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Iron Intelligence: Day 16 - Rest

Just two moves today; that's all you'll be doing. Hit both of them with everything you've got, and don't be afraid to ask for a spot.

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After yesterday's leg workout, you're probably either sorer than you've been in a long time, or surprised at how good you feel right now. Either way, your approach today will be the same: make the most of this crucial recovery period, so you can head back into battle tomorrow feeling as strong as humanly possible.

This is a mass-building program, so you'll keep your nutritional approach consistent on both training and non-training days. You can also do your cardio today, which may help if you're feeling sore. Remember, you're supposed to do 30 minutes of moderate intensity, low-impact cardio three non-consecutive days a week during the first phase of this program.

Here's how Evan does it: After having a little fruit and a liter of water in the morning, he'll knock out his 30 minutes. That way, it's done for the day, and you're warmed up for whatever lies ahead.

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