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ISS Research, also known as Integrated Sports Science, has found it's way into the hearts and bodies of bodybuilders and athletes around the world by supplying them with high quality products along with truthful marketing.

ISS Research, also known as Integrated Sports Science, has found its way into the hearts and bodies of bodybuilders and athletes around the world by supplying them with high quality products along with truthful marketing. Rather than copying and carrying every known supplement available, ISS has consisently released products that were different than the rest, with a focus on the best possible protein blends.

Read on to learn more about how the company started, who makes up the company, and what they plan to do next! Brian Wisniewski, their head of marketing, answers our questions...

The Interview When was ISS Research started?

Brian Wisniewski: ISS Research began in July 1999. Why was ISS started? Who started? Tell me about their backgrounds.

Brian Wisniewski: Ron McAfee started ISS Research with a vision to create a comprehensive line of truly superior products for everyone; homemakers, bodybuilders, weekend warriors, and professional athletes.

Ron was actually Vice President of a major sports nutrition distributor at the time he decided to take on the challenge of building ISS Research into a recognizable brand in this industry.

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The next hurdle was to assemble a top-notch management team. Dave Rose was hired for the national sales manager position. Dave has years of experience in this industry. Kevin DeHaven, who had managed a top level nutrition store for years and was the number one sales person at a major sports nutrition distributor, was an easy choice as the head of the inside sales department. Kevin is very knowledgeable and well versed in the sports-nutrition business.

These three individuals become the pillars of ISS' management team. Many companies have a good product but lacked the proper personnel and infrastructure. This is not the case with ISS. What was the first product that you introduced to the market? How did it do?

Brian Wisniewski: We had a core of products at first (Complete Albumen Power, Complete Whey Power, & Super Vitamin Pak) but our first innovative product was the Complete Effervescent Creatine Power. We then introduced our Complete Pro Power, which is still one of the cleanest, purest Meal Replacements on the market. It was the first MRP that did not contain any corn syrup solids, gums, hydrogenated oils, or aspartame. In fact, ISS Research was one of the first companies to start using sucralose in powders. We pride ourselves on the quality of ingredients and flavoring systems used in our products. We feel that they are second to none. Why has ISS been so successful when many other companies have failed?

Brian Wisniewski: In the three years that we have been around, many companies have come and gone. I believe our success lies in the fact that we are building a brand. We are not built on one product that is hot today, gone tomorrow. Our branding strength lies in the fact that we are a solid sports nutrition company, focusing on the quality and taste of our products. We don't rely on outrageous claims and ads to sell our products. We'd rather put our money into the actual product, not the over blown hype ads that are so prevalent in today's bodybuilding magazines. However, if we do make claims about a particular product, then you can trust that it is the truth, with the results being accomplished by the athletes who use our product. Anything else you want to say about ISS that people would be interested in?

Brian Wisniewski: I hope that if people haven't seen it yet, to check out the transformation of our own Kevin DeHaven exclusively on He came a long way in a short period of time. Definitely check out for the latest updates on new product development and the 411 on our athletes. And make sure to stop by our booth when you see us at the shows. We would like the opportunity to met and talk with all of our loyal consumers.

Kevin DeHaven - Head Of Inside Sales Dept. Kim - Inside Sales Consultant

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