High-Definition Abs: Build And Tighten Your Core!

People discern fit-status based on whether you flex a ripped core or bounce a fat gut. Build abdominal muscles, then tone them and show off your definition!

Whether you're a guy or a girl, at the pool, at the beach or on stage, your abs are the first place people look to tell how fit you are. Abdominal muscles are the true marker, the core of fitness.

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We walk you through two ab circuits to help you achieve that toned, hi-def 6-pack. One circuit is designed to build your abs, and the other is designed to tighten your abs.

We recommend incorporating these circuit workouts 3-to-4 times per week into your existing workout routines, alternating the workouts, building first and toning second.

The Build Circuit

The goal is to keep the intensity high, elevate your heart rate elevated and really get that extra burn. Set up all four exercises before you begin to increase efficiency and intensity.

3 Rounds; Repeat 4 exercises back-to-back; 1-minute rest between rounds

Build Circuit

3 Rounds:

    • Standing Ab RolloutStanding Ab Rollout

      1. Standing Ab Rollout

      10-12 reps to failure

*Alternative For Beginners: Start on your knees, instead of standing.

    • Cable Reverse Crunch On Bosu Ball

      2. Cable Reverse Crunch On Bosu Ball

      10-12 reps to failure

*Maybe your gym doesn't have ankle straps. Follow the link and get a pair of straps from the Bodybuilding.com store!

    • Dynamic Barbell TwistDynamic Barbell Twist

      3. Dynamic Barbell Twist

      10-12 reps to failure

*For Beginners: Alternative Seated Barbell Twist.

    • Weighted Decline Negative

      4. Weighted Decline Negative

      10-12 reps to failure

*For Beginners: Don't use a plate. Drop the weight and you gradually work back up to it as you build your abs.

Tighten Circuit

This circuit will involve more reps, some drop sets, a lot of focus on toning your abs rather than building them. High reps are going to help you tighten your abs while burning calories.

This is another 4-exercise circuit with 1-minute rests between the three circuits. Make sure to set everything up first, to limit your rest periods between exercises.

3 Rounds; Repeat 4 exercises back-to-back; 1-minute rest between rounds

Tighten Circuit
    • Punching Plank Punching Plank

      1. Punching Plank

      15-20 reps to failure
    • Ball Pike/Knee Crunch Superset Ball Pike/Knee Crunch Superset

      2. Ball Pike/Knee Crunch Superset

      15-20 reps to failure

*As soon as the pike gets tough/hard, you switch to a knee crunch

    • Alternating Bosu Ball/Crunch Superset Alternating Bosu Ball/Crunch Superset

      3. Alternating Bosu Ball/Crunch Superset

      15-20 reps to failure

*Start with Finger-to-Toe touches; as soon as it gets difficult, switch to Elbow-to-Knees.

    • Decline Ball Throw

      4. Decline Ball Throw

      15-20 reps to failure

* Go back and forth as quick as you can!

Hi-Def Abs

Your abs are probably on fire! That's the key to getting hi-def abs.

First comes the Build Circuit, followed by the Tightening Circuit. We recommend hitting the circuits on alternating days: Build, then Tighten ... for a total of 3-to-4 workouts per week.

Make sure you have your strength training, your cardio, proper supplementation and your meal programs keyed-in to get hi-def abs. For more information on that, check the links below.

For more articles and videos, tips and tricks to achieving hi-def abs, visit Bodybuilding.com.