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Iron Man Magazine - February 2010 Issue Preview: Arnold's Get-Bigger Trigger!

The February issue of Iron Man features Arnold's Get-Bigger Trigger! Other notable features include the NFL's strongest man, blood bath leg training and more! Check it out!

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February 2010
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Iron Man February 2010 Iron Man Magazine: February 2010.

The February issue of Iron Man features Arnold's Get-Bigger Trigger! Other notable features include the NFL's strongest man, blood bath leg training and more! Check it out!

Click here to read an excerpt from the February issue of Iron Man Magazine: Arnold's Get-Bigger Trigger!

Our February issue is guaranteed to blow up your guns to unreal proportions. Drug-free bodybuilder Michael O'Hearn outlines his secrets for getting true 20-inch arms without resorting to steroids. Prepare to stretch your shirtsleeves!

And for you strongman fans, we check in with New York Giants lineman Chris Snee, the NFL's strongest player and a man who can move defenders as well as heavy iron. Plus, we'll have the Fit Couple winners and a power-density workout with an Arnold connection.

Table Of Contents, February 2010
72 Train, Eat, Grow 124
Back-to-basics mass building with the X-men.
104 A Bodybuilder Is Born 55
Ron Harris passes the torch to his well-muscled protégé in the final installment of the series.
112 21-Inch Arms, Drug-Free
Mighty Michael O’Hearn explains the mind-set, diet and training that bring massive guns sans drugs.
134 Arnold’s Get-Bigger Trigger
From the archives, an inside look at one of the keys to the Oak’s mega mass.
142 2009 Fittest Couple Champions
David Young talks with David Kimmerle and Sharlene Lund about their victory strategy.
158 X-Files
Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson solve muscle-building problems with an innovative X-Rep twist.
164 Blood Bath Leg Training
Top national-level competitor Abbas Khatami talks lower-body mass building.
178 NFL’s Strongest Man
New York Giant Chris Snee drives up heavy metal to push around opposing players on the gridiron. The dude is a powerhouse!
198 The Big Myth: Testosterone And Prostate Cancer
Jerry Brainum unravels the research behind the killer disease and its link to the anabolic hormone.
210 Heavy Duty
John Little channels Mike Mentzer with intense info on generating growth.
238 Profiles In Muscle: Jonathan Delarosa
How the Junior National champ trains, eats and lives the bodybuilding lifestyle.
246 Femme Physique
Steve Wennerstrom, IFBB women’s historian, concludes his look at the legendary California Championships.
252 Hardbody
Meet Boston Bombshell Samantha Baker.
266 Only The Strong Shall Survive
Strength coach Bill Starr has the low-rep lowdown—do singles, doubles and triples for size, strength and power.
38 Train To Gain
Ultimate Beef pec blasting, Fantastic Four Workout—plus, Joe Horrigan’s Sportsmedicine.
54 Smart Training
Coach Charles Poliquin on the benefits of having more muscle and how to build bigger arms.
60 Eat To Grow
Carnosine for loaded muscles, fruit for fat loss and Paul Burke’s Neo-Dieters Handbook.
84 Naturally Huge
John Hansen on new size for skinny guys.
92 Shredded Muscle
Drug-free pro Dave Goodin tells how to blast off belly fat.
94 Critical Mass
Steve Holman analyzes DC power-density for new muscle immensity.
216 Muscle “IN” Sites
Eric Broser checks out Mark Dugdale’s new DVD and
224 News & Views
Lonnie Teper dissects Jay Cutler’s chances of keeping his crown in 2010—and other hot topics from the world of bodybuilding.
234 Bodybuilding Pharmacology
Jerry Brainum identifies the most dangerous drugs athletes are using.
240 Pump & Circumstance
Ruth Silverman wraps up the postseason pro season. Gorgeous pics galore here.
276 Mind/Body Connection
MANformation, Web surfing for brain power and BodySpace Physique of the Month.
288 Readers Write
JNL cover comments, Kid Kong and die-hard diet.