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Iron Man June 2008 Excerpt: Mind-Power Tactics!

The following interview isn't for couch potatoes or the pathetically lazy. It's for those who want more - a lot more - from life than just growing old with dignity. Learn from the best and improve your workouts and lifestyle!

The following interview isn't for couch potatoes or the pathetically lazy. It's for those who want more—a lot more—from life than just growing old with dignity.

What do you think your future holds? Happiness? Fulfillment? Enthusiasm? Strength? Physical power? Or does it hold quiet desperation? Anger? Physical compromise? Frustration? Do those various emotions, attitudes and thought processes have anything to do with your belief regarding how well or how poorly you'll age?

"You're only as old as you feel," goes the saying. While that statement has a lot of merit, how you feel essentially starts with how you think. So the seed of how you feel is this: "You're only as old as you think."

Think about people like Jack LaLanne, age 93; Albert Beckles, 70, who competed in the Mr. Olympia competition at age 56; Bill Pearl, 78, a former Mr. Universe who still trains hard; and Chuck Norris, age 68. You begin to sense that they never ascribed to the atrophy-and-rust age-related beliefs so many do. Instead, they make a project of staying mentally strong and physically commanding.

So can your mind-set positively—indeed decisively—influence the manner in which you age? The answer is a resounding yes—if you have the correct strategy, that is.

For some people, striving to age "gracefully" is enough. In fact, most people learn to accept or even succumb to aches, pains and slowdowns as they age. On the other hand, emerging research suggests that you can also age purposefully—sustaining mental and physical strength and vital performance power.

Someone I know who personally embodies that belief system—and more important, demonstrates it as living fact—is renowned sports and peak performance hypnotherapist Pete Siegel. Many years ago Pete helped me improve my workout concentration and intensity to the point that I was able to far surpass my previous levels of strength and development. That intensity earned me training-partner status with several pro bodybuilders at Gold's Gym, Venice.

Peak Performance Hypnotherapist Pete Siegel
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Peak Performance Hypnotherapist Pete Siegel.

It was at Gold's in the early '80s that Pete introduced a radical new concept to the world of bodybuilding: that the mental aspects of increased muscular size, shape and power were as important as the physical. His mental-training sessions became the secret of many top athletes during that time.

So when I learned that Pete had developed some eyebrow-raising strategies on how to address aging head-on, I decided to ask him if he'd share them.

Peak Performance Hypnotherapist Pete Siegel Peak Performance Hypnotherapist Pete Siegel
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Pete Had Developed Some Eyebrow-Raising
Strategies On How To Address Aging Head-On.

[ DY ] At 53 I still love training, and you've got my attention with this topic. You've spent decades working with world-class athletes. What sparked your interest in developing strategies for the aging athlete?

    [ PS ] I want people to know that as you get older, you don't have to decline. You can keep improving. I'm the embodiment of that idea. I'm 51, and I recently did a television-news segment where I leg-pressed 1,100 pounds for 10 reps, did 200-pound dumbbell rows—10 reps for each arm—300-pound seated cable rows for 10, the stack for rope triceps pressdowns, and then, with 550 on the Hammer Strength shrug machine, I did 15 reps.

    Television-news Segment:
    Extreme Mental Power Fueling Incredible Physical Strength.

    The media talk about aging in terms of demise, decay, problems, health issues. No. You can train your mind and continue to train your body and be strong for as long as you choose. I call it Power Aging.

Peak Performance Hypnotherapist Pete Siegel
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You Can Train Your Mind And Continue To Train
Your Body And Be Strong For As Long As You Choose.

Get the full article in the June edition of Iron Man Magazine. Full article includes a complete interview that answers questions about developing a mind-set for success both mentally and physically regardless of how old you are.

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