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Bodybuilding By Example!

As we grow (not necessarily older), we are exposed to many experiences that help us learn. Remember nothing is more important than being healthy.

June 23, 2000

We all will or have realized at sometime in our lives that we have some destiny for which we do not understand how we got there. The journey seems to be an endless one and even when we have "arrived", we still have a long road to travel. It is this road we travel that defines us and molds us into what we eventually become. As we grow (not necessarily older), we are exposed to many experiences that help us learn. Just as when you were a child learning from your parent, you continue throughout life learning from others and building onto the foundation created by them. Whether the experiences you have are good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, you learn. In this article, I will explain, in my opinion of course, why natural bodybuilders are leaders by example.

To be "fit" and develop a well structured physique takes a commitment that most people in the world just cannot make. Those who are successful at making the commitment to being fit are subjects of envy, sarcasm, inspiration, and mystery. Sounds like the description of many of today's leaders. Fit conscious people are natural leaders driven internally and have a profound effect on the lives of those around them. Why? Simply because we do what we do. Ask yourself, how many other people do you know who will push their bodies to the brink of utter submission day in and day out? Squeezing out that last rep when every inch of the body says, "No More, Please"! How many people do you know that have blown off the stereotypical lifestyle that many lead in pursuit of something more meaningful? Everyone wants to be fit and is interested in finding that golden shore. We, as fit conscious disciples, have a lot to offer those who are lost and are searching for there own fitness. We must help "lead" them in the right direction. I emphasis "lead" since we can offer some guidance to those who want to follow. We can offer our own failures as well as successes to enable them to jump start their adventure. Our knowledge is purely based on our own experiences and makes us qualified to lead those that want to be lead. We, as leaders, are defined by our views of ourselves and how others view us. This makes it crucial that we continually critique ourselves in our pursuit towards the achievement of an end goal.

Do you have a choice to be a leader? No, it comes with the territory. Many leaders are born without even knowing it. They are cast into a position to lead for no other reason than that others are willing to follow them. What justifies us as qualified leaders? In workplace environments, managers will assess a potential prospects qualifications before offering them a job. Do they always know right away? Not always. As a car owner, you prefer to take your car into a place that has a mechanic that is certified to work on it. Does that prove they are qualified? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. As a fit conscious person, your qualification is always apparent. All a person has to do is look at you and they will instantly know that you are qualified. Does it take an advanced degree or certification to convince someone that your are qualified? Probably not. As they say, "The proof is in the pudding".

It is your duty to share your experience and knowledge when called upon by those without access. This will not only help someone in need, it can also result in an opportunity to learn. It is, in a sense, a two way road! How many questions have you been asked by others wanting to tap into the knowledge you have acquired in fitness? How many times have you actually gained valuable knowledge from someone who was in need of help? I experienced a completeness in my bodybuilding endeavor that is unlike any other. My knowledge is in a constant state of expansion which has resulted in better training and diet techniques. The pursuit of ultimate fitness has and will always require a focused intensity like no other. However, the tangible results of all the investment made are with you always. Whether you are going through a terrible divorce, having a baby, making a new career change etc... Being a "fit" leader, it is important to convince and lead others to the realizations that you have discovered and benefited from during your journey.

The dedication, commitment, fortitude, and knowledge that is required to get fit and stay fit exemplify all the qualities of being a true leader. With little, if any, financial rewards for what we do, the fact that we have the ability to create a vision and achieve that vision re-enforces our potential as a leader. We must realize this and take pride in what we do and how we do it. Remember nothing is more important than being healthy. You know it and I know it and it is our responsibility to lead others to the "promised land".

With that I will now close. Again, thanks for reading.