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Learn Commitment And What It Means To Go 'All In.'

We do ourselves a great disservice when we blur the lines between intention and commitment. You see, an intention is a simply a thought. Learn what commitment truly is and why many fail.

As a fitness trainer, nutritional advisor and coach, I frequently hear people mistake intention for commitment. And the people who make these "commitments" not only say it with conviction, but really do mean it ... at the time.

They certainly intend to realize their dreams, yet they fail to produce the results they profess to want. Why is that? Are they lacking commitment? Perhaps. Or maybe they're just misunderstanding what making a commitment truly means.

We do ourselves a great disservice when we blur the lines between intention and commitment. You see, an intention is a simply a thought. It may be a wonderfully pleasant or inspiring thought, but ultimately, it is only a thought.

Left without action, that thought alone will certainly lead us nowhere on the path to achieving our goals. Making a decision to pursue a particular goal, to undertake a particular cause or to become a particular person means having the willingness to devote ourselves to doing something about our thoughts and desires. Commitment therefore, is intent paired with action.

We all admire and appreciate someone that makes a personal commitment, faces down adversity and goes the distance no matter what the consequence. We call these people "strong." We call these people "tough."

We call these people "extraordinary." And many times, we think that these people possess something inside that the majority of us lack entirely. Not true. The people that remain faithful to their commitments are ordinary people ... with extraordinary resolve ... and a rock solid action plan.

A true commitment means, "I am all in, no matter what." There are no built-in exit plans, there are no easy outs, there are no excuses, and there are no safety nets. There is an underlying desire fueling the commitment which is sufficiently resolute to not only endure, but triumph over the hardships that will undoubtedly occur along your journey.

I Am All In, No Matter What

A commitment implies one-hundred percent heart, one-hundred percent dedication, one-hundred percent devotion, one-hundred percent ... UNTIL. Those that are "all in," welcome the challenge and stand firm. Those that dressed up an intention and called it a commitment: exit stage right.

Ultimately, we are the choices we make. So think long and hard before making them. When you choose to make a firm commitment - to yourself or to another - proceed with the utmost integrity and resolve. A commitment carries a lot of power AND a lot of responsibility. Respect it.

Proceed With The Utmost Integrity And Resolve

If you ultimately decide to go "all in," then do it and do it with total abandon. Give it everything that you have inside, even when it challenges you most. Make no apology. Have no regret. Realize you will gain much more than you could ever lose.

Be comforted, knowing that your commitments are a deeply meaningful part of self-discovery and personal growth. Gain satisfaction, knowing that you stayed solid until the very end. And relish in a profound sense of tranquility, confident you will never have to withstand the sting of regret when looking back over the landscape of your life and seeing it littered with unrealized dreams or the best of intentions.

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