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My Success Factors!

I am going to talk about what I perceive as necessary Success Factors that helped to guide me to achieving my ultimate goal, winning an overall championship!

In my previous article, I wrote about how I came to bodybuilding and how I progressed during my first year.

Success Factors

In this article, I am going to talk about what I perceive as necessary "Success Factors" that helped to guide me to achieving my ultimate goal, winning an overall championship!

-> Commitment:

    Commitment was my first success factor. To me, it is important to decide what you want and commit to settling for nothing less. I decided, shortly after my father passed, to give as much effort as possible to achieving my goals (at the time).

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    This is the most difficult phase for most people. Making the conscious decision to compete in bodybuilding is a terrifying thought. You doubt your physical appearance and wonder if you have the nerve to stand in front of hundreds of people in skimpy posing trunks.

    You open the bodybuilding magazines and see how huge and ripped the pros are and get even more intimidated. During this phase, you must visualize a picture of how "YOU" want to look. Don't concern yourself with how everyone else looks. This will strengthen your commitment.

-> Positive Energy:

    Positive Energy was my next success factor. After I committed myself to being my best. I had to actually believe I could be my best. I needed to surround myself with positive energy.

    This means, if you have a workout partner with different goals, find a new workout partner or do as much as possible on your own.

    You cannot afford to allow anything to deter you. Not to say the workout partner is should not be your friend.

    You must realize that to train for bodybuilding requires focus, desire, drive and determination day in and day out. Few people can maintain this type of commitment for very long if at all. I have removed myself of many workout partners who use the gym as a social Mecca, or don't come to the gym when it rains or snows, or complains during hard workout sessions.

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    They have all continued to remain my friends and fortunately were able to realize how much it means to have positive energy. You must also realize that there will be plenty of negative energy trying to counter-act your positive surroundings.

    Many people who can't commit will be envious and sometimes even jealous. I affectionately call these people "haters." They will see you progress and will be envious or jealous of you. To make themselves feel better they will try to inject their negative energy into your positive surroundings.

    To give an example, during my last training cycle, a rumor was started that I was using steroids. It angered me at first but I managed to suppress the anger and re-direct it into higher intensity training.

    In the end, I was featured in publications that mentioned the fact that the Governor's Cup was a drug-tested event. Many of my "haters" have seen the article. It was the best feeling in the world! Just remember to focus on being positive in every situation and no matter what you will feel good in the end!

-> Determination:

    Determination is another of my key success factors. Determination is what made me do that "one last rep" when my body wanted to "quit." It is what kept me at the gym to do abdominal and cardio-vascular work when I was ready to go home. It is what kept me competing when I didn't place where I wanted.

    Without having enough determination in bodybuilding, you will quit after the first time a judge critiques you and you don't agree. You must have an open mind and be determined to improve each and every time. I always tell anyone who is new to competing to talk with the judges after a competition.

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    Find out where you need to improve. Who will know better than the judges? Have an open mind and take the criticisms to heart and be determined to improve the next time. Believe me, they will notice how determined you are!

-> Dedication:

    fast food Your dedication is a prime factor. What I mean by this is that dedication is what will make you head to the gym when your boys are heading to "happy hour." It will make you eat the "proper meal" and stick to your diet instead of grabbing a more convenient burger at McDonalds.

    Your dedication will be visible to everyone the day you stand on the stage with other competitors. Your dedication is what the judges will score. Your dedication will make the difference between winning and losing. With dedication you can realize success in any field of human endeavor.


These are four of several of my personal success factors and I will write about others in subsequent articles. Hope some of you (my peers) find value in these.

    "Never underestimate your ability no matter how intimidating the competition may seem: Amateurs built the Ark. Experts built the Titanic."