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The 9th Northwestern Natural Championships

The 9th Northwestern Natural Championships was held at Boise State University. It's one of the largest natural competitions in the Northwest.

Northwestern Natural Championships

2001 Results - NGA Northwestern Natural Bodybuilding Championships


1st Stacy Shoenborn - Boise, ID
2nd Deb Garner - Twin Falls, MT
3rd Shauna Dutton - Lolo, MT
4th Lisa Capri Neely - Fruitland, ID

LIGHTWEIGHT (Under 112 1/4)
1st Jenny Macy - Boise, ID
2nd Madelyn Merchant - Idaho Falls, ID
3rd Patsy Rabdau - Eagle, ID
4th Cathy Rushton - Boise, ID

HEAVYWEIGHT (over 122 1/4)
1st Molly Bolkcom - Red Lodge, MT
2nd Bobbie Porter - Meridian, ID
3rd Tania Atland - SLC, UT
4th Bianca Purtell - Roy, UT
5th Jackie Rose - Billings, MT

MASTERS (over 35)
1st Stacy Shoenborn - Boise, ID
2nd Madelyn Merchant - Idaho Falls, ID
3rd Patsy Rabdau - Eagle, ID
4th Tania Atland - SLC, UT
5th Deb Garner - Twin Falls, ID
6th Cathy Rushton - Boise, ID
7th Marguerite Overton - Boise, ID
8th Bianca Purtell - Roy, UT
9th Jackie Rose - Billings, MT

Jenny Macy - Boise, ID

1st Jon Rushton - Cathy Rushton
2nd James Purtell - Bianca Purtell


1st Mitch Coats - Boise, ID (Didn't pass or fail polygraph - undecided) Dave & Todd decided to let them compete
2nd Brian Lamm - Eagle, ID (Didn't pass or fail polygraph - undecided)
Had a meeting about this, next year if someone can't pass the test, then it's a fail.

NOVICE (under 172 1/4)
1st Todd George - Layton, UT
2nd Nick Holt - Boise, ID
3rd Mark Lindemer - Twin Falls, ID
4th Jaime Manrique - Butte, MT

NOVICE (over 172 1/4)
1st Duskin Johnson - Boise, ID
2nd Chuck Stiff - Boise, ID
3rd Evan Hathaway - Boise, ID
4th Dustin McFarland - Rigby, ID
5th Brian Lamm, Eagle, ID

MASTERS (over 40)
1st Mark Mari - Evanston, WY
2nd Chuck Stiff - Boise, ID
3rd Mike Basye - Boise, ID
4th Steve Williams - Pocatello, ID
5th Marty Mendenhall - Pleasant View, UT
6th Evan Hathaway - Boise, ID
7th Jaime Manrique - Bountiful, UT

LIGHTWEIGHT (143 1/4 - 156 1/4)
1st Max Souphasith - West Valley City, UT
2nd John Rushton - Boise, ID
3rd Mike Basye - Boise, ID
4th Scott Miller - Herriman, UT
5th David Hammond - Nampa, ID
6th James Wright - Bozeman, MT
7th Nate Hull - SLC, UT
8th Gary Payton - Pocatello, ID
9th Joel Hofer - Boise, ID

MIDDLEWEIGHT (156 1/4 - 172 1/4)
1st Mark Tilden - Meridian, ID
2nd Mark Howard - Boise, ID
3rd James Purtell - Roy, UT
4th Allen Bowlden - Boise, ID
5th Mark Mari - Evanston, Wy
6th Richard Scott - Boise, ID
7th Morgan Yanz - Boise, ID
8th Mark Willis - Payette, ID
9th Steve Williams - Pocatello, ID
10th Louie Lopez - Boise, ID
11th Brent Collins - Pocatello, ID

LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT (172 1/4 - 189 1/4)
1st Aaron Schow - Idaho Falls, ID
2nd Lance Sganzini - Boise, ID
3rd Cody Hess - Miles City, UT
4th Jason Foley - Pocatello, ID
5th Eric Dunne - Nampa, ID
6th Dana Krank - Missoula, MT

HEAVYWEIGHT (over 189 1/4)
1st Lolo Nunez - Elko, NV
2nd Toby Aberle - Nemo, SD
3rd Marty Mendenhall - Pleasant View, UT
4th Greg Suggs - Nampa, ID

Aaron Schow - Idaho Falls, ID

Judge's Review

By Brent Van Pelt
The 9th Northwestern Natural Championships was held on June 2nd at Boise State University and is one of the largest natural bodybuilding competitions in the Northwest. As 55 competitors came from 6 states it was again another sell out.

