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Nutrabolics was started in 2002 with the initial goal of providing superior sports supplements to the Canadian supplement market. Now, however, the goal has expanded to include many other countries due to demand of our products.

[ Q ] When was your company started? Why was your company started?


      Nutrabolics was started in 2002 with the initial goal of providing superior sports supplements to the Canadian supplement market. Back when we started, Canadians had minimal supplement choices, and there was definitely nothing new or cutting edge being manufactured or sold.

As we grew at a rapid pace, and distributors, retailers and consumers began to recognize how superior our products actually were, we met the demand and expanded our line into the US & International markets, and as of today our line is currently successfully distributed in over a dozen countries worldwide.

[ Q ] Who was your company started by, and what sort of background do they have?


    Nutrabolics was started by myself, and my partner, Jayson Wyner, both of us having over 6 years experience in the retail & distribution side of the supplement industry.

[ Q ] Tell us about your key employees. Who is who and what do they do?


      My partner, Jayson Wyner, is my right-hand man and Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Jayson oversees all the key decisions involved in Purchasing, International Regulations and Marketing. Logistics play a huge role in our company given the fact that most of our product never stays in the country; Desta Pruden is an integral employee in our company who handles all logistic issues, along with accounts payable and receivable.

[ Q ] What separates your company from the rest of the industry?


      We feel our company is a step ahead of our competition on all aspects. We take pride in innovation and being the first to introduce revolutionary new products and compounds to the industry. We also take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality, and most potent, supplements in the industry; Nutrabolics products are based on Science!

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[ Q ] Are there any new and exciting products that you are coming out with soon?


      Our Research & Development Team has 6-10 new innovations working in the pipeline; however I have never been as excited for a new product release as I am for the upcoming release of Ester Stack!

Ester Stack is the next big Nutrabolics products to hit the market, and takes pre-workout supplementation to the next level! Ester Stack is a supplementation breakthrough that unleashes the latest technology of esterification and a breakthrough in neuro-gizing amplification to yield a potent, effective, and complete pre-workout formula!

[ Q ] What other plans do you have to help your company grow?


    Our goal is to pioneer the modern supplement industry by putting together a range of supplements where each product is a leader in its category. That is why with our brand we will never bring out a new product in a category until we are sure it is the best product in its category.

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[ Q ] Have you sponsored any athletes and if so, who have you sponsored? If so, how have they impacted your company?


      Nutrabolics currently sponsors two top male bodybuilders - Wahid Gardizi (

      ) and Morris Mendez (

      ). Both Wahid and Morris are up and comers in the bodybuilding industry and as we grow as a company they are growing with us.

Wahid Gardizi

[ Q ] What supplement combination would you recommend for someone just getting started?


      As a beginner one should start with the basics. If you are looking to lean out I would recommend a stack consisting of our

IsoBolic Advanced Protein Matrix


CLENbutical Rapid Fat Loss Agent

      . The addition of a high quality, low-carb, meal replacement like IsoBolic, with the thermogenic and appetite-suppressing effects of CLENbutical, will rapidly speed up the leaning-out process in any athlete.

If you are looking to put on size, I would definitely recommend a stack consisting of our IsoGainer Advanced Gainer Matrix and NOZ SuperCharged Advanced Cell-Volumizing Matrix. With a superior ingredient profile consisting of Triple Isolate Proteins, Complex Carbs and EFA's, IsoGainer is unlike any other gainer on the market in that it will help you put on quality mass... not fat. Add that to the physique-altering effects of NOZ Supercharged and you have the recipe for a great mass stack!

IsoGainer Advanced Gainer Matrix
Coming Soon!

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[ Q ] What do you believe is the best thing about the supplement industry?


      The best thing about the current state of the supplement industry is the innovation we are seeing occur at a rapid pace. We, as a company, are obsessed with innovation, and our obsession to provide the end-user with potent compounds.

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[ Q ] The worst?


      For us the worst is that we can spend so much time researching new compounds and finally put a new product out to market, and a month or two later another company can knock us off with a similar product and try to take credit for our research.

[ Q ] Is there anything else you would like to say?


      I would like to take this opportunity to thank Will, Ryan, Jeremy, Russ, and the whole Team for being such great supporters of our Nutrabolics line of products from day one!

Rodney Dupont
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Any questions anyone has pertaining to our products, I would be more than happy to answer, via email at We have many new cutting-edge concepts in store for 2005, and are well positioned to pioneer the modern Sports Nutrition Industry.