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Meeting the demand for those who want to keep track of body fat has been the vision for AccuFitness since the company was founded in 1999. Learn more about what they have to offer and future plans right here.

For the most part, the work we do as participants in the bodybuilding and fitness community is judged by the use of photographs, the scale, and yes, body fat measurements. For many, keeping close tabs on their body fat percentage is almost an obsession.

Meeting this market demand has been the vision for AccuFitness since the company was founded in 1999. Today, you would be hard pressed not to reach for one of their body fat measuring tools to chart your progress. I recently caught up with Matt Chalek at AccuFitness, to get an insider's look at this unique fitness company.

[ Vince Andrich ] Hello Matt, let's warm-up with an easy question. What was the main reason AccuFitness was started back in 1999?

    [ Matt Chalek ] We wanted to help consumers interested in supplements and physique transformations monitor their body fat.

[ VA ] In hindsight, I think it is safe to say that serving the body transformation community was a sound business idea. I know many of our readers have used your FatTrack GOLD Digital Body Fat Calipers and MyoTape products to track their progress. You've even been recommended in many best-selling fitness books like Bill Philips, Body-for-Life and Lee Labrada's, The LEAN BODY Promise. So who started the company and what kind of background do they have?

    [ MC ] The general partners have backgrounds in medical device marketing. So naturally, the idea to create accurate body fat measuring tools for individual consumers and other fitness companies was an area they identified with.

AccuFitness Fat Track Pro

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[ VA ] Tell us about your key employees. Who is who and what do they do?

    [ MC ] Well, I run the company, and focus most of my energy on marketing to the sports nutrition marketplace and new product development. We have a research and development team that works with our factory in China to see if ideas can be turned into marketable products. Our best ideas come from speaking with other fitness companies and members of the bodybuilding community.

[ VA ] It is already evident to me that AccuFitness is meeting a specific need in the marketplace. But, in your opinion, what separates your company from the rest of the industry?

    [ MC ] We deliver the tools to monitor what the supplement companies' claim they do!

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[ VA ] Have you sponsored any athletes and if so, who have you sponsored and how have they impacted your company?

    [ MC ] Yes. We have worked with Ian Walling, a Musclemania natural bodybuilding champion, who is a great role model for us.

[ VA ] What supplement combination (or product you market) would you recommend for someone just getting started?

MyoTape Video

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[ VA ] What do you believe is the best and worst things about the supplement industry?

    [ MC ] The best is that our products help change lives. The worst is there are products that don't measure up to the advertising (no pun intended).

[ VA ] Is there anything else you would like to say?

    [ MC ] We started a gallery on for women that love our beef jerky and encourage people to send in their pictures.

Jerky Lovers Jerky Lovers
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[ VA ] Thanks for your time Matt, we all look forward to AccuFitness bringing us great products.

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