Holiday Yule Log Protein Cake

This season, skip the store-bought sweets and dive into this protein-packed yule log cake! It will please your taste buds and feed your muscles without busting your waistline.

Holiday Yule Log Protein Cake
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The yule log cake, also known as the bûche de Nöel or "log of Christmas," is one of those desserts that seldom ventures outside of the holiday season. While it's destined to be forever relegated to December and January—gracing bakeries with vanilla, chocolate, and buttercream filling—there's one version of the holiday log you won't find lining supermarket shelves: the protein yule log.

Not only will the added "protein pow" help boost your gains, it'll taste just as good as the real deal. That's why you have to bring one to life and rejoice in the satisfaction that comes from knowing you created a classic holiday dessert in a wizardly fashion. This dessert has all of your favorite flavors without sugar or gluten.

Protein Pow Note: There are three parts to baking this cake: making the cake, whipping up the filling, and frosting the finished product. Don't be overwhelmed by the task. Remember, you can always make modifications.

If you'd like to skip any of the steps, you can. For example, you can skip the cake and instead just frost something else, like a protein muffin that you later fill with your cake filling. You can also replace the cream-filled cake with a pancake rolled up and filled with frosting. Basically, you can do anything you like with this recipe. Just have fun and have a protein-packed holiday!

Yule Log Protein Cake

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