Hany Rambod's Ultimate Guide To FST-7

What do the bodybuilding greats of our time all have in common? A style of training that showed them the limitless potential of their physique. Here's what you need to know about FST-7.

Hany Rambod's Ultimate Guide To FST-7

Hany Rambod's nickname is "The Pro Creator." He's watched his protégés take home the ultimate prize at the Olympia Weekend 15 times—including three on a single night in 2014. Far more times than that, he's watched his clients push their already impressive physiques where they never thought possible.

The way he did it is no mystery. Rambod's clients all followed FST-7, or "fascia-stretch training," his signature training style. Do it right, and it can substantially change both the size and shape of your muscles. Just don't expect it to be easy or painless.

If you've wondered what all the fuss is about, Rambod has created a video explaining the fundamentals of FST-7, along with tips on how to scale it for everyone from beginners to advanced lifters and how to maximize your nutrition and supplementation while following FST-7. And when you're ready to stretch yourself, follow the upper-body workouts Rambod created for 2014 men's physique Olympia champion Jeremy Buendia.

What is FST-7? Hany Rambod's Ultimate Guide to FST-7
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FST-7 Workouts

FST Back and Abs

Widen your lats and etch those abs with this epic FST-7 workout from pro trainer Hany Rambod and 2015 men's physique champ Jeremy Buendia!

FST Chest and Biceps

You've never had a pump like this before. Give your chest and arms what they want with this FST-7 workout for explosive growth!

FST Shoulders and Triceps

Let Hany Rambod and Jeremy Buendia help you expand your potential and cast a bigger shadow with FST-7 training for shoulders and triceps!