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Holiday Tips - 7 Great Ways To Keep The Weight Off.

On average, most people gain 7 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's. Get some great tips that will help maintain your weight!

Tis the season!! For spending time with family, friends and co-workers... for wading through an endless sea of holiday parties... and for avoiding a quickly expanding waist-line. On average, most people gain 7 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. Will you be one of them?

Or will you look into the mirror on New Year's Day 2007 and LIKE what you see? Truth be told, you CAN happily participate in all of your holiday festivities AND remain committed to your health and well-being. Here's how:


Choose Success

As the saying goes: "As a man thinketh, so shall he be." Simply put, good thoughts are followed by good actions. Consciously decide to remain fully committed to your fitness plans through the holidays. Don't even contemplate failure... doing so nearly ensures failure as your outcome.

Contemplate your inevitable success for a change! Remember, success IS a choice. All success begins in your thoughts... and results in your actions. Choose your holiday thoughts wisely, my friends.


Never Attend a Holiday Party Hungry

Arriving at a holiday gathering with so many tempting food choices when you are famished is lethal! Plan ahead. Eat 5-6 small, healthy, well-balanced meals each day. Make sure you eat one of those small meals or have a protein shake about 30-60 minutes before attending a holiday get-together, even if the get-together is a meal!

You'll be far less likely to overindulge and you won't be inclined to eat everything in sight with reckless abandon! With both your appetite and conscience in check, you'll find greater enjoyment and satisfaction in the modest amount of food and drink that you do consume.


Don't "Bank" Calories

You simply CANNOT starve yourself all day, then eat and drink whatever you want at a holiday party without consequences. Your body just does not work that way. If you starve yourself in anticipation of overindulging, you'll ENSURE storing every single morsel as FAT.


Locate The Veggie Tray

Every holiday spread includes some kind of fresh fruit or vegetable tray. Fill your plate with fresh veggies and eat those first, fruit second. And skip the dip! The bulk and water in the veggies will quell your appetite and you will be less able to eat as much "junk."


Drink A Lot Of Water

Before you grab an alcoholic drink OR make a beeline for the buffet table, get a glass of water and sip on that first.

Good Rule Of Thumb: For every glass of wine or holiday "treat" that you consume, drink one glass of water.

The water will keep you rather full and will definitely curb your desire to over-indulge in food or drink. Just make sure that you locate the restroom early in the evening!


Bring Eucalyptus

What?! Yes, it's true... if all else fails and you're having a hard time making good decisions at a party, suck on a sugar-free Halls Eucalyptus drop. I can assure you... absolutely NOTHING tastes good after having that flavor in your mouth! Especially cheesecake.


Stay On Schedule

Plan your training sessions every week. Treat your workouts as a regular appointment that you cannot and will not miss. Book yourself in your Palm Pilot, Day Planner or Blackberry. If you remain consistent with your training, you will enjoy an elevated mood and have MUCH more energy for holiday shopping and happy gatherings.

Finally, January 1, 2007 WILL Arrive... and I can promise you this: It will be much harder to get back into your training routine after the New Year, than it is to remain committed right now. Your personal fitness goals need not be a casualty of the season.


Keep on training, plan ahead and be reasonable. I truly hope you enjoy every minute of this wonderful holiday season... in health and good cheer.