Organizers Dave and Leda Christian of GNC have successfully built the best and biggest NGA contest 9 years running. Putting the athlete first, the athletes receive free t-shirts, goodie bags full of nutritional products and one of the nicest facilities to have a contest in beautiful Boise Idaho.

After a bit of difficulty with the lighting the morning show was finally underway. Starting out with the Women's Novice, Stacy Shoenborn of Boise Idaho had no problem taking first place with her muscularity, symmetry and presentation. In 2nd place and another nice showing was Deb Garner of Twin Falls Idaho, showing her true form with nice symmetry. Shauna Dutton of Lolo Montana finished a close 3rd also with nice symmetry. 4th place went to Marguerite Overton of Boise Idaho and 5th went to Lisa Capri Neely of Fruitland Idaho.

The Women's Lightweight was a unanimous vote by all judges for Jenny Macy of Boise Idaho. Coming in very hard and ripped both upper body and lower body she had no problem taking the class. Madelyn Merchant of Idaho Falls had 2nd place rapped up with a very hard and great looking physique. Patsy Rabdau of Eagle Idaho captured 3rd place showing what awesome backs should look like and Cathy Rushton received the 4th place showing looking very nice which with only a one-vote difference so it was very close.

Moving right into Heavyweight since the middleweights moved to different classes after weighing in, Molly Bolkcom of Red Lodge Montana scored almost all first place votes to take 1st place with a great overall look. Bobbie Porter of Meridian Idaho finished with a very strong physique and 2nd place by the judges. 3rd place went to Tania Atland of SLC Utah looking very nice and 4th place went to Bianca Purtell of Roy Utah who had very nice symmetry. Jackie Rose from Billings MT with a nice shape came in 5th.

Women's Masters over 35 years of age was a very close class. Again Stacy Shoenborn of Boise Idaho showed what it takes to over power the rest of the field with her awesome hardness, symmetry and stage presentation taking the 1st place statue home with all first place votes from all 5 judges. A solid uncontested 2nd place went to Madelyn Merchant of Idaho Falls with her great color, hardness and muscularity. 3rd place went to Patsy Rabdau of Eagle showing the strength of her upper body and the shredded back. 4th place went to Tania Atland of SLC Utah who had another very nice physique and very close in voting. 5th place went to Deb Garner of Twin Falls Idaho who edged out 4 other competitors to reach the top 5. 6th place was Cathy Rushton of Boise Idaho, 7th place went to Marquerite Overton of Boise Idaho, 8th place to Bianca Purtell of Roy Utah and 9th place went to Jackie Rose of Billings MT.

Next on the agenda was the always entertaining mixed pairs. Although there were only two this year the routines were very nice. Taking 1st place was husband and wife team of Jon and Cathy Rushton. They had a great routine and were out there have a great time. 2nd place went to another husband and wife team, James and Bianca Purtell. They had a "Cool" routine (shades and all) and did a great job as well.

Teen's men went pretty quickly as there were only two. 1st place went to Mitch Coats of Boise Idaho and 2nd went to Brian Lamm of Eagle Idaho.

Men's Novice under 172 1/4 was next and 1st place went to Todd George of Layton Utah with almost all first place votes. A strong 2nd place went to Nick Holt of Boise Idaho looking his best. 3rd place went to Mark Lindemer of Twin Falls Idaho also looking very nice and 4th place went to Jaime Manrique of Butte Montana.

