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Mind Your Behavior: A Physique Exclusive To Improve Gym Etiquette!

After close examination at major gyms and clubs we see that gym etiquette is getting worse - many simply don't know how to behave while they work out. Here are great examples of what's wrong and tips to make it better. Learn more.

Article Summary:
  • With more people attending gyms, proper etiquette is more important.
  • Proper etiquette isn't just about courtesy, but also hygiene and safety.
  • It's best to behave in your gym as if it were a neighbour's house.

  • Mind Your Behavior
    A Physique Exclusive To Improve Gym Etiquette!

    Physique has learned that a large number of people don't follow general gym etiquette. Our close examination at major gyms and fitness clubs throughout the region shows that the number of gym-goers are increasing day by day, but many of them don't know how to behave while they work out.

    Hit Hard
    But Mind Your Behavior

    The gym is a place where people are supposed to be more intimate and mingling with strangers than they would ever choose to be. There are muscle boys, circuit boys, athletes, older men and muscle bears. Each has his own reasons for going to the gym. Each reaps his own rewards there.

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    There's nothing like a good gym atmosphere. The noise, from the grunts of exertion to the loud music, is an ingredient that you can't really appreciate until you experience it - something that fires you up. And most importantly, of the things that are most readily apparent, is the presence of other people.

    Whether serving as inspiration for a physique you might want to achieve or reassurance that you're in better shape than someone else and you should keep on going, there's nothing quite like being around others.

    You can also learn new and unusual exercises just by discreetly watching these other people in the gym. One can learn several effective movements and variations that you probably wouldn't have otherwise known about.

    You Can Learn New Exercises By Observing Others.
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    You Can Learn New
    Exercises By Observing Others.

    It's obvious that nowadays people are so much more crazed about fitness and bodybuilding. The numbers of gym-goers are increasing leaps and bounds. They do believe health is wealth. But are they exactly sure how to behave when at the gym? I should say a majority of them do not.

    "The Middle East fitness industry is witnessing tremendous growth and the number of people going to the gym has increased more than ever before. But the worst thing is a majority of the gym-goers don't follow general gym etiquette which causes a burden for others also," said Middle East Fitness Professionals (MEFITPRO) Divisional Manager Danny Bartlett.

    "It's great that people go to the gym because they take care of their fitness. Regular exercise keeps us healthy, helps control weight, and is a great way to maintain [healthy] bone density. Simultaneously people have to make sure that they take care of the gym premises as well. I get annoyed when people ignore gym hygiene and etiquette. It's not only boorish and inconsiderate, but it can cause harm to the [gym-goer] and those around him or her", said Danny.

    Your Mother Doesn't Work Here!
    Where has gym etiquette gone? I have been around gyms for over twenty years and have never seen the outrageous things I see going on today.
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    "I cannot stress strongly enough how disgusting it's to see someone sweating all over a piece of equipment in the gym and then not wipe it down with disinfectant spray. The gym is already enough of a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, especially during the flu and cold season.

    Though there may not be rules posted around the gym for how to act, there are some unspoken rules that all of us should be familiar with, whether we are hardcore bodybuilders or just a newbie," Danny Bartlett added.

    "People go to the gym with different aims and dreams. Some of them are hard core hitters, some recreational and others are newbies. If the person on the machine or weight bench next to you is a hard core bodybuilder or recreational bodybuilder, they should consider others while they hit.

    My kind suggestion is to have gym management set up a separate section for different people according to their nature of goals. This may help them to work out more safe and comfortable," Danny Bartlett added.

    Would You Like Your Gym To Have Goal Specific Areas?

    Yes Definitely.
    Yeah But It Might Make Finding Equipment Difficult.
    I'm Afraid It Would Cut Down On Space And Equipment Variety.
    I Don't See How That Would Be Effective.

    Gym Bloomers And Rules Of Etiquette

    -> Use Of Machines:

      Every gym is like a water-tight compartment with different machines. The equipment is typically placed a little too close together in order to locate easily for the users. But there are people flinging weights wildly, dropping heavy weights on the floor, hanging onto treadmills for dear life and just generally using bad form with their exercises.

        Put Your Machine Back On The Track
        One of the most important rules is to put your weights back on the rack where you found them. Replace them on the right rack so that your fellow bodybuilders don't have to hunt around on other machines for them.

    Put Your Weights Back On The Rack Where You Found Them.
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    Put Your Weights Back On
    The Rack Where You Found Them.

        Time is very limited. We get a very limited time to spend in the gym. If you are doing multiple sets on the machine, try to let others join so that they can workout on the same machine during your rest time.

        Clean Up After Workout
        Wipe down gym equipment after you have used it. Nobody wants to sit in a puddle of your sweat, or grasp handles slick with your sweatiness. Always carry a gym towel with you, and use it wherever you get off a machine.

        Don't Hog The Treadmill
        Don't sit on equipment you are not using, especially if it's busy, and don't hog machine by spending unnecessary time chatting too long between or after sets, especially if you are using equipment that there is only one of. Many gyms have time limits on cardio machines during busy hours. There is a reason for that, and you should obey it.

    Don't Spend Unnecessary Time Chatting.
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    Don't Spend Unnecessary Time Chatting.

    -> Use Of Mobile Phones:

      Many gym-goers are seen using mobile phones for long hours, speaking audible and horrible. You are here for a workout, not for chatting with your dears. If you are not expecting an urgent call then leave it in your locker.

    If You're Not Expecting An Urgent Call, Leave It In Your Locker.
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    If You're Not Expecting An Urgent
    Call, Leave It In Your Locker.

