold Classic. I have a lot of friends in Ohio and a lot of people who I haven't seen in awhile. I feel very blessed to be able to do this.

Adela Garcia
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Winner, 2006 Fitness Olympia.
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[ Q ] You and Jen Hendershott recently did a camp together in Dallas, how was that and will you be doing more?

    The camp was a life experience, it was very good to show others how competitors can work together and help each other. We've competed together since 1998 and we are good friends, she is one of the people I can count on.

    It's a very catty sport and many people are out for themselves. This shows we can compete and work together. Sharing our stories and showing different styles of training. We're going to do more camps and stay tuned for more info on that.

[ Q ] Since you're so close, does that mean you're going to let her win the Arnold?

    Ah, no. Ha-ha-ha! Everybody wants to win, if you didn't want to win why would you train for it? If you feel like it is such a headache and you complain about it then you shouldn't do it. Be blessed for what you have.

    As a little girl I dreamed about being a dancer and didn't have the resources and now I am shaking my booty on stage. We know we have to bring our "A" game and we love each other but it's competition. We help each other out with routines and suggestions but when it is show time, it's on.

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[ Q ] What advice to you have for younger competitors?

    Stay humble and never portray yourself as something you're not - just because you win a show doesn't make you better then anyone else. We all go through the same stuff in different ways, do it because you enjoy it.

    Don't compete and make winning the only thing. People come and go, those who stick around are those who enjoy it and like to inspire others.

[ Q ] You're seem pretty upbeat and full of energy.

    Yeah, who's competing here? You sound like you're asleep man.

[ Q ] Yeah, yeah; zip it Garcia. LOL!

    How long have you worked with Mike Davies?

    I've been working with Mike for about six years. We're a good team, when I get freaked out I call him and he is always there.

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[ Q ] Who else has helped ya in your prep on stage?

    Renzo Cosge and Kevin Creegan on my routines. Silvia Trembley did routine outfit. Jagwear did my suits.

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Adela Garcia.

[ Q ] Did you do anything different?

    Basically the same stuff, if ain't broke why try to fix it.

[ Q ] You have a new web site in the works? - whenever you get it ready brother. Yes, I am working with to make a very nice web site which will go live sometime after the Arnold.

[ Q ] Where will you be working when not on stage?

    I will be working with my sponsor, GNC all day Saturday and Sunday at the Arnold Expo. Stop by and see me!

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Adela Garcia.