High-Protein, Low-Carb Mac And Cheese Sauce

Later, Alfredo. Drape your pasta dish with this guilt-free, protein-packed sauce instead.

High-Protein, Low-Carb Mac And Cheese Sauce

Carbs are a go-to guilty pleasure for most people—and if those carbs are covered in a cheesy sauce, all the better! But if you're looking to lean out and are cutting most grains and starches, you know that every gram of carbs and fats count.

Rather than pine away for what you can't have, why not make a macro-friendly meal that you can enjoy? The answer to your meal dilemma is to make your own sauce!

Jarred cheese sauces are filled with butter and cream, with plenty of excess carbs and fat. The high-protein alternative I've come up with uses vegetable protein—pea in particular—to allow you to have that really creamy, cheesy, satisfying bowl of pasta without all the junk that comes along with say, a bowl of Alfredo or mac and cheese.

Pour this over some low-carb pasta—I used penne—and see how thinking outside of the box can deliver a dish that's good for you and taste-bud-pleasing!

Don't believe me? Give this a go, and you'll see.

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