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2007 Iron Man Pro Preview - Top Five Picks!

The little big man, David Henry returns to the line up, but will he be able to flex his way to his first pro title? I don’t think so. Here are my top five picks and why I don’t think David will take it. Other contenders & figure line-up included.

There are a few things you can count on for the 2007 IRONMAN PRO. The best stage lighting of any pro stage, a fun, informative Fit EXPO and for the last three years... rain. If history repeats itself for the 4th year running - pack an umbrella.

Last year, Priest attended one of his last IFBB's suppers and went pose for pose with fellow vertically challenged competitor David Henry. Priest was victorious and walked away with the IRONMAN PRO title.

Lee Priest David Henry Troy Alves
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2006 Iron Man Winners.
Lee Priest (1st), David Henry (2nd) & Troy Alves (3rd).
View More Pics From The 2006 Iron Man Here.

The little big man, David Henry returns to the line up this year, but will he be able to flex his way to his first pro title? Unfortunately for David, not this time around. Why? Two words - THE X-MAN.

My Picks

1. Toney "The X-MAN" Freeman

    Toney won his first IFBB pro show in 2006 by dominating in Dallas at the Europa Super show. He went on to place in the top 10 at his first Mr. Olympia appearance. Toney has shown that he can display a physique of mass appeal. The constant critique Toney has received is to come in to the show with better condition.

Toney's 2006 Europa Routine.
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WMP Stream

    He recently stated that he is working with longtime NPC competitor, Dave Palumbo on his diet for this show. Will Toney improve upon his showing from the 2006 IRONMAN PRO? Definitely. This is Toney's show without a doubt.

    Iron Man Iron Man
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    Toney Freeman At The 2006 Iron Man.
    View More Pics From The 2006 Iron Man Here.

    Last year Troy Alves was the buzz going into the show but failed to hit his conditioning, The X-man won't make the same mistake and will add another pro title to his resume. It's a smart move for Toney as he will have a ton of momentum going into the 2007 Arnold Classic.

The Iron Man Awaits Greasy Fat Freeman! The Iron Man Awaits Greasy Fat Freeman!
Please don't take my light hearted title too literally. After speaking to the Titanic Toney Freeman it is obvious that he will be ready for the 2007 Iron Man. See how his contest prep is going...
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2. David Henry

    David was the brides maid in 2006 and he'll find himself in a similar situation this year. I like David's physique. When I saw him backstage last year it was clear he had put on some quality mass. He is the one guy who shows up in great condition every show he enters.

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    David Henry At The 2006 Iron Man.
    View More Pics From The 2006 Iron Man Here.

    David has one of the best backs in the biz and his weakness has always been his legs matching up with his upper body. He's challenged to match up with someone like Toney Freeman who has a good 90lbs on him. Despite giving up that much weight to other competitors, he can hold his own in the top five.

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    David Henry.
    View More Pics From The 2006 Iron Man Here.

    I have two hopes for David in 2007:

    1. He worked on his posing. David tends to not pose with confidence and there is no reason he shouldn't display off his sic conditioning without looking down all the time.
    2. If Lonnie Teper gives him the chance at the press conference on Friday afternoon he doesn't handle himself like he did at the Olympia.

Guest: David Henry
Date: 02/27/06
(Radio Show 29) - mp3 (13.2 MB)

3. Mark Dugdale

    Mark has been relatively quite and we haven't seen a lot of him going into this show. Last I heard he was building a new house but reported to be doing well with some added size to his arms. Mark has some insane wheels and everyone talked about his upper body lagging behind his lower.

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    Mark Dugdale.
    View More Pics From The 2006 Iron Man Here.

    Mark fell ill last year and failed to qualify for the Olympia. I look for Mark to qualify for his first Olympia appearance. Always a professional on and off the stage - Mark will show that his physique does the talking for him.

4. Silvio Samuel

    Silvio Samuel has come into his own in the pro ranks and has been working with contest guru and fellow IFBB Pro, Milos Sarcev. This guy is good, very good and has a legit chance to challenge for the top 3. He made the mistake of having poor coloring in the prejudging round at the Europa but corrected it for the night show. One could assume he won't make the same mistake twice.

Silvio Silvio
Click Image To Enlarge.
Silvio Samuel At The 2006 Europa.
View More Pics From The 2006 Europa Here.

5. Ahmad Haidar

    We haven't seen much out of Ahmad in recent months. He wasn't in the top conditioning we've come to expect from the man with some of the best abs in the biz. If he misses his conditioning he will find himself closer to 10th but if he comes in the conditioning he's capable of, we should see him back in the Olympia qualifications this year.

