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EVOLUTION: Female Athletes Rising To New Heights!

Title IX has done more for women's sports than any other ruling made in the world. It allows female athletes the opportunity to train, play and become prominently recognized across the United States and the world.

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Title IX has done more for women's sports than any other ruling made in the world. It allows female athletes the opportunity to train, play and become prominently recognized across the United States and the world. Much more so today than ever before have these athletes been able to make a household name for themselves through marketing and their own ability to succeed in their sports. We can thank the invention of multi-media marketing but more importantly College Sports' adoption of Title IX.

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Since 1972 the NCAA has lifted its sanctions against the male-dominated athletic programs at Universities. The main legislation for Title IX stipulates that at universities there must be an equal amount of funding spent on female sports as spent on male sports. Title IX has helped to provide an outlet for young girls to play to their hearts' desires while offering hope for a future in sport.

Title IX has done much more than provide women to with high-caliber coaches; more importantly, it requires equal funding for female athletes, the trickle down effect of this has led women to participate across the board in college athletics. There are currently 21 sports young ladies can participate in while at college. Doors have opened for student athletes to not only sharpen their academic skills, but also their athletic ones.


If you start your athletic career at the age of 7, play several sports by the time you are 14, you now can select between about 10 sports to play in High School and even more in college. These opportunities generate exposure for each sport, and we commonly know who the best female athlete is for her given sport. These athletes are identifiable, marketable and have made their mark due in part to Title IX.

This was not the case 7 or even 5 years ago. We are in a new environment, one felt all over the world, by the increase and acceptance of women in sport. Much is due to the fact that NCAA legislation has made new sports available on campuses across the country. The increase in numbers in the college game and professional sports has changed the outlook for youth athletes that grace fields and playgrounds everywhere, for they are tomorrow's stars? Generation X is starting to pave the way for these youngsters to dominate the world stage.

Young girls now see an opportunity to work out harder,
run faster, get stronger and achieve more.

Not only does society readily accept professional training for young athletes, their parents, peers and friends encourage it. The Generation X family is out coaching youth softball; taking their daughters to the soccer field, or waiting patiently for basketball practice to end. It's not just about tap and jazz or piano lessons anymore; girls are allowed and often work harder than their male counterparts to play sports.

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Girls have the determination to now be the next Mia Hamm, Venus Williams, Cheryl Swoopes, or Si Ri Pak. They see and hear about other girls that achieve success in club sports and how it can make them college stars.


I truly believe the opportunities in high school, college and professional sports have opened the eyes of families everywhere. Maybe the largest increase now is in professional sports. High school football fields are often dotted with not only cheerleaders and band members but also some pretty amazing girls that are playing Varsity Football, not just powder puff stuff.

In fact, 2001 marked the first points ever scored by a female in an NCAA Division I football game-this season, history was made at Jacksonville. Not only did she kick for extra points, she kicked for every girl in the world.

The United States is even experimenting with a female professional football league. It's a sign of the times! Women not only play over 21 college sports for scholarships, but now they can play for cash. Women now play professional golf in the LPGA, professional soccer in the WUSA, professional basketball in the WNBA, professional softball, professional pool, and they can even bowl for dollars in the WPBA.

Society is finally recognizing them in sport, and they are given a stage to reward them for their career of dedication and hard work. Female athletes are surely rising to new heights in every sport in all communities across the country and the world.

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