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Iron Man Magazine - February 2008 Issue Preview: Dave Draper & Conventional Wisdom!

The February issue of Iron Man will talk about over 40 bodybuilding and conventional training wisdom. Other notable features include a midlife-muscle supplement guide, midsection perfection, and much more! Check it out!

Here's what's what (and where) in the latest edition of Iron Man. For more information, head on over to Iron Man Online.

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February 2008
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Iron Man February 2008 Iron Man Magazine: February 2008.

The February issue of Iron Man will talk about over 40 bodybuilding and Dave Draper's conventional training wisdom. Other notable features include midlife-muscle supplement guide, midsection perfection, and much more! Check it out!

Click here to read an excerpt from the February issue of Iron Man Magazine: Dave Draper & Conventional Wisdom!

Table Of Contents, February 2008
62 Train, Eat, Grow 100
The TEG men resurrect their metabolic momentum with the deadlift.
90 A Bodybuilder Is Born 31
Ron Harris mentally preps his young protégé for his first contest.
106 Still Ripped After All These Years
Clarence "Ripped to Shreds" Bass is 70-and looks incredible. How does he do it? Steve Holman interviews the man behind the muscularity.
126 Super Saturation For Serious Size
Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson's unique twist on heavy/light power/pump mass training-perfect for the older, bolder bodybuilder.
150 Heavy Duty
John Little channels the wisdom of Mike Mentzer. This month: variation.
166 Muscle Maturity
Rusty Jeffers has come into his own in pro bodybuilding at 43 years of age. Kris Gethin gets him to talk about his career, methods and philosophy.
180 Tonic In A Teapot
Jerry Brainum explores the research on tea, the health-fixer elixir that burns fat.
210 Workout Stress Test
Does training help reduce stress or add to it? Here's the latest research.
218 Training Past 40
From the archives, legendary bodybuilder Dave Draper gives his views on staying huge after 40.
226 Cory At 50
Babs Hogan talks with the most influential Ms. Olympia as she turns 50. Ms. E looks phenomenal. You won't believe your eyes. Wow!
270 Midlife-Muscle Supplement Guide
Which compounds can help you continue to build mass through middle age and beyond? Here's a rock-solid list to help you stay rock-hard and ripped.
280 Joel Stubbs
This new up-and-coming pro shows you how to grow.
298 Only The Strong Shall Survive
Bill Starr's six-pack attack for midsection perfection.
28 Train To Gain
Stretch to grow. Plus Joe Horrigan's Sportsmedicine: leg extensions vs. squats.
42 Smart Training
Coach Charles Poliquin answers questions on size and strength.
48 Eat To Grow
Anti-aging power of NAC, compound your growth and foods to ease disease.
74 Naturally Huge
John Hansen outlines how to get big, strong and ripped.
84 Shredded Muscle
Dave Goodin on dieting and dating. ("Pew, was that you or the dog?")
88 Critical Mass
Steve Holman discusses building muscle in midlife and doing high reps to burn fat.
248 Bodybuilding Pharmacology
Jerry Brainum on steroids, supplements and liver damage.
254 Muscle "In" Sites
Eric Broser surfs the Web for sites for your eyes. His training wisdom is here too.
260 News & Views
Lonnie Teper's got the latest hits and misses from the bodybuidling world.
284 Pump & Circumstance
Ruth Silverman's camera is always blazing at physique events. Who has she flashed lately? See for yourself. Also see full-page pics of the Ms., Fitness and Figure Olympia champs here.
308 Mind/Body Connection
New stuff to get you buff, and IRON MAN Rising Stars too.
320 Readers Write
Arthur Jones and awesome arms.