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An Interview With IFBB Figure Pro Marcy Porter!

New IFBB figure pro Marcy Porter shares with us about her first year as a pro competitor. Learn more about Marcy right here and what some of her goals are...

New IFBB figure pro Marcy Porter shares with us about her first year as a pro competitor. Marcy moved up quickly through the NPC National Figure ranks in 2004, turning pro by wining her class at Figure Nationals.

Marcy is constantly looking to improve her physique and with her training background and knowledge she has a set plan on how to improve her physique and working on moving up the pro ranks.

[ Q ] Congratulations on your performance on your first three pro shows! How did it feel to be on the same room with Figure competitors that you have idolized during your amateur days?

    A: It was an amazing experience, but it was also nerve racking! As if I wasn't nervous enough for my pro debut, you have the 3-time Fitness International winner sitting next to you putting her ProTan on!

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    Marcy Porter.

    But both Monica Brant and Jenny Lynn were down to earth and treated the other competitors with equal respect.

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    Monica Brant & Jenny Lynn.

    I would say both of them make great role models and ambassadors for the sport. There also is a lot of mutual respect between them, and they both show great sportsmanship.

[ Q ] How has your training and dieting differed in preparing for these two shows in comparison to preparing for the Figure Nationals as an amateur?

    A: As an amateur I focused more on building muscle, where now I am more focused on maintaining my muscle while improving upon areas that will help improve my V-taper and overall symmetry.

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    Marcy's Amazing V-Taper.

    I always respond well to new training techniques so I am always tweaking my program to achieve the results I want.

[ Q ] Do you have a coach that helps you with your contest preparation?

    A: Yes, I work with Chris Eaddy, NPC national level competitor. Chris has been working with me since 2002, and has an instrumental force in all of my accomplishments. Chris has two other nationally ranked competitors along with many other successful competitors here in Florida.

[ Q ] Can you describe your current training split and the logic behind it?

    A: My current split is the following:

    Well right now I train shoulders and quads in the beginning of the week because I am trying to continue to cap my shoulders and add sweep to my quads so I can improve my V-taper, which in Figure shows is very important. I train back and chest together because I am not trying to add any size on to them.

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    Marcy Works Very Hard
    To Improve Upon An Already Stunning Figure!

    My back has always been wide, and if I am not too careful, it gets thick quite easily. I follow up the week with hamstrings and arms and add in some more shoulder exercises. I like to almost over train my abs because I find it helps keep my waistline down.

[ Q ] How many sets and repetitions do you do on the average for each body part?

    A: I do 3 to 4 set for each exercise, and I always very my rep range any where from 10 to 50!

[ Q ] Can you describe a typical day on your diet?

    A: I eat six times a day and it varies depending on how close I am to a show, but it basically looks like this:

    • Meal One - Egg whites and oatmeal
    • Meal Two - Protein shake and oatmeal
    • Meal Three - Lean ground beef and brown rice
    • Meal Four - Protein shake
    • Meal Five - Ground beef and green veggies
    • Meal Six - Chicken and green veggies.

[ Q ] Which supplements do you use year round?

    A: Year round I just stick to the basics, which are a multiple vitamin and mineral formula, BCAA's, whey protein, EFA's, and glutamine, which is great for muscle retention and recovery.

[ Q ] What supplements do you feel are essential when doing a Figure show?

    A: In addition to the basics, a stimulant based fat burner (I change products every four weeks to avoid getting used to it) stacked with Prolab's Metabolic Thyrolean in order to keep my metabolism optimized.

    I also use something like Taraxatone the last week prior to a show in order to eliminate any remaining subcutaneous water.

[ Q ] A lot of competitors these days take the off-season off in order to let their bodies recover from the contest preparation. Do you take any time off?

    A: In the last two years I can't think of a time where I took off more then a week from training. I love to workout so it isn't a task to workout for me. But I also see the off-season as a time to make changes and improvements to my body, which I believe it is important.

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    Working Out Isn't A Task For Marcy.

    You always want to improve from your last show because really, aren't we all competing against ourselves? Another added benefit of training year round is staying in good shape. I work too hard to only be in shape for contest day.

[ Q ] What are your immediate and long-term goals?

    A: As far as competing goes, I want to continue to improve my placings and qualify for the Figure Olympia. My long-term goals would be to utilize my pro card in more ways than one. For instance, I want to be an inspiration to women everywhere who want to get in better shape or who are trying to get into Figure competition.

    In the future I would like to get involved with some figure camps, perhaps promoting a show and maybe even work on writing an E book teaching other women how to get in shape and another one that focuses on the sport of Figure competition. I also plan on continuing doing some modeling in the fitness industry and maybe even mainstream.

[ Q ] Anything else that you would like to add?

    A: I really would like to thank Chris for always been there for me and supporting me in my fitness endeavors.

An Interview With IFBB Pro Marcy Porter.
Small town girl Marcy Porter hits the big time by turning pro. Take a gander at what the lass has to say about turning pro, finding a web designer and much much more...
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[ Q ] Thank you for such a great interview Marcy and I wish you all of the success in the world in the Pro Ranks.

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Thanks Marcy!

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