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Iron Man Magazine - December 2009 Issue Preview: Anabolic Fat-Blasting Diet!

The December issue of Iron Man features an anabolic fat-blasting diet! Other notable features include how Jennifer Nicole Lee lost 70 lbs and more! Check it out!

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December 2009
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Iron Man December 2009 Iron Man Magazine: December 2009.

The December issue of Iron Man features an anabolic fat-blasting diet! Other notable features include how Jennifer Nicole Lee lost 70 lbs and more! Check it out!

Click here to read an excerpt from the December issue of Iron Man Magazine: The Anabolic Fat-Blasting Diet!!

Table Of Contents, December 2009
72 Train, Eat, Grow 122
Size Surge regurge and overshooting.
102 A Bodybuilder Is Born 53
Ron Harris on facing judgment day. You gotta love the smell of Pro Tan in the morning.
110 The Anabolic Fat-Blasting Diet
From the archive: Mark McManus explains the ultimate eating plan.
126 Jennifer Nicole Lee
Dare to dream: Lonnie Teper goes one on one with the transformation sensation and infomercial megastar.
150 All-Dumbbell Musclebuilding
An X-Files special: Holman and Lawson’s formula for igniting mass blasts—no gym membership required.
160 Shocking Protein Power
Jerry Brainum interviews one of the top heat-shock-protein researchers, Joe Evans, Ph.D.
176 Anthony Pomponio
Meet Kid Kong—a soft-spoken 21-year-old bodybuilder who’s making some noise onstage and in the gym with his power. Lonnie Teper does the Q&A honors.
192 Power Surge
Ryan “BenchMonster” Kennelly and Sean Katterle reveal advanced techniques for power benching. Pepare to drive up a new P.R.!
222 Profiles In Muscle: Sergio Oliva Jr.
The Myth’s offspring is looking big and ripped. Here’s how he does it.
230 Femme Physique
Steve Wennerstrom, IFBB women’s historian, takes an in-depth look at the legendary California Championships from its inception in 1981.
236 Heavy Duty
Another classic column from Mike Mentzer on intense, low-volume workouts.
250 Only The Strong Shall Survive
Coach Bill Starr takes a good, hard look at the squat—it’s the king that reigns supreme in the size and strength departments.
36 Train To Gain
Delt-training rules, plus Joe Horrigan looks at triceps extensions and elbow damage.
50 Smart Training
Coach Charles Poliquin’s key facts on building extreme size and strength.
58 Eat To Grow
Creatine and muscle recovery, fat shrinking and moderate drinking and phosphatidylserine.
84 Naturally Huge
John Hansen discusses ripping up after 40.
92 Shredded Muscle
Dave Goodin outlines his cardio regimen for serious striations!
96 Critical Mass
Steve Holman takes a look at Max Contraction and pro-style workouts.
200 Muscle “In” Sites
Eric Broser reviews some revamped sites. Plus, P/RR/S bodypart-specialization tactics.
208 News & Views
Lonnie Teper’s Nationals predictions—plus Rising Stars and the ’09 Muscle Beach contests.
224 Pump & Circumstance
Ruth Silverman’s annual long, hot summer of female physique shows roundup. Sizzling symmetry here.
242 Bodybuilding Pharmacology
Jerry Brainum looks at the facts and figures on testosterone reduction and soy.
258 Mind/Body Connection
A review of The Zane Body Training Manual. Plus, Dave Draper’s Bomber Blast.
270 Readers Write
Lifesaving lifestyle, cover-story glory and fast workouts, big results.