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The Titrate Delivery Revolution!

In 1993 when creatine monohydrate legitimized the natural supplement industry by delivering size and strength within weeks with bonified clinical research to back it! Find out how to get rid of the cramping and diarrhea!

From D-bol the breakfast of champions to egg protein... This was the harsh reality of the supplement world for bodybuilders in the 1980's and early 1990's. Steroids became illegal and were replaced by bad protein, bogus glandulars and sub par amino acids. If you wanted to improve your strength or physique naturally? Eat an orange.

Everything changed in 1993 when Creatine monohydrate legitimized the natural supplement industry by delivering size and strength within weeks with bonified clinical research to back it!

The Real Story Of Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is a substance found in the body used as explosive energy by the muscles. The first several seconds of any strength movement uses creatine phosphate as an energy source to set the muscle in motion, like a stick of dynamite can starts an avalanche. From this point ATP is the main source of energy for anaerobic movements.

Increasing the amount of available creatine in the muscle generally results in an increase in this dynamite or explosive energy. In laymen terms, pick a movement such as the bench press, if the maximum amount you can lift three times is 300 pounds, creatine may enable you to do 5-6 reps with the same weight.

A breakdown of creatine.

That type of gain is tremendous from any natural supplement! The most publicized and probably the second most popular effect of creatine, is actually a side effect, cell volumization. The term volumization means that the muscle cell actually pulls water into it causing it to swell or increase its volume, volumize. This swollen muscle looks fuller and more rounded hence you look bigger and more muscular all due to creatine supplementation! Size and Strength!

The Evolution Of Creatine Monohydrate Products

Creatine Monohydrate supplementation was, at best, a shotgun effect in the beginning. Thousands of bodybuilders began mixing the white, sand-like substance with water, choking it down before and after workouts. Since there was very little information about dosing per day and cycling at that time, many athletes were taking 5-35 grams a day, depending on what fitness magazine they were reading. Many of those same bodybuilders went around cramping and doubled over all the way to the gym, many to make a regular detour to the bathroom before and after the workout. Everyone accepted that this was just the price we had to pay to use a natural supplement that worked.

Soon research showed that adding simple carbohydrates like dextrose found in grape juice could improve the muscles uptake of creatine over ingesting regular creatine on it's own. This was due to the increase in insulin in the bloodstream created by the simple sugar. Still, while performance improved over creatine monohydrate alone, little was done about the hydration problems caused by creatine use.

The first attempt to improve creatine's physical delivery came in the form of a liquid or suspended delivery. It was quickly found that in fact the liquids that bound with creatine to protect it from converting to creatinine failed to separate from the creatine after passing through the stomach. Actual results from this product rarely improved performance over Creatine Monohydrate and water, let alone creatine Monohydrate with dextrose in water. Aloe helped to improve stomach discomfort caused by creatine but did nothing to aid in the all-important hydration issue.

Creatine supplementation's big break came in 1998 when we learned what really was the cause of the hydration and stomach problems brought on by creatine monohydrate use. Not to anyone's surprise, creatine monohydrate was found to be very insoluble in water. The breakthrough came when we found the undissolved creatine did little if anything to improve performance. Two of every 5-10 gram servings of creatine may dissolve.

The particles are too large to enter the bloodstream and once they are through the stomach, so where can it go? Water is drawn into the small intestine in a largely vain attempt to dissolve it. Where does the water come from? The bloodstream. Bingo, the hydration problem! Where does this water go when it accumulates in the intestines? Where gravity must take it, down and out! In most users this meant diarrhea, water along with the undissolved creatine a.k.a. your money.

Up until now, the only way to completely dissolve creatine is with proper effervescent delivery. The major downfall with the effervescent delivery, aside from a tinny or metal taste, didn't come from a flaw in its delivery but from a much more fundamental source, COST. Cost and availability became major issues when 100 grams of effervescent creatine suddenly cost the same as 1,000 grams of regular creatine monohydrate.

And Then...

Once again, IDS has brought new thinking to the supplement world, from the company that brought insoluble liposome technology to revolutionize Pro-steroid delivery comes Creatine Titrate, completely dissolved creatine without effervescent FIZZ!

No longer will undissolved creatine cause havoc in the body s digestive system. There is no more stomach cramping, no more diarrhea, people that had sworn off creatine can now experience the "Creatine Miracle" for themselves. Just think, the benefits of completely dissolved creatine for skin splitting pumps, solid, rock hard weight gains, not water bloated belly busting waterweight. IDS uses pH manipulating technology to completely dissolve the creatine in the glass with no FIZZ!

No cramping! No Bloating! No Diarrhea! Guaranteed!