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SAN was founded in 1997 to provide athletes with cutting edge supplements to give them an edge for their competitive nature. With the key of success being the customer SAN continues to produce products of the highest quality.

[ Q ] Why was your company started?

    A: SAN was founded in late 1997 and introduced four compounds to the marketplace. SAN was also providing raw materials to many major supplement companies but took no part in the finished products.

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    SAN was founded to provide serious-minded athletes (and everybody striving to be) cutting edge nutrients and ergogenic aids that were otherwise unavailable.

[ Q ] Who started it and what sort of background do they have?

    A: SAN's founder is Matt Boldt and his background is in Structural Engineering with an emphasis on Quality Assurance.

[ Q ] Tell us about your key employees. Who is who and what do they do?

    A: I consider everybody that works for SAN a key employee from the people working in shipping, to the ones researching our formulas and final ingredients, to the customer service experts answering our telephones. It's like having a concert with everybody being a key player. Just one person missing can offset our daily routine and success.

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[ Q ] What separates your company from the rest of the industry?

    A: The key differences are quality and innovation.

    SAN has been the first company to introduce such products as V12 Turbo, CM2 and the compounds Creatine-Malate, Creatine-HMB, N-Acetyl-L-Glutamine, and the list goes on and on.

    After we led the way, many others companies followed our lead. But aside from our innovations, we're primarily committed to putting you (the customer) first.

    It is our company's motto to always satisfy the customer and strives to be the best without compromising quality.

[ Q ] Are there any new and exciting products that you are coming out with soon?

    A: We have approximately 4-6 new products in our "R & D" pipeline. VAULT is one them. It's a new, unique innovation in the cell volumizer category. Vault contains a lot of new and efficacious ingredients that are extremely ergogenic, while being safe at the same time. Some of the ingredients contained in VAULT are first to market but carry some substantial research data to back up our claims. The other products and categories they are in you have to wait for. Sorry!

[ Q ] How is Vault different and what are the new compounds that make it so powerful?

    A: First off, it uses all ingredients in efficacious amounts. Many of the cell volumizers today just add mg amounts to be able to list it on the label. Seriously, you need substantial doses of most amino acids to have them take any type effect on the body. We've also added Phytic Acid, Magnesium and Potassium Orotate, which are all known to be extremely ergogenic compounds on its own.

    To round it off, we've added Nootropic substrates that don't work antagonistically to the other compounds contained in VAULT, like caffeine would for example. VAULT is 100% caffeine-free. So no caffeine placebo on this product. Just plain and simple cutting edge. We currently have 15 very experienced weight lifters taking the beta product and so far the results have been nothing short of amazing.

[ Q ] What other plans do you have to help your company grow?

    A: It is not our intent to grow the company any larger than what it is today. We are large enough to be a major player in the industry, but not so large that we'll lose ourselves in the "business of business". We like to stay focused on our core market, which is the serious-minded bodybuilder and competitive athlete. Crossing over into mass market (general public) has caused many companies to lose focus on the people that got them there. This will never happen to SAN.

[ Q ] Have you sponsored any athletes and if so, who have you sponsored?

    A: Yes, we currently sponsor Lena Johannesen (IFBB Fitness & Figure) and David Hughes (NPC Bodybuilder). Both are extremely nice and talented people to work with. We are also negotiating a contract with a very well known IFBB Pro, whose name we will release later in 2005. But we have now, and have always had, top pros who pay to use our products.

    Lena Johannesen
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    Most are under contract with other companies, so they can't admit publicly that they use SAN supplements. But they do... and they pay for them. That's probably the greatest endorsement you could ever get... that someone who gets free product from the company they're contracted with, goes out of their way to spend money on SAN products.

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[ Q ] What supplement combination would you recommend for someone just getting started?

    A: Most young athletes overlook 2 key factors: proper nutrition and adequate sleep. Once you consume six solid meals and get at least 8 hours of sleep I would advocate the following:

All 5 categories are also listed in order of importance. I actually have a top 10 but you asked for someone just getting started.

[ Q ] OK, tell me your top 10 for the more advanced supplement user.

    A: The other 5 categories are:

      6. Joint Support (Agent such as Cissus Q.)

      8. Endurance and Lactic Acid Buffering Agents

      9. Blood Sugar Control (With High Carb Meals, R-ALA or 3GPA)

      10. Nootropic Brain Stimulants
      (such as Huperzine, Vinpocetine, Choline or Piracetam)

[ Q ] What do you believe is the best thing about the supplement industry? The worst?

    A: Probably our freedom to choose what we like to buy and consume... and the wide range of companies' products to choose from. The worst are the petty industry people that constantly badmouth other companies.

    It's unnecessary, doesn't serve any positive purpose and gives the industry a bad name. Because of that, many consumers don't even trust most companies anymore. And can you blame them, all they see is misinformation today. Especially with the media being against us these days.

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    But even with the negative side of the supplement industry, there are more powerful, beneficial products on the market now than ever before. The competition between supplement companies to deliver the best products has increased the overall innovation & quality, which ultimately benefits the consumer.