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Iron Intelligence: Day 84 - Rest

You've conquered Iron Intelligence! Great work. Now take stock of where you're at, then take aim at your next goal!

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You did it! You've conquered a world-class 12-week bodybuilding program. For that, you should be proud. Use today to reflect on how far you've come. Each and every week of this program, you've built upon what you've learned, pushing more weight, nailing more reps, and getting your workouts and meals right, even when life wants you to go wrong.

But your journey is not yet done. Really, it's just started. What comes next? Take some pictures and measurements, so you can immortalize this triumph and look back on it in the future. Don't be afraid to take a few days off or lay low. You've more than earned a little downtime.

While you're at it, ask yourself what you want to do next. Want options to choose from? You'll find dozens of them on's Find a Plan page.

Whatever you do, don't stop now. You've earned the privilege of continuing to grow, learn, and build more Iron Intelligence.

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