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Succeed To Fail!

For with failure, success will find you. Failure will lay the foundation that will allow you to build toward success. So, succeeding to fail is, in an odd sort of a way, a success.

It comes at a time when you least expect it. It consumes you. You use every ounce of strength to fight it off. Although, it is destiny and it you strikes you fast and without mercy. It is called "failure." Although, it is failure that you sought when you began. And to succeed at failure is to achieve success. With failure comes strength, growth and resolve.

These qualities are key attributes necessary to succeed. Success without failure is fruitless indeed. With failure comes the right to passage. Many successes are filled with even more failures.

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With Failure Comes The Right To Passage.

So, to experience failure is good and it should be used as a tool for success. For with failure, success will find you. Failure will lay the foundation that will allow you to build toward success. So, succeeding to fail is, in an odd sort of a way, a success.

Fail To Succeed

Although, failure should be minimized. Failure too often prevents success. Recognizing that failure is important for success does not mean failure should become a frequent occurrence. Frequent failure hampers progress.

It takes time to recover from failure. Not allowing proper time to recover from failure will reduce the likelihood of success. You must be able to handle failure with grace.

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It Takes Time To Recover From Failure.

Failure will undoubtedly come at a less than opportune moment and with little or no warning. Reacting negatively to failure creates more harm than good. It could cause long lasting injury. Even longer than failure itself.

We many times fail to succeed for all the wrong reasons. It is a lack of understanding that it is imperative that we "must" fail to succeed. This lack of understanding alone can and will prevent success.

Fail To Fail

Those who fail to fail and always succeed will never recover from failure should failure find them. Failing to fail means the meaning of success will never be realized. The strength, growth, and resolve gained from failure will not be realized.

The lessons that are learned by failure will remain unlearned if failure is constant. If you always fail to fail, you most likely have selected a course that has no risk.


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My Success Factors!
I am going to talk about what I perceive as necessary Success Factors that helped to guide me to achieving my ultimate goal.
Delbert Hickman

No risk means no challenge. No challenge means no growth. Failure is necessary in order to understand the true beauty of success. Failing to fail is sought by many and found by few. Is that a good thing? Yes! Those who have failed will tell you that without failure life would be an empty journey.

Succeed To Succeed

Succeeding to succeed is the point when you taste the fruit of your labor. Success is measured differently by each person and lasts as long as we allow it.

After all the failures that we endure, succeeding to reach success is a welcomed moment worth savoring for as long as possible. When we succeed at achieving success, it is a wonderful experience to reflect on the failures that lead to that success.

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Succeeding To Succeed Is The Point When
You Taste The Fruit Of Your Labor.

At the moment we ride our first bike, we remember the time that we fell. The day we finally achieved that all-time bench press, we can't help but remember the many times it was yanked from our chest by our spotter.

Always enjoy and revere when you succeed to succeed and utilize the knowledge gained from successes and failures to maximize life to its fullest. The next time you train, relate this to every rep and set and you'll find a new meaning to what you have read.