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Countdown: Ryan Farhat's MMA Debut - Part Three.

What kind of training did Ryan follow to win his first MMA fight? Find out here.

I forgot to mention in my previous article that we dropped the High Hang Power Clean from Ryan's training regimen. He had a problem with the movement so we substituted with the High Hang Clean Extension.

I was surprised that the movement gave him any problems. It was hard to break his habit of performing a swinging hammer curl as he was shown in high school. We will re-introduce the High Hang Power Clean later in Ryan's training when we are not strapped for time.

Going into the seventh week, Ryan's improvements in his fitness levels were incredible. At this point all of his motor qualities were strong. Below is the workout he performed the final 6 weeks before his bout.


Dynamic Range of Motion

Jump Rope: 3 2-minute Rounds.


Sprawl, Roll & Stand: 3 sets, 4 reps, 2 each side, rest 20 sec. between sets.

Day 1:

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Drop Snatch 4 3 90 sec.
Overhead Squat 3 3 90 sec.
BB Lunges 3 6 60 sec.
KB Swings 2 6 60 sec.

ST's figure 8 sec. with sled pull.
Perform 2 sets @ 5 min. each with 1 minute rest between sets.

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Day 3:

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Power Jerk 4 3 90 sec.
WG - Pullups (explosive) 4 3 60 sec.
See Saw 3 6 60 sec.
Incline Bench 2 6 60 sec.
Hanging Bar Holds (1 arm) 2 30 sec. 60 sec.
Non-Weight GPP: 3 4 min. 60 sec.

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Day 5: Repeat Day 1

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Notes:  Week 3 - STS work increases to 7 min.
            Week 3 - Non-weight GPP increases to 2 - 6 min rounds.

Medicine Ball Circuit 2x week:

During the week of the fight Monday was our last day of strength training. The fight was scheduled to take place on Friday. Tuesday-Thursday we performed skill work.

It is important to note that a solid nutritional regimen was also incorporated into Ryan's program. He dropped approximately 17 pounds in preparation for his fight. He decreased his body fat levels from 12% to 6%.

Ryan's Nutritional Guidelines


Monday & Tuesday - consume meat, nuts, greens, cheese, eggs and low carbohydrate protein powder.

Wednesday - last meal of the day add a starchy carbohydrate and a fruit. Throughout the day eat as you did on Monday and Tuesday.

Thursday & Friday - repeat Monday and Tuesday.

Saturday - repeat as Wednesday.

Sunday * - FREE DAY.

* 4 Weeks before the fight 1 free meal on Sunday.


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Last weekend Ryan competed in his second fight. The bout was held in Lexington, KY at the Kentucky Fighting Challenge (I am the co-promoter of the event). Ryan won in 34 seconds with a rear naked choke.

The information provided above is an excerpt from Jamie Hale's new book MaxCondition.

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About Coach Hale:

Coach Hale is the owner of Total Body Fitness, Winchester Golden Gloves Boxing and MaxCondition Sports Conditioning. He designs comprehensive training programs for coaches and athletes worldwide. He is the author of Optimum Physique and contributor to numerous exercise and sports publications.

Coach Hale is an official member of The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame in recognition of his strength and conditioning work with martial artists. He also serves as vice-chairman for the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame. To learn more about coach Hale visit his website at

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