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Contest Update - Strike A Pose (Vogue)!

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of posing to further define yourself. Posing is the most overlooked aspect of bodybuilding, fitness, and figure. Get some great tips right here on how posing can improve your chances of winning!

For many, many bodybuilding competitions through the years, I have succeeded to maximize my muscle conditioning and level of muscle separation without the use or need of the dreaded treadmill, recumbent bike, stair climber, etc.

Was it due to my innate propensity for a lean physique? Was it because I was committed to a very consistent and clean diet? Was it because my lifting style was performed in a manner that kept my heart rate at a high enough level? Or, was it because I took every opportunity through out the day to strike a pose?

Yes, yes, yes and, again, yes! However, I cannot emphasize enough the reality and importance of posing to further define yourself. Posing is the most overlooked and underestimated aspect of bodybuilding, fitness, and figure. In fact, non-competitive bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts can reap great rewards by striking a pose from time to time.

Striking A Pose:
The Difference Between Winning & Losing.

In competitive bodybuilding, fitness, and figure, posing can be the difference between winning and losing. Most competitors trains to win, eat to win, think to win, and live to win. Successful competitors do all the above with one addition. They pose to win.

The art of posing (and I emphasize the term "art") is a form of intense exercise that will not only produce improvements in your visual aesthetic, it will result in improved strength as well. Also, it will assist in developing that all important mind-muscle connection that will allow you to attack specific muscles groups with intense focus.

The Art Of Posing! The Art Of Posing!
In the late 1960's and early 70's, posing wasn't poetic and beautiful. We weren't body sculptors then. We were more like deckhands slamming through our most massive poses.
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How many times have you read fitness articles that instruct you to hold and squeeze at the top of an exercise for 1-2 seconds? By doing so, in essence, you are being asked to "strike a pose" in the midst of a set (think about it!). Posing can be performed without the use of equipment and often is.

It can be performed in the gym, at home, in the office, in the car, or at dinner. It can be performed just about ANYWHERE!

Posing Questions

SO, now the questions are,

  1. How do you "strike a pose?"
  2. How long do I pose?

How Do You "Strike A Pose?"

    When most people think of posing, they think of the Monster pose (or in bodybuilding terms the Most Muscular pose). Or, there's the Front Double Biceps pose that's seen time and time again.

    These are only a couple of several poses that can be executed. In general, posing can accentuate your Chest, Glutes, Hamstrings, Back, Calves, Shoulders, and Abdominals. Chest striations can certainly score points with judges. Glutes and Hamstring separation is very, very hard to achieve but with focused and consistent posing it can be.

    A well-developed Back (Rhomboids, Rear Deltoid, Infraspinatus, Erector Spinae etc.) can strike awe in the eye of the beholder. Well-constructed calves illustrate a commitment worthy of praise. All these muscle groups and more can be finely detailed and further defined with posing.

    Striking Awe.
    David Henry At The 2006 Iron Man.

    Whether your a competitive bodybuilder or simply want to achieve enhanced muscular definition, posing can work wonders. Intense posing "exercise" performed 10-20 minutes or more 3-5 times per week for 6-8 weeks will allow you to realize huge results. Intense means that you should treat posing as you would your usual weight lifting or cardio regiment.

How Long Do I Pose?

    While performing each pose, you should try to hold it for 15 seconds to start and progress to 30 seconds, 45 seconds, and finally a full minute. Front Double Biceps, Side Chest (both sides), Side Triceps (both sides), Front Lat Spread, Rear Double Biceps, Rear Lat Spread, Abdominal and Quads/Thigh (Both Quads), and Most Muscular poses should be executed with profound intensity and held for the aforementioned time.

Posing Round By Round
The eight mandatory poses.
Note: No sound on these videos.

Front Double Biceps Pose:
WMV (152 KB)
MPEG (583 KB)

Front Lat Spread Pose:
WMV (172 KB)
MPEG (693 KB)

Side Chest Pose:
WMV (227 KB)
MPEG (811 KB )

Side Tricep Pose:
WMV (196 KB)
MPEG (755 KB)

Abdominal And Thigh Pose:
WMV (205 KB)
MPEG (819 KB)

Rear Double Bicep Pose:
WMV (247 KB)
MPEG (799 KB)

Rear Lat Spread Pose:
WMV (302 KB)

Most Muscular Pose:
WMV (183 KB)
MPEG (715 KB)

The Challenge Of Posing

There are examples all over this web site that provide detailed instructions on how to properly execute posing so I will defer that level of detail in this article. However, I must warn you that, initially, you will find it very difficult to execute and hold these poses as specified and your muscles will tire quickly. Be patient and committed!

Even the well conditioned person that regularly performs usual cardio exercises will find posing very challenging. Don't believe me? Try it. It is a fact that every successful bodybuilder uses posing exercise to realize additional muscular detail and conditioning that otherwise is unachievable through regular weight lifting and cardio.

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Posing Exercise Build Additional Muscular Detail.

When posing, it's important to breathe normally and to focus on each muscle independently. An additional benefit of posing is the developing a mind-muscle connection. In developing/enhancing this connection, training of specific muscle groups will be more focused and your ability to isolate them will be enhanced and therefore lead to greater overall gains. No longer will you be asked to "feel the muscle" by your training partner and wonder what that really means. Also, you will have greater control over your muscles.

Delbert Hickman
Delbert Hickman
WNBF Professional Bodybuilder.

Week #23 - 8/15/2006
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Posing exercise is truly the "Ancient Chinese Secret" of bodybuilding and does not receive the attention and respect it deserves. I challenge you to test my advice but I'm certain you'll reap rewards you never thought possible by simply "Striking a Pose"!

That's a wrap. In my next article, I will detail my recent success at the WNBF Pro U.S. Cup held in Augusta Ga. on 29 July 2006. For all you natural bodybuilders (amateur or pro), those of you considering natural bodybuilding, or bodybuilding enthusiasts who didn't make it, you missed a really great show. I implore you to keep your eyes on this one next year. You won't be disappointed.


"The man who has accomplished all
that he thinks worthwhile, has begun to die."
- E.T. Trigg