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Haley's Leg Assault: A Rendezvous With Pain!

Marcus Haley uses a combination of predatory skills and emotion to blast his legs into oblivion! See how the beast trains when he hits the gym to train legs. Read on and get motivated.

Undomesticated to the world of the weak, a combination of predatory skills and nocturnal movements wander the cold shadows of the silent and eerie mists over the dusk sheeted weights dungeon. An almost perfectly designed predator has adapted to its environment, and is exhibiting the testimonial you are about to be a witness.

The muscles that this creature confines is assured never to adapt to its environment and its strain that is concealed within the four walls of it weights pen ensures a manifestation of sinew that is yet to emerge into its full maturity.

The accompanying images of the beast were captured the day after the 2007 Iron Man where he collected a substantial body count leaving only four standing before him.

The rendezvous point of our encounter was in an L.A. heat drenched parking lot dampened by the lurid depth of the night. However, the moonlight was so brave that evening it was almost like someone was shining a flashlight over the two hardcore heavyweights of the bodybuilding world - and Marcus Haley.

Both fully aware that the next 51 minutes could turn into echoed screams of agonizing pain and suffering, both of us could have easily turned our selves into the isolation of our thoughts and into the anonymity of the outside world. Or we could return, living on wits and honed hunting skills to deliver the blood soaked editorial and pictorial for our Iron brothers.

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EXERCISE 1 Leg Extensions

Leg extensions helped ease the tension and anguish when Haley began to pump his hugely ripped pillars to the point where his incisors bared themselves objecting to anything or anyone that got in his way.

Prior to his main working sets, the tormented animal clenched its abdominals while his menacing stare pointed in my direction. Sitting on the edge of the leg extension, he closed his eyes as I watched his body's temperature rise enhancing the need to suck in more oxygen before the big push into the abyss. An acoustic vibration shook the floor as the momentum of repetitions rattled the cage Haley was teething on.

I lay on the floor capturing these very pictures as the attack to 22 reps had no choice but to reveal itself. I marveled at the scenes of high drama that evoked as he neared his end with blood swelling the vein pipes through the legs that appeared to be holding him to at ransom to the machine which was also asphyxiating them. The sound of a slamming weights stack signaled the completion of the first count on the leg torturing roster.

"An acoustic vibration shook the floor as the momentum of repetitions rattled the cage Haley was teething on."

EXERCISE 2 Leg Press

A visit to the leg press, expressed with no pity, flashed SOS signs to the onlookers that had just gawked at the relentless torture seconds earlier. Although Marcus was set to compete in the Sacramento and the Arnold Classic in the following two weeks, he instituted a systematic concept of muscle formation and proclaimed discipline of supreme importance when he sat within the 45 degree angled seat of the leg press.

Spits of saliva burst through the hazed backdrop which appeared out of focus through my lens as exaggerated breaths of air were taken before the storm of torment drifted through his vessels that fed the screaming and craving muscles.

"I'm gonna beat you again mother f*