Men's Novice over 172 1/4 was concord by Duskin Johnson of Boise Idaho who came in very strong both upper and lower body and getting all first place votes. Chuck Stiff of Boise Idaho came in very strong as well getting all the 2nd place votes. 3rd place went to Evan Hathaway of Boise Idaho with 4 out of 5 third place votes, and Dustin McFarland of Rigby Idaho came in a solid 4th. Brian Lamm of Eagle Idaho grabbed 5th place.

Men's Masters was a very tough class where only one competitor had all five judges scoring him the same. That was Mark Mari of Evanston WY who came in very hard and muscular and good symmetry taking the 1st place statue home. Then it was a tie for 2nd by totaling the points but with three 2nd place votes Chuck Stiff of Boise Idaho grabbed the 2nd place away from 3rd place Mike Basye also from Boise Idaho. Both came in hard, ripped and had great stage presence. 4th place went to Steve Williams of Pocatello Idaho who had great symmetry but came in a little softer than usual. 5th place went to Marty Mendenhall of Pleasant View Utah with solid voting from 4 out of 5 judges. 6th place went to Evan Hathaway from Boise Idaho, 7th to Jaime Manrigue of Bountiful Utah.

Men's Lightweight was a mirror image of the Men's Masters as only one contestant was scored the same. This time the 1st place honors went to Max Souphasith of West Valley City Utah where he grabbed all 5 first place votes. Max came in very strong with an outstanding small frame packed with hard, ripped developed muscle with awesome symmetry. 2nd place was another tie in points but John Rushton of Boise Idaho scored three 2nd place votes to take the 2nd place honors. 3rd place went to Mike Basye also from Boise Idaho for the second time after the tiebreaker. 4th place went to Scott Miller from Herriman Utah who came in very nicely and 5th place went to David Hammond of Nampa Idaho who also looked great.

Men's Middleweight was the largest and hardest class to judge. No two judges had the exact same scores and the physiques in the class were awesome. With three first place votes Mark Tilden from Meridian Idaho took the 1st place honors coming in very muscular, symmetrical, hard and great stage presence and posing. 2nd place honors went to Mark Howard of Boise Idaho, a very symmetrical new comer who had a complete package as well, only needing to come in a little harder but has great potential. 3rd Place went to James Purtell of Roy Utah who had a very solid physique and was looking very hard with good size. 4th place went to Allen Bowlden who came in ripped, both upper and lower body, only needing a little more size to be dangerous. 5th place went to Mark Mari of Evanston WY also coming in well defined and muscular. Richard Scott of Boise Idaho took the 6th spot, Morgan Yanz of Boise Idaho grabbed 7th place, and 8th place went to Mark Willis of Payette Idaho. 9th place went to Steve Williams of Pocatello Idaho, 10th place went to Louie Lopez of Meridian Idaho and 11th place went to Brent Collins of Pocatello Idaho.

The Men's Light Heavyweight was a war! Even though it was a small class two of the competitors looked like they were posing for the overall, and may well have been. Aaron Schow from Idaho Falls came out thick, ripped and very muscular with a full and taller package taking the 1st place statue home by just a couple of leg poses. Not to take anything away from 2nd place Lance Sganzini with his shorter, thick muscular frame and great symmetry who was every bit as awesome. It was a very long posing session for this class, that's how close it was. 3rd place went to Cody Hess of Miles City Utah by just one point over 4th place Jason Foley of Pocatello Idaho. Jason took the tiebreaker over 5th place Eric Dunne who had great symmetry and muscularity, 6th place went to Dana Krank of Missoula Montana with good size.

1st Place Lolo Nunez who scored all the judges first place votes with his striking size, muscularity, symmetry and definition over powered the Men's Heavyweight class. A strong 2nd place went to Toby Aberle of Memo South Dakota with good muscularity. 3rd place went to Marty Mendenhall of Pleasant View Utah getting all but 1 third place vote. 4th place went to Greg Suggs of Nampa Idaho and looked solid.

