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Herve Duchemin Sets It Straight: Android Mode!

If you know anything about androids, you know they are machine-like beings with superbly carved muscular structure, usually dedicated to accomplishing a specific goal or purpose. Learn how to get into android mode to accomplish your goals...

If you know anything about androids, you know that they are machine-like beings with superbly carved muscular structure, usually dedicated to accomplishing a specific goal or purpose. The mentality that one must get into when trying to achieve that unusually high, almost alien-like definition that is rarely seen amongst human beings, is what I like to call "android mode."

How To Reach Android Status

To reach such a level of definition, you must turn your body and mind into a powerful entity that cannot accept failure no matter what the circumstance. You must become a machine. Each and every moment of the day must be carefully planned out with respect to diet and exercise, and you must pay close attention to how your body reacts to whatever changes you choose to make in either category. Only then can you rise beyond the level of the mediocre or average man, and achieve "android status."

No, it's not for everyone. It's not for the faint of heart, or for those who cannot stick to accomplishing a specific task to completion. It's not for those who are easily influenced by the shameful words of others.

If you could not care less about what other people think or say about you, and you know that deep down you have what it takes to get in that insanely lean shape that leaves everyone who sees you breathless and stunned (believe me, not many people have the discipline, no matter what excuses they might make, deep down they couldn't do it even IF they wanted to), then you might be a candidate for going all out, and turning your body into that of an "android."

[ "But women don't think it's attractive" ]

    F**K that, because I ASSURE you that isn't true.

    OK, sure, if you're walking around with veins blasting out of your entire body as a true "android," then of course most people won't find that attractive.

    But the truth of the matter is that android status usually only lasts for a few days, and then you look like a superstar to all women once you add a little bit more water, filling yourself out.

[ "But I wouldn't want to look like that" ]

    But hey, that few days of insanity is pretty fun, because after that you then change from android to fitness model. You know, it's perfectly fine to hold your own personal opinion, but if you don't even have TWO of your eight abdominal muscles showing, then to utter anything like that just professes one thing: You're plain-assed f**kin' LAZY. That's right, let's set it straight.

    Now it's not to say that there's anything wrong with laziness on its own, without the negative "bitching" that comes along with it.

[ "Grow up and get some discipline, you fat, lazy bastard" ]

    We all have our phases of inactivity, for whatever reason. But laziness followed by demeaning words bashing those who choose to keep their bodies looking good, deserves a nice slap in the face statement: "Grow up and get some discipline, you fat, lazy bastard!"

    If advice is what you seek, then we'll give it wholeheartedly, but don't bash the few who have the discipline which you couldn't possess NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRIED. Deep down, you WISH you could do it. So what are you waiting for? Stop looking like an air-filled whoopie cushion and making excuses, and get on track!

[ "But I'm rich, I don't need to look good, I have plenty of money" ]

    Good God you fat misled bastard. You think women actually ENJOY sexual activity with your fat ass? I don't care HOW much money you have, or HOW much ass you get, deep down while she's taking your cash for sexual favors, her mind is in a state of grossed-out gore, wishing that she was with a physically fit guy.

See, many people are quick to bash those who take anything to a level of superiority, because they themselves lack the creativity, discipline or heart to achieve the same level of greatness. Take a look at the Wright Brothers, Edison, and Columbus. They were all bashed. Who has the last laugh now? Bodybuilders in amazing shape are called "freaks" by their "normal, mediocre-bodied" counterparts.

Sure, insanely juiced-out bodybuilders ARE freaks, but for those who choose to do it the NATURAL way, you weak minded bastards need to step off and respect their discipline, or just go about your business looking like a beach whale. We can't make fun of you because it's "mean," so don't take out your frustration on our hard working asses, scream at the cashier the next time you're ordering some large fries at McDonalds, maybe they'll refuse to serve you and you'll lose a few pounds.

" ... scream at the cashier the next time you're ordering some large fries at McDonalds."


So get those abs, and if you have the discipline, I and all the other great writers at can help you get in android-mode, or whatever mode of fitness you strive to achieve. Whatever you can think of, you can do, regardless of what anyone else says.

Filter out all the "noise," and enter your own world. Associate with those who have achieved what you are trying to achieve. If you can do that, then you accomplish anything you want.