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Iron Man Magazine - October 2008 Issue Preview: Killing The Myth Of 'OLD' Age!

The October issue of Iron Man features Killing The 'OLD' Myth! Other notable features include middle-aged muscle, workouts for your kids, and much more! Check it out!

Here's what's what (and where) in the latest edition of Iron Man. For more information, head on over to Iron Man Online.

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October 2008
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Iron Man October 2008 Iron Man Magazine: October 2008.

The October issue of Iron Man features "Killing The 'OLD' Myth"! Other notable features include middle-aged muscle, workouts for your kids, and much more! Check it out!

Click here to read an excerpt from the October issue of Iron Man Magazine: "Killing The 'OLD' Myth"!

Table Of Contents, October 2008
62 Train, Eat, Grow 108
Three-days-a-week training—and gaining—with an innovative split.
88To Sleep, Perchance To Grow, Part 2
Jerry Brainum's research says to turn up the Zs for more muscle and less fat.
104 Killing The "Old" Myth
From the archives, John Pasco, a 75-year-old bodybuilding competitor, explains how to break the chains of so-called old age (hit the gym).
112 40 Is The New 20
Cover man Eric Broser lays out a plan for getting bigger and better with age.
12GH Surge
Jacob Wilson and Gabriel Wilson provide tips and research on how to maximize growth hormone output with weight training.
140 A Bodybuilder Is Born 39
Ron Harris explains why great backs come from great effort.
152 Brad Harris: Very Alive At 75!
Gene Moz?e delves into the fitness lifestyle of this movie star (he's a god in Europe), stuntman and all-around muscle legend.
166The Testosterone Zone
Jerry Brainum explores legal ways to up your T, including a new form of DHEA that's over the counter and without the negative side effects.
178 X-Files
The X men reveal the number-one bodybuilding mistake that you can't afford to make if you want to achieve your full growth potential.
188 Body Insurance
Legendary bodybuilder Richard Baldwin, 58, provides a blueprint for achieving maximum muscle, minimum injuries and lifelong health.
204Mass Construction
After years of heavy lifting and recent surgery, C.S. Sloan constructs a kinder, gentler muscle-building routine—but be prepared to turn up the volume.
236 Muscle Beach
Pics from this year's Memorial Day and Fourth of July events.
248 '08 Mr. Olympia Preview
As the big show draws near, Lonnie Teper checks his crystal ball for who's hot and who's not in the land of the giants.
260 Profile: Johnnie Jackson
Meet a man on a mission: big muscle and plans for the future to match.
272 Heavy Duty
The conclusion of John Little's 1995 Q&A with Mike Mentzer.
282 Only The Strong Shall Survive
Part 1 of Coach Bill Starr's Bigger, Stronger, Younger—how and when to start youngsters on a strength-training program.
26 Train To Gain
Upper-pec problems and solutions, Joe Horrigan's look at dumbbell rows and more.
42 Smart Training
Charles Poliquin's advice on how to grow bigger and stronger faster.
50 Eat To Grow
The acid factor—is it slowing your growth?—and arginine's anabolic connection.
72 Naturally Huge
John Hansen's sound advice on beginning bodybuilding, programs included.
78 Shredded Muscle
Dave Goodin answers questions on ripping up.
82 Critical Mass
Steve Holman identifies the best moves for big bi's. Plus, rest/pause and drop sets.
218 Antiaging Research
Jerry Brainum sifts through the studies on IGF-1. Is it a killer or saviour?
224 News & Views
Lonnie Teper's world-of-bodybuilding coverage—plus, six big Rising Stars.
242 Muscle "In" Sites
Eric Broser unearths the Web site of a new over-40 pro bodybuilder and reviews Mark Dugdale's "Driven" DVD. Ab-etching advice is here too.
264 Pump & Circumstance
Ruth Silverman covers the ladies' side of the sport. Warning: Hot photos featured here!
292 Mind/Body Connection
Five big keys to happiness; review of Get Stronger, Feel Younger; and new research on health, aging and longevity.
304 Readers Write
Ageless wonders, classic Arnold and Cutler's cutting-edge workouts.