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Bodybuilding Hypocrisy!

I'm talking about the hypocrisy all around us and even within us. If you listen or look around, you will hear it and/or see it as clear as day!

Have you ever noticed something that you just didn't make sense in terms of why it was there, its purpose for existence, or what it was supposed to mean? There have been several times during my journey to find ultimate fitness success that I asked myself, "why?" or "what the hell!" I'm talking about the hypocrisy all around us and even within us. If you listen or look around you will hear it and/or see it as clear as day! In this article, I'd like to explore the hypocrisy that many times is overlooked or seen as acceptable and without question.

"The 15 Minute Smoke Break"

This to me is the greatest hypocrisy that exists in many companies today. Many companies allow or tolerate one or two 15 minute smoke breaks for its employees. During which, employees are allowed to run out to a pre-defined smoke-area and light one up. This is in addition to the 1 hour lunch that everyone is entitled to. With the fact that health care costs are sky rocketing, I many times question why the institution of a 15 minute smoke break policy exists and a mandatory 1 hour (not including lunch time) fitness break policy does not. Doesn't it seem sort of odd to you? Following an invigorating early morning workout, I am much more productive and alive. I also have much more energy and feel good about myself. Many doctors suggest moderate exercise to maintain health. That to me means, fewer trips to the doctor. That in turn means, lowering health care costs, right? I ask this simple question, "Why is it necessary for you to find your own time to exercise when, if you smoke, you can use company time?". I have thoroughly realized the benefits of proper exercise and nutrition. Before, I was victim to colds and/or flu usually 3 times each year. Since I have been more consistent with exercise and nutrition, I have not had a cold in over a year! Again, No Doctor Visits, Lower Health Care Costs!

"Junk food vending at the gym"

Each and everyday I train at the gym, I pass by one and ask myself, "Why?". I pass by the every present and strategically positioned vending machine. Where is the hypocrisy in that? Well, it's the fact that it is filled with goodies high in sugar and/or fat. Whether its snack food like candy bars, brownies, chips etc. or pop of the non-diet type, it exists in plain view. You usually find them in areas that make it difficult for even the most committed person finds it hard to resist. Especially after a hard and grueling training session when most of us naturally feel we have earned the right to indulge. I often fell victim to the "Vending Machine" many times early in my journey. It was like clock-work. After training, I would head to the locker room to grab my gym bag from my locker. As I walked out, I would, without even hesitating, reach into my bag, pull out a single dollar, and purchase one of those cherry-filled pies! My rational was, I needed the carbs after such a hard workout. After years of learning from my mistakes, I now realized that not only was I weak but the gym itself was in a way responsible for my routine indulgence. How hard would it really be to load that same vending machine with much healthier alternatives. I mean, that is the ultimate purpose of the gym's existence right? Makes you wonder about the priorities of a gym that exposes it members to such things! Next time you see one, ask the manager to explain why the vending machine contains what it does. You'd probably be amazed by the response.

"Over-weight and out-of-shape trainer"

First of all, I am in no way a certified expert on exercise and nutrition. I do, however, consider myself knowledgeable. I have and always believe that the best way to learn is through experience. After attending college and obtaining a "real" job in the information technology field, I discovered what most college graduates of a technical discipline discover. The technical knowledge I learned provided me with a valuable foundation, however, it didn't reflect what was in the real world. To me, the same applies to exercise and nutrition. When I see a fitness trainer that is extremely overweight/out-of-shape, I question how they could understand what it really takes to commit to a healthier lifestyle. Yes, its possible that they gained enough knowledge and information from text sources to have an idea but, to me, without experiencing it from day to day, you can never truly understand what it takes. I was asked by a fellow gym member what I thought about personal trainers and what he should look for in order to know they are qualified. Naturally, I suggested that the potential personal trainer possess some sort of legitimate certification. Also, I suggested to him that the person's physical appearance is worth a thousand words. If they look the part, that means they live it. It is one of the most obvious indicators of a persons commitment to exercise and nutrition. Next, I suggested that he ask them to provide him a detailed training routine and diet plan that they themselves follow. This, if nothing else, will indicate how serious they truly are. Finally, I asked him to remember that it was his money and, if you care about getting the most for you hard earned money, make sure the person you choose knows how to help and what it will take to get there and stay there!

"Fat-Free but Sugar-Expensive Food"

We have all been guilty of taking this for granted and not questioning the truth. The term "fat-free" is still found in plain site on many items found in grocery stores all over. The hypocrisy is, although, many times the so-called fat-free food is low in overall saturated fat content, they are extremely high in simple sugar content. Since ingesting high amounts of simple sugar results in the elevation of insulin concentrations in the blood. One of the functions of insulin is to assist with the transport of nutrients into cells and tissues. However, insulin also inhibits the release of fat in adipose tissue. There is much more detail that I could attempt to go into but I think you can see how "fat-free" foods may still result in an increase of body fat! This all goes to reason that you shouldn't always believe what you read...

Well, that is only the beginning of the many untruths that exist in bodybuilding. I shall return with more...thanks for reading!


"A hypocrite is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation"

-By Adlai Stevenson