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Heather Policky Interview!

Heather started bodybuilding fairly early only just two years ago did she win her weight class and the overall crown and then preceded to win every local and regional show that she entered from that day forward.

Heather started bodybuilding fairly early only just two years ago did she win her weight class and the overall crown and then preceded to win every local and regional show that she entered from that day forward. Not class wins but overall's. But, know the vibrant and striking beauty has to go head and heels with the National ranks. No longer a conqueror in the lower levels of competition she faces the hardships of big time head on. That's Heather Policky. She has that je ne sais qua that comes from her looks. Confidence and zeal push this baby in a way that only us mortals can dream for, and dream we will of finding ourselves in the presence of such youthful attraction to metal and silk.

Hey, let's get started ok?

1) How did it feel winning the overall at the Colorado State?

1) It was a nice rush and great of course. I was happy to see that I came in "ok" because I was far from discipline in my prep. I was so nervous because I knew I wasn't at my best but once on stage I thought, "Yeah, now this is why I showed up". What a great feeling.

2) Being a relative "baby in the sport" as you state on your Web site, so winning that state title right off the bat must be a huge confidence builder for you?

2) It's my third overall so it didn't really mean anything more to me than the other two because it's an actual state title. It did seem to give me some validation that I never felt after either of the Texas shows. Plus it was a turning point in how I felt about my physique and my feelings about continuing in bodybuilding.

3) What got you started in bodybuilding?

3) I was 12 years old when I met the woman who owned the fitness center in my tiny hometown that happened to be a competitive bodybuilder. Very odd for my hometown. She kinda took me in and showed me the ropes. Even looking back now I am amazed by how much knowledge she had for that time period and living in such a sheltered community. I ate up any info she would give me. I just took to it, it made sense to me. After getting in and out of it through out my teen years (at one point I could competed as a teen and probably done really well and could've done fitness also) finally, shortly after my 21st birthday, after being "out" for quite awhile I made the decision to really do it. I never intended to compete until I met Brian Crull in 2000. Brian thought I would do really well and offered his help. That was what I needed, so I set the date and did my first show. Here I am now planning on trying to get that pro card.

CS: 12 years old? Yeah, I remember a day when my wife was training in the gym and a little girl was mimicking everything she did in the gym, she followed my wife around like a little puppy - It was sweet.

4) What other titles have you garnered prior to the Colorado State?

4) My first show was the North Texas then I did the South Texas. The North was Ed and Betty Parisos show and they do a great job. I would recommend doing it to anyone but it's especially great for a first show because it's "together", well organized.

5) So, do you remember that bodybuilder's name?

5) Kayleen Canas, she's still there but got rid of the gym.

6) Hey, I'm getting ahead of myself here. Let's let the people know who Heather is. When and where were you born?

6) July 21 1977, Cozad Nebraska.

7) Did you do athletics while in high school?

7) NO, I was soooo UNathletic. I did track in 7th grade and got shin splints so bad I had to quit. I have never really gotten into sports. I disagree with how sports are viewed in our society. WAY overrated! I may be a little bitter cause bodybuilding doesn't even get the recognition of speed skating. Come on! I couldn't stand the weight training coach because he had the worst attitude and treated the kids very poorly; sadly he was also the football coach. I had him for PE a couple of years and I know he thought I was one of if not the prissiest girl in school. I like doing things for myself; I don't need a coach to tell me and 20 other girls to run laps. Any chic can run, play volleyball, basketball, swing a bat... but how many can hang with me in the gym?

8) Anita read your answer on being athletic in school. She agrees, she didn't do a team sport, she did skiing. Sounds like I'm going to have to get you two together in the gym. She's the same way. So, school was OK then?

8) Sounds like Anita made a good choice. I would love to get together with her anytime. School was yeah, OK. About as ok as it can be growing up in a small town where I never seemed to "fit in". I knew since I was little I wasn't small town material.

9) What about the prom and other functions? Did you have a social life?

9) I was if not the first one, one of the first on the floor at the dances. And I always had the loudest and usually pretty outrageous dresses and outfits. I was the life of a few too many parties. I went to games to socialize if anything. I was more into speech and dramatics. If I put any energy into school back then it was in the arts. Most of my old classmates would probably say I was a real clown. Always trying to get laughs.

10) Did you go to college after High School?

10) No. I had no desire. My high school was so repressed and dull that I was not interested in doing more of that. I could've stayed in Nebraska and went to the University but that was the last thing I wanted. I had wanted to move to Denver since I was 6. So I did. I finally felt I was ready for school again in 97 so I started just to quit then up and move to Texas. I would be finishing school right now if I wouldn't have moved. I've kicked myself more than a few times for that. So now I am going back again this next year. I really enjoy classes (Metro States great, nothing like high school) and I'm just as into developing my mind as much as my muscles. I STILL cannot pinpoint a major.

11) What do you do know?

11) I started a personal training business for myself about a year ago.

12) What are your long-term goals?

12) Right now I am trying to go for my pro status. As long as it doesn't take me forever I will continue to compete for a few more years. I would love to have a chance to do at least a few pro shows. I plan to continue my education next year. I hope to own my own supplement store in a few years. I would love to develop a clothing line for the athletic person and have toyed with the idea forever, something that's just not out there. Buying a home is at the top of my priorities also.

13) What happens if those goals fall a little short of their destination?

13) I'm not sure. I don't like to think about that happening. I'm pretty good at saying I'm going to do something and just doing it. I hate people that are all talk and no go. If I don't do something it is simply because my wants change.

14) How often do you train?

14) I train with weights average 4 days a week and cardio 4 days a week in off-season. For prep my cardio is everyday and of course longer.

15) What are your favorite body parts to train or do you have any favorites?

15) I like do back. Anything is more enjoyable then legs.

16) Do you have any favorite binge foods when you're not dieting for a show?

16) Oh my God! Everything! My favorites would be pecan tarts from my grocery store bakery, Krispy Kremes, butter pecan Breyers ice cream and anything else with sugar and fat.

That a girl. I need to live with you. We'd definitely keep the cub boards stocked.

17) What do you like to do when you're not getting ready for shows? What do you do to relax?

17) I love to read, but that's all the time. Mainly trash novels but some other stuff here and there. I really enjoy going into the mountains when possible. I bike ride and swim. I have to stay active I find it does keep me relaxed. Shopping is great too.

18) Have any favorite movies or books you like to read?

18) My favorite movie this year was Shrek. I could really relate to the moral of the story. I love comedy; Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura and Beavis and Butthead Do America are some of my all time favorite veg out and laugh movies. I don't really get into too many movies I find they are usually really disappointing. Way too hyped. Books. Trashy, anything that kinda takes me away. That's what so great about books, they take you to a whole other world. Very few movies have ever had that affect on me. I just finished Hearts in Atlantis, by FAR better than the movie!

Heather check out Rat Race, that's a funny one. I'm the Gladiator, Hunt for Red October, and The Fast and the Furious type. Heather it has been great. No, it's been fun! We'll have to consume a dozen Krispy Creams after you take control of the National stage. That's a dozen for each, OK? Good luck. If anyone would like to talk to Heather or get 8x10's of this fine veracious hard-body to pin-up on your wall or office then check Heather's Website at: or send all mail correspondence to: 8100 W. Crestline Ave., A15 Box 118, Littleton, CO 80123.

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