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Absolute Nutrition was founded with the idea of producing high quality products for people who are serious about becoming fit, lean and healthy. The company was not looking to produce the market's best "BANG FOR THE BUCK" product. Instead using the best raw materials available, proper serving and formulation, Absolute Nutrition set out to manufacture products that work.

Producing products that were safe and effective, yet wouldn't break the bank. We strive for our customer's satisfaction and believe in repeat business for products that work.

Simply put, our products work. Absolute Nutrition specifically formulates products on their products' ingredients ability to work. Absolute Nutrition, better known as the "Diet Company," has made a commitment to dieters.

Our products do what they say and we stand behind them. Our goal is to offer you every safe and effective way to lose weight. In fact our products are so well designed: they can even be taken together for maximum weight loss potential.

New Products

Shake Shake Shaker Cups? That's right! Absolute Nutrition is now the sole distributor of the world famous Turbo Shaker! This "Cadillac of All Shakers" is no ordinary shaker. Within the very structure of the Turbo Shaker's plastic material is Teflon. Yes Teflon.

This miracle cup has a non stick, heavy duty, dishwasher safe design that actually works; no messy screens or tricky propellers, just a cup and a lid. The agitators are molded to the top and bottom, and Voila! The fastest, most easily cleaned cup on the market today. Rinse with hot water immediately after use and the cup is clean. All this at extremely competitive pricing. You won't find a better shaker!

Absolute Nutrition is an up and comer in the industry. While not the largest manufacturer on the map, we are definitely making our mark. As the market grows and changes we will adapt to the latest innovations and fads.

Absolute Nutrition, always growing but never changing the quality, integrity and great service we have strived to achieve. Some changes to Absolute Nutrition are easily seen in our recently spruced up labels adding a bit more color and flare. Another new look for the company includes our colorful and creative new ads designed by our new advertising and marketing manager, Professor Gary GoldbergO'Maxfield.

Watch for us in many of fitness' most popular magazines like Muscular Development, Fitness RX, Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness Hers, Ironman and many more. For a great way to purchase Absolute products and a way to keep up with everything new and exciting happening with our company, look to, the webs best supplement retailer!


  • Absolute Nutrition - Born November 1998
  • Principals: Alan Nathan and Gregg Scully (President)
  • Executive Sales: Justin Hardgrove and Dan Arsenault
  • Advertising / Marketing: Gary Goldberg O'Maxfield
  • Distribution Manager: Ryan Sirois


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