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Diet Strategies For Bodybuilders

The various diet strategies are so utterly different in nature you might wonder who is right. Dieting strategies are similar to training strategies; their effectiveness is subjective.

There are numerous diet strategies used by athletes. Many of these diets differ greatly when it comes to eating recommendations. The various diet strategies are so utterly different in nature you might wonder who is right. Dieting strategies are similar to training strategies; their effectiveness is subjective. What works perfectly for one individual may be completely wrong for another. Some diets may sound ridiculous to you and others may be better suited for your habits. Now let's take a look at two diets that are very different in their nutrient profiles.

The Anabolic Diet

The basis of the Anabolic Diet is to carb-deplete during the weekdays, then carb-load on the weekends. This involves 5 days of high fat, high protein, low carbs and 2 days of high carbs, moderate fat, and low protein. This diet was developed by Dr. Mauro Dipasquale. Dipasquale is a former world-class powerlifter who won the World championships in powerlifting in 1976 and won the world games in 1981. Currently, he works for World Wrestling Federation as their medical director and drug program advisor. He is also the medical review officer for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR). Dipasquale holds honors in biological science and a medical degree from the University of Toronto.

This diet drastically goes against everything we have been taught to believe about nutrition. You must have an open mind when you read about this diet. Dipasquale has researched this subject diligently and does a masterful fob of supporting his claims. This diet differ s from the typical high protein, high fat diet. This is not the Protein Power Plan or the Atkin's Diet. Those diets were designed for weight loss only. This diet was designed for the bodybuilder. The goal is to gain muscle and drop body fat. Anyone can use the diet, but it works better with an exercise program. Dipasquale developed the diet to act as an alternative to drug use. With the Anabolic diet the anabolic hormones in the body are maximized. The diet maximizes testosterone, growth hormone, and insulin levels.

These hormones are powerful in relation to muscular growth. The problem with high carb diets is that they promote high insulin levels, but reduce testosterone and growth hormone levels. Chronically high insulin levels also attribute to increased bodyfat.

The weekdays of this diet promote optimal testosterone and growth hormone levels, while the weekend carb-load promotes maximum insulin levels. You, are now probably saying to yourself there is no way eating fat will help me lose bodyfat. Contrary, to popular belief this is what happens. If your body receives small amounts of fat, this is what happens. If your body receives small amounts of fat it will hang on to it's bodyfat.

The body senses it will not receive adequate dietary fat so it will preserve the fat it has. Fat is not the villain the media portrays it to be.

Excessive carbohydrate consumption should be the enemy, not fat. When high levels of carbohydrates are consistently consumed stored bodyfat is the result. Carbohydrates are stored in the muscle and liver as glycogen, when the muscle and liver overflow increased bodyfat is the result.

Virtually everyone on planet earth consumes too many carbohydrates. Carbohydrates serve as the bodies first source of fuel. When carbs are abundantly high, there is no reason to burn fat for energy; therefore bodyfat is preserved. The lowfat food madness is at it's all time high. Low fat foods have skyrocketed in sales during the last few years, but there are more obese people now than ever before. This should ring a bell in society's ears; excess carbs are bad. Without carbohydrates the body will have no energy, report some nutritional experts.

Dr. Dipasquale states this is true until our bodies make the metabolic shift. The metabolic shift takes place when the body is making the transition from being a carb-burning machine to being a fat burning machine. Once the body makes the shift stored bodyfat will be the bodies primary source of fuel. When this takes place energy levels will be back to normal. In some cases individuals report that they have more e energy than ever. The first week is the hardest week of the diet. This is when the body is going through the metabolic shift. The third day is usually when people begin to feel fatigued, light-headed or drowsy.

Do not panic, this is normal. Once your body adjusts to the new eating plan you will feel fine. Resist the temptation to stuff yourself with carbs when you begin to feel exhausted. If you stuff your body with carbs then you have to start all over again. The weekdays allow you a maximum of 30 carbs per day.

Be sure to watch out for trace carbs. When the weekend arrives you will consume large amounts of carbs which will shuttle amino acids to the muscles. It is recommended that you have a physical before beginning the diet. Dipasquale also recommends certain supplements to be used in conjunction with this diet. Many nutritionist s will recommend against low carb diets, because of their potential side effects. Dipasquale has reported that he has found no negative health effects with athletes using his diet.

In my opinion, this diet yields results. I have found this to be the best diet I have ever used for losing bodyfat and retaining muscle. It is difficult to put on a great deal of mass for some people with this diet due to the large quantity of food needed. If you would like to try the diet you need to purchase the diet before starting the eating plan. The book provides scientific evidence, tables, charts, foods to eat, and a complete overview of the diets format. This book will open your eyes to a new concept on eating. This book is especially valuable to bodybuilders. The book is titled THE ANABOLIC DIET by Dipasquale.

