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Making Dreams A Reality: Setting Goals!

Josh Henkin is a conditioning specialist in Scottsdale, Arizona. Let him teach you how to effectively set goals so you can realize your dreams.

We all aspire to achieve something important to us through training. It may be improving the way we look, our health, or help our sporting performance.

The problem is so few of us actually achieve what we are striving for from our work. The question then becomes why? The No. 1 reason I hear from people is they "lack motivation." Of course, if you don't view what you are doing as a priority, your chances for success are low.

However, motivation is different for every person. The key is to find what gets each individual excited. I am going to outline some tips to finding what ideas keep one excited about training so everyone gives himself or herself the best opportunity to succeed.

Define A Specific Goal

This may seem so elementary, but many people who have emailed me rarely have the makings of a well thought-out goal. Spending time to write out your goals and learning what makes the foundation of goal setting is so important because this will serve as your base of motivation.

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The more vague you are the more this will set you up for failure because you will be training without a purpose. So, here are some principles of goal setting.

Six Principles Of Goal Setting

     1. Measurable

    Bodybuilding is a tough sport because it is so subjective. The more subjective a goal is, the more frustrating it can be because setting a standard of measurement is so difficult. Being able to see progress is what is going to keep so many of us going.

    Having definitive numbers can provide us with such information. People either want to lose bodyfat, gain muscle, or the combination of the two. However, the problem arises when trainers have no idea of their starting point and where they want to end.

    If you do not have this information, then how are you going to tell if you are moving toward achieving your goal? Right now, sit down and write out one physical goal for yourself that can be measured.

     2. Optimal Level Of Difficulty

    A goal can not be too hard nor too easy. Without the sense of a challenge one will not push themselves and strive for greater levels. At the same time, if the goal is too difficult then failure in inevitable. The key is to define a goal that will challenge you and be reasonable to achieve.

What's Your Goal? What Is Your Goal?

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     3. Meaningful

    This is my favorite principle. Why do you want to achieve this physical goal? Don't just say because you want to look good. Instead write three ways in which it will improve your life. The more meaning your goal has in your overall life the more of a priority it becomes in your mind.

    Most people want to change their bodies for a variety of reasons. Improving self-confidence in the work place so you are more successful in your career, feeling more attractive so you can be more comfortable in social circumstances, or become better at your sport because you want to achieve a college scholarship are just a few examples.

    The more meaning you can create for you goal the more valuable the goal becomes. Right now write down three ways achieving your goal will improve your life.

     4. Must Fit Personal Value Systems

    All of us have values that hopefully dictate much of our actions. These values help us decide what is important to us and what we base our decisions from. If the goal you have set up does not reflect the values in your life then it can become an unnecessary stress.

    There is a famous saying, "stress occurs when behaviors do not reflect values." For example, you may want to add 15 pounds of muscle, but you decide to use drugs to accomplish this goal. However, you do not believe in drug use for nonmedical purposes.

    Automatically you are creating conflict between what you value and what you are trying to accomplish. This can cause people to feel negative about their chosen activity and the once positive goal now instills upsetting feelings.

     5. Completion Date

    write down your goals You must have a deadline for your goal. Training can be compared to many aspects of business.

    Every business that has projects creates a task map, which is considered essential. This map not only outlines what needs to be completed so that the project is successful, but also dates in which not only the overall project is due, but also all the smaller tasks.

    Setting a date is a way of knowing if your goal is realistic and what you need to perform to finish the goal. This method also allows you to see if you are having difficulty along the way and set up solutions for these problems. Training for a date also provides a level of challenge and a competitive spirit. You have an end in mind which in vital to any project.

     6. Willing To Make Sacrifices?

    Listen, any goal is going to require some sacrifices. The key is to determine if those sacrifices are reasonable and will result in a greater good. In my earlier days I had tried training people that wanted to make changes, but were not willing to make sacrifices. Without question, none of those individuals even came close to their goals.

    So many people are concerned about not fitting into our societies' norms. However, if you are trying to achieve something exceptional then you are not going to be normal, as normal is for those that are happy being average.

    Sit down and list out the sacrifices that would have to be made to achieve the goal the you have set out for yourself. Make sure that those sacrifices do not conflict with your values, beliefs, and are realistic to your situation.

The Power Of Goal Setting! The Power Of Goal Setting!
Without goals we are like a ship on the middle of the sea, just drifting away with no sense of direction. In order to achieve success in our bodybuilding program, our goal should be clearly defined. Learn why and how to set your own goals.
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I have to admit that this article was largely inspired by the emails I have received from the many readers on Many people want me to look at their programs and tell them what they are doing wrong. I always believe in starting with the most obvious and going from there.

In most cases, the most obvious is the lack of applying the above principles to form a solid foundation for success. So, if you have never heard or implemented the above principles, sit down right now - get yourself away from distractions - and go through each principle and have a goal set based upon the above information, then write it down!

I guarantee you will be providing yourself a better opportunity to succeed! For more information, feel free to check out my website, at