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Iron Man Magazine - April 2009 Issue Preview: Creatine For Boomer Bodybuilders!

The April issue of Iron Man features Over 40 bodybuilder creatine use: is it effective? Other notable features include staying in shape as we get older and much more! Check it out!

Here's what's what (and where) in the latest edition of Iron Man. For more information, head on over to Iron Man Online.

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April 2009
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Iron Man April 2009 Iron Man Magazine: April 2009.

The April issue of Iron Man features Over 40 bodybuilder creatine use: is it effective! Other notable features include staying in shape as we get older and much more! Check it out!

Click here to read an excerpt from the April issue of Iron Man Magazine: Creatine For Boomer Bodybuilders!

Table Of Contents, April 2009
78 Train, Eat, Grow 114
Shock your muscles to rock your gains-and burn fat sitting on your ass.
116 A Bodybuilder Is Born 45
Ron Harris explains how the gym can be therapy-a different mind/muscle link.
126 The Incredible Lou
At 57, he still loves pumping iron. His sons love it too.
142 Mastering Muscle Growth
The Wilsons discuss insulin resistance and muscle growth in older athletes.
158 Under The Influence, Part 2
Jerry Brainum's conclusions on booze and bodybuilding.
178 Heart Attack To Seriously Jacked!
Meet Jay Papish, 63, an '08 NPC Masters National bodybuilding champ.
190 Lean Dean Tornabene
David Young interviews the 40-something info-TV superstar.
208 Creatine For Boomer Bodybuilders
Is it good idea to take it? Richard Baldwin, Ph.D., explores and explains.
216 Total Training
C.S. Sloan outlines two solid full-body workouts for advanced gains.
228 Heavy Duty
John Little explodes some myths with help from the words of Mike Mentzer.
240 Hardbody
At 43, cut Crystal West is gunning for the world pullup record.
278 Power Surge
Sean Katterle looks back at Doug Hepburn's amazing raw-strength training.
304 Profile: Stephen Frazier
The national-level superheavyweight talks training, eating and lifestyle.
330 Only The Strong Shall Survive
Coach Bill Starr discusses consistency, the critical variable.
36 Train To Gain
The over-40 bodybuilder's golden rule, plus Joe Horrigan on wrist curls.
54 Smart Training
Coach Charles Poliquin discusses arm growth and size potential.
64 Eat To Grow
Nutrition facts on recovery, carbs and the whey-vs.-aminos debate.
90 Naturally Huge
John Hansen presents the working man's workout plan.
102 Shredded Muscle
Dave Goodin on training abs and biceps, two favorite muscle groups.
108 Critical Mass
Steve Holman discusses ultimate exercises and mass machines.
270 Muscle "In" Sites
Eric Broser surfs to and reviews The Ultimate Fat-to-Muscle Workout, an e-book, and Mr. O Dexter Jackson's latest DVD release.
288 News &Amp; Views
Lonnie Teper's world of bodybuilding, IM Pro results and Rising Stars pics.
308 Pump &Amp; Circumstance
Ruth Silverman checks out the ladies' side of physique competition-hot bods aplenty.
318 Anti-Aging Research
What's old is new again. Jerry Brainum analyzes growth hormone secretagogues.
340 Mind/Body Connection
BodySpace Physique of the Month Elijah Maine, signs that you'll live long and soaring through workouts with Dave Draper.
352 Readers Write
Power Surge support, clear on cardio and more fat-burning info.