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Supplemental Training: Track Running!

Learn how to incorporate track workouts with your bodybuilding. Get bigger gains and become as ripped as possible!

I have to admit, one of the real reasons I became a bodybuilder stemmed from a deep-rooted desire to be a world class track athlete. No, I never held the state record or even came close to making the state finals in any track event. However, the one sport I attribute my tenacity and discipline in bodybuilding came directly from my track workouts.

Now before I mislead anybody into thinking that I trained incredibly intense, but through a series of bad cirumstances or nagging injuries I just didn't get the breaks I needed to blast on to the regional or college level. No, it actually came down to my genetic limitations and preoccupations with other things more than any dramatic story.

I truly suffer exceedingly horribly the effects of running. Oh yes, one step and I "feel the pain". The first time I even ran in a group was seventh grade and after blasting off in our two lap inagural I think I made it half a lap and collapsed absolutely gasping for air. I had never ran very far and had no endurance whatsoever. Being the glutton for punishment that I am, I joined the track team. I figured that I could at least train myself to make the team running the 100 and maybe even the 200 if I trained hard enough. Well, I did train extra and stayed an extra hour and a half after our regular workout in order to practice. I will grudgingly admit that the fact that the girls track team trained at the same time did make my sacrifice a little easier to justify.

Running really was and is difficult for me, especially mixing mid distances with sprint work. Results are truly worth it. My initial leg development came from my running. I love to sprint, run distances (to actually finish distances is closer to the truth), run hills and any other track affiliated work. My shoulders and chest seem to get more ripped when I train this way compared to any other method.

I do have to be careful because overtraining can occur, especially with intense weight workouts at the same time. If you are serious about adding track work, cut your weights to three days per week (Mon, Wed, Fri) and work the track afterwards. I currently workout Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (see my four day a week workout article) and work the track close to six days a week. However, I let my body dictate what I am doing. Right now my main goal is to gain muscle and hardness and to bench 315 pounds for 20 reps on the bench press. I have to make sure I recover properly. My long term goals in track are a 4.6 second 40, a 12-second 100 meters, a 60-second 400 meters, and a six minute mile. Also, I want to be able to jog 10 miles at a decent pace at any given time and maintain my 315 bench for 20 reps. My current split is Monday with an intense chest workout and track afterward. Tuesday is back which is moderate to easy. Wednesday I take the day off from the gym and run 2 miles. Thursday is a heavy and instense shoulders and arms workout with track after. Friday is moderate legs with light run or bike after. Saturday is my log run, 3-to-6 miles or whatever I can handle. Sunday is the Lord's Day!

My track workouts are usually a mile and a half followed by four 100 meter sprints and two 220-meter sprints. I am getting ready to add the 400 meter and so I'll have to up the rest to prepare. I always take time to stretch before and after. So that's it!

The Bible says, "Without vision the people perish." I am just believing that when I add those 400 meters in my workout, it won't be me that perishes! God Bless and remember that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!