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Ahmad Haidar.
View More Pics From The 2006 Iron Man Here.

Contenders For A Top 5 Spot

Sergey Shelestov:

    He placed third in the Romania Grand Prix behind Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman. A pretty impressive showing. How he'll match up and handle traveling half-way across the world to compete should be interesting and has a legit chance at being in the top of the IRONMAN pack.

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Sergey Shelestov.

Eryk Bui

    Eryk had a strong showing last year at the IRONMAN Pro but failed to improve on his conditioning. I look for Eryk to be on the outside looking in on the top five but he should be in the top 10 without much problem if, IF he nails his conditioning. I'd like to see what his physique would look like with his Nationals' conditioning (when he turned pro) matched with his added size.

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Eryk Bui.
View More Pics From The 2006 Iron Man Here.

Omar Deckard:

    Omar will be making his pro debut. Omar was the NPC USA overall winner in the summer of 2006 and has had a few months to work on improving and refining his physique. How will Omar stack up against seasoned vets? He should be able to hold his own on the IRONMAN stage.

Omar Deckard
Omar Deckard Wallpaper
Winner, 2006 NPC USA Overall.
Photo by SecondFocus.
Week #21 - 8/01/2006
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Rusty Jeffers:

    Rusty has a nicely balanced, aesthetically pleasing physique. If he can come in conditioned he will be knocking on the Olympia qualifying door. We saw him on stage at the Master's World Championship last year where he failed to hit his conditioning. I hope he shows up in condition so we can see him in the mix.

Rusty Rusty
Click Image To Enlarge.
Rusty Jeffers.

Chest Training with IFBB Pro Rusty Jeffers!
Date: 11/14/05

This week on The Fit Show for our second chest workout. This time it will be IFBB Pro Rusty Jeffers, as he gives us his spin on chest, followed by everyone's favorite, David and Alexis Ellis with their Gourmet Fitness Foods.
Video Show 23

Kris Dim:

    Kris did well at this show last year and will be in the top 10 again this year. Where he falls in the top ten will be the question for him. His arms tend to overpower his legs but without question will be in the top 10 battling for a top 5 spot.

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Kris Dim.

Luke Wood:

    Luke hasn't been able to match his conditioning and on-stage presence as he did in 2005 New York Pro. He was out of the top 10 in his 2006 shows and is hoping to get back in the mix. Luke has been posting photos of his training and conditioning going into the show. He always looks good weeks out but the question will be can he look good when he steps on stage.

Luke Wood
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Luke Wood.

Press Conference

The Swami will be holding his fourth annual press conference on Friday afternoon. During the press conference, we've seen competitors give us a preview of what they'll display on stage as well as a "dance off" or two.

Lonnie Teper introduces the competitors and weighs them in, in front of the crowd. Surprisingly, LT is accurate with his weight predictions now if he could apply those psychic abilities to helping me with the POWERBALL, he'd be worthy of The Swami title.

2007 Early Season Contest Preview - Iron Man Pro. 2007 Early Season Contest Preview - Iron Man Pro.
Here is a sneak preview of the IM Pro line-up a day earlier; the press conference, where I weigh in each competitor... Get the lowdown on who is competing (or not) at this year's Iron Man Pro and who might have a shot!
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NPC Figure

This show has been known to help launch pro IFBB figure careers. Many women who have competed at this show have gone on to earn their pro status. Who will it be this year and will they follow in the trend? One lucky woman hopes so. Keep your eye on Kathy Fehringer, she's a member of the Bodyspace community and is a stunning beauty.

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Kathy Fehringer.
View Kathy's BodySpace Here.

Current List:

  • Debbie Bell
  • Noreene L. Castillo
  • Michele Cogger
  • Danielle A. Edmonds
  • Sirvan Ergili
  • Iowa
    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Sirvan Ergili.

  • Kathy Fehringer
  • Dena Gunnoe
  • Dawn Kirkham
  • Elizabeth Laub
  • Cindy Martinez
  • Cindy
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    Cindy Martinez.

  • Monica Mark
  • Tanya M. Peale
  • Venus Ramos
  • Alecia Rankovic
  • Diva Richards
  • Ann Treesukosol
  • Vanessa Van Overmeer
  • Vanessa
    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Vanessa Van Overmeer.
    View Vanessa's BodySpace Here.

  • Soumaya Wilmore

This is one of my favorite shows of the year and looking forward to attending again this year. Follow the Bodyspace Iron Man Blog for updates related to the show.

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