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Iron Man Magazine - November 2007 Issue Preview: Bench Press Under Fire!

The November issue of Iron Man will present Bench Press Under Fire: How to Keep the Flame Burning. Other notable features include a fat-burn Q&A, back training, and much more! Check it out!

Here's what's what (and where) in the latest edition of Iron Man. For more information, head on over to Iron Man Online.

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November 2007
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Iron Man November 2007 Iron Man Magazine: November 2007.

The November issue of Iron Man will present Bench Press Under Fire: How to Keep the Flame Burning. Other notable features include a fat-burn Q&A, back training, and much more! Check it out!

Click here to read an excerpt from the November issue of Iron Man Magazine: Bench Press Under Fire: How to Keep the Flame Burning!

Table Of Contents, November 2007
64 Train, Eat, Grow 97
Still learning after all these years. The TEG men made a number of interesting discoveries as they progressed through their '07 ripping phase.
94 Stacked Deck
Cory Crow provides the details on Dan Decker's back detailing. Rugged terrain here, gang!
108 A Bodybuilder Is Born 28
Ron Harris discusses the fast track in bodybuilding with his young protégé—and how patience is a virtue in this game.
122 Testosterone And Growth Hormone
Jerry Brainum checks into the research on those two power-packed bodybuilding hormones and how replacement therapy can affect the aging athlete.
146 X-Treme Lean
From the archives, a fat-burn-and-churn Q&A guaranteed to get you leanness without too much meanness. Plus, a list of unique fat-burning supplements and substances.
164 Heavy Duty
John Little discusses Mike Mentzer's Consolidation Program and the oneset workout—that's one set of one exercise in the entire session! Hmm. Here's the research.
172 Eat Your Vegetables
Your mom was right, and Clayton South has all the latest info that backs her up. They're not just for good health but for anabolic wealth too. Eat to grow.
182 PXP-Power X-Rep Partials
William Litz puts a new twist on the radically effective extended-set technique. Prepare for big gains—if you can blast through the growing pains!
196 FD/FS Training
It's Eric Broser's latest mass-building innovation—Fiber Damage/Fiber Saturation. You gotta try this fusion of heavy/light all in one workout. Chase that pump!
224 Hardbody
IFBB figure pro Tanji Johnson has a physique that turns up the heat. And talk about exotic beauty. Whew!
250 Only The Strong Shall Survive
Bill Starr's take on the bench press—the good, the bad and the ugly.
28 Train To Gain
Use the anabolic rebound to gain ground, hit failure to succeed and build bigger arms the Arnold way. Joe Horrigan's Sportsmedicine is here too.
42 Smart Training
Coach Charles Poliquin provides a dense-muscle-building routine—to help you avoid the balloon-animal look.
48 Eat To Grow
Diet wars, glutamine for mind and muscle and longjack for your testosterone-boosting stack. (It works!)
76 Critical Mass
Steve Holman discusses the size—and strength link.
80 Naturally Huge
John Hansen's no-bullsh*t natural training split.
86 Shredded Muscle
Dave Goodin outlines his philosophy for building plenty of middle-age muscle.
190 Bodybuilding Pharmacology
Jerry Brainum says the yolks on you. Research shows that cholesterol is anabolic gold. Pass that omelet!
212 Muscle "In" Sites
Eric Broser finds food and Freeman—as in Toney the X-man-on the Web. Then he tells you how to get your chest and back jacked!
216 News & Views
Lonnie Teper highlights the top stars and up-and-comers from the USA Championships and the Teen, Collegiate and Masters Nationals.
240 Pump & Circumstance
Ruth Silverman presents the women's side of the USA— plus, a profusion of other shows. Hot photos here!
260 Mind/Body Connection
Ken O'Neill reviews Ellington Darden's book, The New Bodybuilding for Old-School Results.
272 Readers Write
Arnold, Rachel redux and shocker mom's the bomb.

In The Next Iron Man

Next month check out a gym tale from Eric Broser. It's a challenge worth its weight in muscle, with size-building applications you can use to get huge. We also have an Arthur Jones memorial feature, complete with a look back at his training principles-and a unique high-intensity program to go with it. You'll also gain insight from our Legends of Bodybuilding interview with Roger Callard, former IFBB pro—his workout included. Look for the infopacked November IRON MAN on newsstands the first week of November.