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Iron Intelligence: Day 14 - Rest

During Iron Intelligence you'll lift big, eat bigger, and rest like you've earned it. Because you have! Make the most of today's downtime so you can be at full power next week.

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This strength phase can be as hard as you make it. You might feel beat up, or you might feel mightier than you have in a long time. Either way, your approach this weekend will be the same: make the most of this crucial recovery period, so you can head back into battle tomorrow feeling as strong as humanly possible.

This is a mass-building program, so you'll keep your nutritional approach consistent on both training and non-training days. You can also do your cardio today, which may help if you're feeling sore. Remember, you're supposed to do 30 minutes of moderate intensity, low-impact cardio three non-consecutive days a week during the first phase of this program.

Here's how Evan does it: After having a little fruit and a liter of water in the morning, he'll knock out his 30 minutes. That way, it's done for the day, and you're warmed up for whatever lies ahead.

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