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An Interview With Amy Peters.

Check out this great interview with the smart and beautiful Amy Peters. Amy is an amateur figure competitor that is on track to become a pro very soon.

I had the opportunity to meet Amy Peters at the Arnold Classic this past March. Amy is a smart, beautiful woman who is currently a Protocookie Spokesmodel and NPC Figure competitor. I asked Amy to share a little about herself and she was kind enough to do so. Combine Amy's down-to-earth personality with her stunning looks and you've got the making of a star.

The Interview
(Questions Are In BLUE, Amy's answers are in normal font.)

Amy Peters

Where were you born?
Arlington, Texas

Currently live?
Lewisville, Texas

Any pets?
1 Dog named: Hopey

Nutritionist, Protocookies Spokesmodel, Bartender

Competition History/Results:

  • 2003 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic 1st Place Figure Short Division
  • 2002 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic 2nd Place Figure Short Division
  • 2002 NPC Heart of Texas 1st Place Figure Short Division and Overall Winner

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wasn't sure. I didn't decide until I went off to college. As a child, I never really had any hobbies, interests or anything I felt I was good at. The only thing I was ever interested in was working out. My parents took me to the gym with them everyday after school. And I can remember reading my Mom's Muscle & Fitness Magazines and admiring female bodybuilders.

How has your education helped you as a competitor?
I have a Bachelors degree in nutrition. I would say it has been extremely helpful to me, having the knowledge I have in nutrition, and being able to do my own diet. At times, it can be difficult trying to learn my own body and figure out what I need to do or change. Sometimes I just wish I had someone else to give me the answers instead of myself! I also have a personal training certification in Biomechanics, which has also been helpful to me, in designing my workout programs. But my husband is the expert on the Human Body, so he is the one that really helps with my workouts.

How did you get into the fitness industry?
After graduating with my degree in Nutrition I decided to work for myself. I made that decision for many reasons. I didn't want to work with just anybody. I wanted to only work with healthy, fit individuals who were motivated, disciplined and serious about sticking to a diet and exercise program. I was also very picky about where I wanted to work. I didn't want to work in a hospital or nursing home setting. So by working for myself, I would be able to work in an environment I was comfortable with, and I could also choose whom I wanted to work with.

After working with many clients for 2 years, I finally got my chance at working with a Fitness/Figure competitor. I had always wanted to compete, but just never had the guts to do it. After working with her for a month, I just decided that I would compete. I needed to do it, not only because I had always wanted to, but also because I knew it would be helpful to my clients. Not only to be more creditable to them, but helpful for me to know and understand just what someone goes thru preparing for a contest. I had a great experience at my first show, and decided I loved it. It feels really good to finally have a hobby, and something I feel I am good at.

Who inspires you in the industry?
Monica Brant, Kelly Ryan and my best friend, Sheron Kestler, Lightwt Bodybuilder.

You recently competed in the Ron Coleman Classic and won the Figure short class, How was that experience and what preparation did you do to get in the condition you were in?
I had a great experience at the Ronnie Coleman Classic both this year and last year. The promoter, Brian Dobson, puts on a very organized and fun show. My contest prep is almost always the same. I have made changes after each show due to what I felt I needed to work On or change. I try to stay as close to my competition weight and bodyfat% year round, so I never really have an off-season, or have to "diet".

I don't believe in getting fat in the off-season. My diet is not the typical boring competition diet. I eat a variety of foods and foods that I like. I also include a few cheat meals every wk, and if I have to cut those out before my contests I will. Or I'll increase my cardio a little towards the end. Staying lean year round is the key to making dieting/contest prep easy!

Any advice for people thinking of competing?
Do your Homework! Most people don't realize how much is involved in competing. It's not just about the diet and working out. Besides dieting correctly and training hard in the gym, you also need to think about your presentation and quarter turns. That's all there is in Figure. Besides your physique, your presentation is everything. I can't tell you how many times I've seen girls on stage who can't walk in their shoes, can't do their quarter turns correctly, picked out suits that didn't fit them, etc. I am brutally honest with people when they come to me for a contest diet. If they are not ready to compete I tell them, to wait and do a show at a later date. Its better to wait, be fully prepared and enjoy your contest experience.

What is your number one goal at this time?
I want to make it in the fitness industry not only by competing but using my degree and helping others get ready for contests. I want to help make dieting easier on competitors. I also want to be able to quit 1 of my 3 jobs, the bartending job.

When is the next show you plan to compete in?
NPC Texas Championships on July 19 in Houston, TX Team Universe August 8 in New York

What's been the most frustrating time for you in your career?
I can't say that I've really had one, yet. But I've only been competing since last June.

What's been your best moment in your career thus far?
Winning my second competition, not only in my division but also taking the Overall, it was the biggest NPC contest in the history of Texas.

What's the best advice you've received since being a fitness/figure competitor?
The advice I've gotten from the judges. First, that I was too lean and over dieted for my first show, so I listened and have come in to the other 2 shows a little bit fuller and softer. They also keep telling me to work on my glutes. Which I'm doing, constantly. My middle name is "Squats". Genetically I have no Butt! But, I'm working on it. And hey have also given me advice on my posing/quarter turns.

What can people expect to see from you in the next couple years?
Improvements in my physique. I'd love to turn Pro, but I'll be patient, since I'm so new to competing. I would also like the opportunity to work more competitors.

What's one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?
I am deathly afraid of being on stage in front of people, especially large crowds! That is the hardest part of competing to me, getting on stage.

Thanks Amy. You're on track to having an outstanding career in this industry. I appreciate you taking the time to share a little bit about yourself with everyone.

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