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Bodybuilding Poetry In Motion!

As I think to myself that each workout is a step towards reaching my ultimate pinnacle and achieve my ultimate goal.

"As I sit there, contemplating, before attacking my next set.
My mind focuses on a vision from the last time I competed.
All the joy, all the uncertainty, all the preparation I never will forget.

I think of all the great people that stood with me as we took center stage.
I can almost see myself standing there flawless from head to toe.
All of us in the best shape of our lives no matter our age.

All of us having family and friends who have no concept of why we do this sport we choose to do.
Some support us and some don't because they just don't understand.
They feel it's madness or even vanity that drives us who are so few.

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My body is engulfed in an ocean of brightly shining and all exposing light.
Showing every ounce of my muscular detail with only skin covering my muscle.
Oh man, what a sight!

Pose after pose, mandatory after mandatory, I continually emulate in my head.
Executing poses perfectly, making sure to remember all the details of every pose -
Posing pointers that many times, over and over, I have studied and I have read.

I can almost hear the crowd as it yells and screams with excitement as I execute each and every pose.
My strengths and not my weaknesses I want them to notice the most.
Knowing that if I am successful then, for certain, it will be first place for which I am chose.

I can feel my muscles begin to bulge with my blood they are totally filled.
Making each time I flex even more impressive giving me more confidence and assurance.
I can only hope the judges will be thrilled.

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After several minutes of posing and flexing, my body has seemed not to somehow tire.
I know in my heart that all the pre-contest posing has finally given me great conditioning.
The conditioning always talked about that all bodybuilders desire.

I present myself to everyone, making sure to show my hard work and to even smile.
I have learned from many experiences that this is my greatest moment.
This is an opportunity to shine even if for only a little while.

Each competitor attempting their hardest to capture a single judge's all encompassing eye.
Jockeying, adjusting, flexing in concert with all our strength and power we have inside.
Yet each motion and every move as graceful as that of a butterfly.

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Weakening each and every minute, our depleted bodies cry out in silence without a wince.
The pain and suffering will in the end be tolerated.
We knowing that failure to survive this great experience is our only consequence.

Inside we feel a camaraderie with our competition.
A weird sense of Es Spirit De Corp.
A kind of feeling of brother and sisterhood this somehow seems to inspire and drive us even more.

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All the weeks of sacrifice and commitment have allowed us to compete on that day.
We have only but a few moments, a few hours, to be appreciated for all the hard work and effort that we invested and that we had to pay.

When the round and round of comparisons are finally complete and the scores are tallied and the judging work is all done,
I stand there as noble as a knight in shining armor.
Then the emcee addresses the crowd and announces the winner is me... I did it! I won!

I awake to find that it was only merely a dream and I was just preparing to do my next set.
Although, now I'm much more inspired.
I remember that success starts here and even better I must get.

As I think to myself that each workout is a step towards reaching my ultimate pinnacle and achieve my ultimate goal,
In my heart a fierce fire burns.
It ignites me like a torch generating a burning desire as deep as my soul.

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With new found motivation I grab the weight and begin to perform my first rep,
As I tighten and squeeze the area being worked -
In my mind knowing that the pain must be ignored and this I must accept.

Repetition after repetition, I continue until I finally, at last, can do no more.
I ask myself to find strength and courage to keep going as I drop the weight.
The weight crashes to the floor.

Over and over the cycle repeats until my workout is finally over, it's done, it's complete.
I then look around the emptiness of the gym and feel a great sense of accomplishment.
I again realize this is why I compete!

Another great workout with all my heart and soul I have successfully completed.
Now it's time to eat right, rest, and recover - for again I shall return with hopes that the same intensity can be repeated!"