        Don't walk in front of people using the mirrors to do exercises like squats. It's considered very poor etiquette to block someone's view of himself or herself and you can make people working out very angry. That is because it's important for them to keep their focus on their form while looking at their reflection and getting in the way of their view is a form of sabotage.

      What Does Proper Gym Etiquette Consist Of?
      Don't be the hazardous disrespectful gym rat that annoys so many. Here's a list of simple common-sense rules for gym etiquette and the most annoying things many still do.
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        Weight Racks
        Don't block other people's access to weight racks by working out immediately in front of them, have some consideration for others who also want to use the equipment.

    -> Ask Before You Use:

      Do ask if people are finished with equipment once they have got up. Try not to assume they have, and definitely don't just move equipment that has just been left alone for a moment. Check to see if it's finished with first, they may have just gone to get a drink of water or some more paper to wipe down equipment with.

    -> Be Clean:

      Nobody wants to smell you while you work out. Make sure you smell clean. Showering after your workout not only makes you smell and feel fresh again, you will wash away the germs and viruses that you most certainly picked up at the gym.

    The Forgotten Art of Gym Etiquette.
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    The Forgotten Art of Gym Etiquette.
    Gym etiquette goes a long way in winning the respect of other gym goers, but also adding to the efficiency that everyone else can work out at.
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      Also, don't wear the same clothes you wore for your last workout. They stink, whether you think so or not. Wash your work out clothes on a regular basis and maintain good hygiene. You are working hard to look and feel better; nobody wants to check out someone who smells bad. It's a major turn off.

      As you can see, this is not rocket science but basic common sense and respect for others. At the end of the day, it's very easy to pay our fee and take the gym for granted. We just need to remember that it's not only ourselves that train there.

      So try to behave in your gym as you would behave in your neighbour's home, with courtesy, consideration and good manners. And enjoy your workout.

    Behave As You Would In Your Neighbour's Home.
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    Behave As You Would
    In Your Neighbour's Home.

    Bad Etiquette
    The Worst Gym Etiquette That We Have Seen.

    The master trainers of the Impact British Training Solution in Abu Dhabi comment on the topic:

    • Recently in Abu Dhabi a member of a club was told to wait for the gym instructor to finish using the Swiss ball for his own abs routine. The instructor was on duty!
    • Guys who think the free-weights area is exclusively for macho men only and try to intimidate women and smaller guys.
    • Women trying to run on the treadmill in a sari.

    What Is A Sari?
    A sari or saree or shari is a female garment in the Indian subcontinent. A sari is a strip of unstitched cloth, ranging from four to nine metres in length that is draped over the body in various styles.

    The most common style is for the sari to be wrapped around the waist, with one end then draped over the shoulder baring the midriff.

    The sari is usually worn over a petticoat (pavada/pavadai in the south, and shaya in eastern India), with a blouse known as a choli or ravika forming the upper garment.

    • Once saw a guy working out on a treadmill in Abu Dhabi in flip flops smoking a cigarette! He used the water holder as an ashtray. Amazing!
    • Probably for us the worst offense is when fitness trainers do not do their jobs properly. How often do you see gym users in mortal danger because they are doing exercises/stretching that are so dangerous, out of date and ineffective? Locking out their joints, swinging their weights around (momentum not muscle), hanging on for dear life on the steppers, and cardio machines are just some of the bad techniques that need to be corrected in the right way. Instructors who do not know how to correct clients probably need to do a check up on their education.

    Rules Of Etiquette
    Some Rules Of Etiquette For A Well-Disciplined Gym Rat.

    -> Wear Proper Training Shoes:

      Not sandals or boots or trainers with wedge soles or wheels. Training shoes technology is a science in itself. Respect your feet by doing the right thing; a good cross trainer is suitable for the gym environment but running shoes will be needed for high mileage runners.

    Buying The Best Shoes!
    Getting some basic knowledge about shoes is the best way to avoid being sidelined in the future. It could save you hundreds of dollars.
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    -> Appropriate Clothing:

      You don't have to cover yourself from head to toe but please respect the local culture. Spandex mini shorts and ridiculous t-tops might work well in the studio but too much flesh in the gym is generally unhygienic if you are working to a moderate to high intensity.

      Always ensure that you change into (and out of) workout clothing. Even for that little lunch time workout do not be tempted to workout in your office clothing. Also, make sure you wear natural fibers and wash the clothing regularly!

    -> Ditch The Scent:

      It's a gym, not a night club. There is a need for fresh air in a gym environment - this is critical. The last thing you want to do is pollute the airspace of other hardworking individuals with heavy perfumes/aftershaves, save it for after your shower at the end of your workout.

    What's Worse, People In The Gym Who Reek Of Body Odor Or Of Cologne/Perfume?

    Definitely The B.O.
    It's A Gym Not A Salon. The Cologne/Perfume Is Worse.
    Neither Really Bothers Me.
    It's Worse When They Miraculously Smell Of Both.

    -> Wear Deodorant:

      There is nothing worse than a smelly gym user. It's the hardest conversation a gym manager will ever have but this is probably one of the most common complaints from fellow patrons. You smell. Everybody smells, especially when they workout. Do yourself and others a favor, and just put a little deodorant on.

    -> Grunting And Groaning:

      Ok so you are working it... just be aware how it sounds and how off putting it is to other users. If you are yelling at every repetition it can be really irritating to other users and probably means the weight is too much for you. Lighten up and give everyone a break.