It came down to the near perfect body of Stacy Sherborn of Boise Idaho who took 1st in Novice and 1st in Masters, and the tight solid small package of Jenny Macy of Boise Idaho, and finally Molly Bolkcom of Red Lodge Montana with a great overall physique.

The pose down was an all out war. Their toes were 1/2 inch away from the edge of the stage and legs locked for the best position to show their stuff. The judges were prepared to start catching the contestants but the women some how kept their balance. As the music stopped the crowd was going crazy and that's what pose downs are all about.

As the judges continued the posing it was down to Stacy and Jenny for the final two. Being able to see the winners side by side was a real treat. Stacy Shoenborn had everything needed for the overall and so did Jenny, only in a smaller package. Pose per pose, turn by turn Jenny was starting to grab the judge's eyes and finally a decision was made. The overall and Pro Card went to Jenny Macy of Boise Idaho with a ripped, muscular, symmetrical body with great stage presents. It was very close and congratulations to the overall contestants for getting that far.

The Men's overall consisted of teen Mitch Coats, Master's class Mark Mari, Lightweight Max Souphasith, Middleweight Mark Tilden, Light Heavyweight Aaron Show and finally Heavyweight Lolo Nunez.

The judges had a very tough job seeing all the winners standing next to each other who were carbon copies in various different sizes. Let's start out with the Heavyweight Lolo Nunez. This guy had everything you need to win the overall. Call him little Arnold. He had the size, muscularity, and symmetry and was hard. Lolo pulled off two out of the five votes. Aaron Schow the Light Heavyweight came in thick, ripped and very hard. He also had everything needed to win the overall, plus his posing and presentation were a plus. Aaron pulled of two votes from the five judges. Next there was Mark Tilden who came in as perfect as you can come in as a middleweight. He was thick, ripped, good symmetry and great presentation. The judges gave him one vote out of the five. Not forgetting Max Souphasith who was awesome as a lightweight and Mark Mari the Masters winner also had awesome physiques but was over powered by size and muscularity with the bigger contestants. So it came down to breaking the tie between Lolo Nunez and Aaron Schow. This is where the head judge comes in to play. The final decision: Aaron Schow takes the overall and gets his Pro Card!

Note: For those who don't attend the morning show to watch the judging you are missing out on what really happens with a bodybuilding contest. Although the night show is all flashy and everyone looks good by then, it's how the contestants come in looking in the morning. In a few cases as with this contest, some competitors looked better in the morning be it their legs, abs, back or whatever which they have the edge and place higher. For those who don't come in as well have a tendency to look smooth, flat or their legs just don't come out yet. These contestants who don't come in very well may come around by the night show and actually look better than their competition. Unfortunately everything is already scored and the placing is set before the night show. The only judging that is done at the night show is the overall Women and Men's classes. So if you notice a discrepancy at night between the first and second place contestants, the only way you can judge is by going to the morning show and see what the contestants looked like in the morning. Also the better physique doesn't always win even if they are at their peak in the morning. If they don't pose and show their stuff correctly they won't place as high as they could. As a judge I have seen many poses called again to give second and third chances for the better body to come out, and sometimes it never happens.

NNW Natural Competition - Another Viewpoint

I do not know who writes your articles, but the comments in there about the Ladies Classes is way off. I attended the above mentioned show and must totally disagree with the judges concerning the over 35 class. I realize that politics must play a role in life but it really is too bad it has to be so strong anywhere. This show, in my opinion, was the worst display of contestant abuse I have ever seen. As my wife has competed 6 times, I have competed once, and I have attended at least 5 other shows, I consider myself to have a slight amount of experience in the attendance of them. The fact that the contestants from out of town were told nothing of the fact that it was normally sold out immediately killed their chance of having a support group in the audience. We personally had 6 people who sat it out in the motel because of this. I have also never been to a show where the contestants were not allowed to enjoy the show from the audience, nor have I been to one where the contestant was charged to have someone backstage to help prepare them for the show. This show has shown me just how badly a show can be run and I have and will continue to tell any potential competitor or spectator that this is a show to miss.

Shaun C. M

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