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6 Critical Elements Of The Bodybuilding Balancing Act!

It's not just about getting up on a stage, hitting a few poses and showing off the animal you've become. Learn more from the following 6 critical elements that bodybuilders must have to succeed!

No, this is not a story about a couple of bodybuilders at the circus! This is about a sport that is defined as much by muscle as it is by the focus and commitment of the athlete. Like many other competitive sports, the sport of bodybuilding requires gut-splitting determination, unwavering sacrifice and artful technique.

It's not just about getting up on a stage, hitting a few poses and showing off the animal you've become. Bodybuilding has evolved into a sophisticated, smart and refined sport and it attracts sophisticated, smart and refined athletes.

Only an elite group has the physical potential, the single-mindedness and the smarts to pull together all the elements of the bodybuilding balancing act: mass, proportion, symmetry and definition. Whether you plan to step on a bodybuilding stage or you're just trying to get into the best shape of your life, your key to success is mastering these critical elements!

1. The Prep:

    To the untrained eye, the subtleties of each element may be lost, but I can assure you that those judging bodybuilding competitions have a keen eye, and will not be seduced by size alone. These same details are what will make sure your body is picked out of a crowd.

Judgment Day: The Judges Speak Their Mind.
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The Judges Speak Their Mind.
To help increase your chances to succeed, the following are basic tips provided by some of the best and most well-respected IFBB/NPC Judges in the world.
Rob Wilkins

    This is why every blood-sweat-and-tears competitive bodybuilder and hardcore athlete has to not only bust their @ss in the gym to sculpt their work of art, but also must train smart, eat smart and prep smart to make sure all the judging requirements have been met. Let's break them down.

2. Muscle Mass:

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Dexter Jackson & Branch Warren.

    The sheer mass of these guys gives you goose bumps and has sparked the dreams of many up-and-coming bodybuilders and athletes. While mass is crucial for bodybuilding success, or for someone trying to turn heads everywhere, you can't just be a collection of body parts. This is where proportion comes in.

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Jay Cutler.

3. Proportion:

    Proportion is the even balance of muscular development in comparison to the whole physique. For example, if you have biceps the size of basketballs and calves the size of golf balls, then you have some serious work to do - leave the posing trunks at home!

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    You have to figure out how to get those body parts in balance before stepping on stage or the beach. Remember, you want to get noticed for the right reason. So what's the difference between proportion and symmetry? Symmetry is a little more precise.

"Extreme Definition Is Obtained When The Athlete Is So Ripped To The Bone, You Can See Every Muscle Group Clearly Through Their Skin!"

4. Symmetry:

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Those Who Have Mass And Virtually Perfect Proportion
And Symmetry Get The Attention.

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5. Define The Outcome:

    Jay Cutler and other pros like him didn't get to where they are by mass, proportion and symmetry alone. All of that is an absolute waste of time if you don't get shredded. This is where the muscle definition criteria comes into play.

    Definition is the degree of muscularity brought out by the absence of body fat and water retention. In other words, the athlete is ripped to the bone. But getting shredded isn't easy.

"Building Your Best Body Ever Requires Gut-Busting Determination, Unwavering Sacrifice And Artful Technique."

    It requires discipline and focus to lose as much fat and water as humanly possible while still holding on to every inch of granite-hard muscle you've packed on your frame.


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We all know real champions are those who push their physiques to the limit and accept nothing but the best from themselves. Their success can be isolated to one point. Discipline!
David Robson

    Good nutritional habits, cutting calories and carbs, and keeping the body flooded with protein are part of the formula.

6. Mind Over Matter:

    The bodybuilding balancing act doesn't sound so easy does it? Well, if you think you have the intestinal fortitude, passion, desire and commitment to achieve a supreme level of size and conditioning, go for it, brother. Whether you're counting down the days until you step on stage, or you're just trying to build your best body ever, it will be among the most rewarding things you ever do!

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