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An Interview With Heather Policky, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder.

Heather Policky (pronounced po-lisk-y) is four and a half weeks out as I catch up with her at Harry's Colorado Pro Gym. See how what her training is like and some eye boggling pictures, as she prepares for the Sacramento Pro.

She turned pro at the 2006 NPC USAs in Las Vegas after coming close several times. Now that she's reached her deserved place in the IFBB Pro ranks, Heather Policky is out to show every one she deserves a spot on the 2007 Ms. Olympia stage.

Heather Policky

Heather Policky (pronounced po-lisk-y) is four and a half weeks out as I catch up with her at Harry's Colorado Pro Gym. The gym isn't a posh health club but more a serious, down-to-business type of gym. It's the type of gym you're more inclined to see some one running to hurl than you are to get hit on.

Heather Heather
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Heather Policky.

Heather and her boyfriend Dylan Armbrust are warming up on the cardio machines when I arrive. Dylan is the 2002 Rocky Mountain Champion and in 2003 won the Heavyweight class at Jr. Nationals. Dylan is recovering from a knee surgery and will not be joining Heather on this leg workout so tonight a friend will join in the punishment.

In 2001, I had just moved to Denver and attended my first bodybuilding show in Colorado. The show was sold out and I had to purchase a ticket from someone just to see the event. I thought to myself, holy crap they are serious in Colorado.

The fact that the venue was sold out and those thoughts were just a hint of what was inside. This was the show that Heather became Ms. Colorado and her journey on the national level had begun. Over the course of the next 5 years Heather competed placing no lower than fifth in each of her pro qualifying attempts on the NPC stage.

In 2005 she placed 1st at the NPC USAs by winning the Heavyweight class but missed the elusive pro card. A year later she refined her physique and took the stage again this time winning not only the Heavyweight class but all the overall. Many people have thought Heather should have been a pro long before 2006 but none of that matters now.

Heather Policky Interview! Heather Policky Interview!
Heather started bodybuilding fairly early only just two years ago did she win her weight class and the overall crown and then preceded to win every local and regional show that she entered from that day forward.
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Heather is 4 1/2 weeks out from the IFBB Sacramento Pro show, which will serve has her IFBB Pro debut. Heather will take the stage for the first time as a pro to show she not only belongs there but also as one of the top threats to the be Ms. Olympia.

Sacramento Pro Contest Flyer
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Heather will look to qualify for the Olympia her first time out and if I was a bet'n lad, I'd go "all-in" and put my chips on her doing exactly that. She won't get much rest as she'll leave Cali, return to Denver for a couple days and then head to Columbus, Ohio for her Arnold Classic debut.

Heather Heather Heather
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Look For Heather To Qualify For The Olympia.

Heather's Killer Legs

Those who follow the female side of bodybuilding know that Heather has one of, if not the best, set of wheels in the biz. What better way to kick off this exclusive preview than with a feature on those legs?!

Heather Heather
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One Of The Best Set Of Wheels In The Biz!

Heather tells me it's been challenging to get to the gym every day with the continue snow we've had in Colorado this winter. I've seen Heather prepare for her last couple of shows and I can see it in her face, she's ahead of where she's been in years past.

Heather warms up with two sets of leg extensions and then she strips down to her shorts and my assumptions are verified. Her legs look beyond ridiculous. Heather continues on with a few more sets of extensions then moves over to squats.

Heather Heather Heather
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Beyond Ridiculous.

She's not looking to add any more size to her legs but rather just gain a bit more detail. Heather knocks out a few sets of low weight, high reps on the squats and then moves over to hack squats.

After 4 sets are complete there she goes to the leg press and Dylan puts 3 plates on each side. She knocks out 4 sets on the leg press with between 15-25 reps. Heather stretches in between sets and tells me it's important to get a good stretch as to not pull anything.

Heather's Leg Training Videos

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Squats Squats:
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Hack Squats Hack Squats:
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Leg Presses Leg Presses:
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Post Workout Posing

Here are a few shots of Heather posing after her workout. She practices her mandatories every day after she has finished working out.

Heather Heather Heather
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Heather Posing After Her Workout.

Sponsored by HARD NUTRITION and clearly looking ahead of the game, Heather is on track to doing some damage in her first Pro showing. I'll be catching up with Heather next week while we'll follow her with her arm training.

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