Anabolic Diet Sample Menu - (weekday)

Meal 1

3 fried eggs with tbsp. butter
4 slices bacon

Meal 2

2 oz. pepperoni
2 oz. mozarella cheese

Meal 3

8 oz. steak
2 oz. American cheese

Meal 4

2 turkey hot-dogs
1 tbsp. mustard

Meal 5

8 oz. beef
1 oz. American cheese
1 cup lettuce
1 tbsp. mustard

Meal 6

1/2 cup pecans

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Anabolic Diet Sample Menu - (weekend)

Meal 1

3 pancakes with light syrup

Meal 2

1 peanut butter and jelly sandwich
1 banana

Meal 3

1 cup brown rice
10 oz. sweet potato

Meal 4

1 roast beef sandwich
1 cup baked beans

Meal 5

3 cups wheat spaghetti and marinara sauce
1 cup green beans
1 cup salad with lowfat dressing

Meal 6

1 serving angel food cake
1 tbsp. cool whip
4 strawberries

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Multiple Carbohydrate Leverage Loading

Multiple Carbohydrate Leverage Loading was developed for the bodybuilder seeking maximum muscle mass. This eating plan was developed by Negrita Jayde. This diet involves specifically arranging carbohydrates in your eating to achieve muscle gain.

Jayde proposes this diet sets up the ultimate environment for growth. With the M.C.L.L diet, you arrange your meals so you consume two complex carbs, two simple carbs, and a metabolic optimizer drink with each meal.

The simple carbs exhibit an immediate energy release , while the complex carbs exhibit prolonged energy. The metabolic optimizer drink contains a shorter chain structure than the complex carbs, but a longer structure than the simple carbs. This makes it a medium releaser. With M.C.L.L, you will have continued release of energy throughout the day. You will consume 6 meals per day while on this diet.

M.C.L.L. Benefits:

  • Increased Energy
  • Your pumps will be extraordinary
  • Your measurements will increase
  • You will gain weigh rapidly
  • Recovery time will be quicker after workouts
  • Metabolism increases
  • You will experience strength gains
  • Your body heat will elevate M.C.L.L makes sure carbohydrates are being supplied to the body.
  • Water retention in muscle cells will be high.

During this diet, carbs will cause your body to load up on water. The water retention results in better leverage for the working muscle. Strength will increase greatly with the aid of the leverage advantage. This diet does not involve over-eating. You are simply increasing carb calories themselves. The portions of carbs will be small. Two complex and two simple carbs will take up alot of space on your plate. High protein intake is not necessary with this diet. The high carb intake helps to spare protein.

With this diet, glucose levels stay high throughout the day and you remain in a positive nitrogen balance. This is the ideal state for adding muscle mass. This diet recommends you use a few supplements to enhance it's effectiveness. It is recommended that you use a digestive enzyme with every meal, 4-6 grams of vitamin C daily and a B-complex vitamin each day. Amino Acids are also used with M.C.L.L. The recommended dosage is 5 before your workout and 5 after your workout. I have tried this diet and experienced rapid strength and weight gains. I also appeared pumped and very full. Sounds good so far. Now the bad side. My bodyfat levels increased drastically and my physique appeared smooth.

Once I came off the diet and began my Ripping Phase, I lost weight very quickly. The quick weight loss was due to the heavy water retention I experienced with M.C.L.L. Would I recommend this diet ? I would recommend this diet for some people and advise against it for others. For the person interested in gaining weight and achieving strength gains quickly, the diet is good. For the individual interested in gaining quality mass with minimal fat gains, it is not advisable. Although some individuals report large muscle gains with minimal fat gains. If you give M.C.L.L a try, make sure to include intense weight training with the program.

Sample Daily M.C.L.L. Menu

Meal 1

1/2 banana
1 orange
1 sweet potato
4 oz. oatmeal
5 oz. chicken
8 oz. pineapple juice with metabolic optimizer

Meal 2

1 apple
1 box raisins
1 ear corn
1 bagel
2 boiled eggs
8 oz. orange juice with metabolic optimizer

Meal 3

4 oz. beef
4 oz. brown rice
3 oz. baked beans
1 kiwi
1 /2 cup brown rice
10 oz. pineapple juice with metabolic optimizer

Meal 4

5 oz. wheat spaghetti with 3 oz. beef
1 baked potato
1 cup broccoli
1 kiwi
1 slice pineapple
8 oz. mineral water with metabolic optimizer

Meal 6

6 oz. lean beef
1 orange
1 banana
3 oz. brown rice
1 slice whole wheat bread
8 oz. mineral water with metabolic optimizer

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(The preceding information on M.C.L.L. is referenced from bibliography #12 )