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Gym Of The Month: Forged Athlete Gym!

Forget corporate gyms! The fellas who formed Forged Athlete know what it takes to get strength and conditioning results as quickly as possible, so they opened their own training center.

Name Of Gym: The Forged Athlete Gym
Owners: Travis Stoetzel and Joe Chizek
Address: 5825 N. 90th St, Omaha, NE
# Of Members: 80
Sq Ft: 1300
Hours Of Operation: M-Friday 530am- 8pm, Sat 8-10am All sessions by appointment only
Trainers On Staff: 2

How did the gym start and why did you decide to begin (or work within) the gym business?

Both of us are ex-athletes and have always been around sports and strength training in some way shape or form our whole lives.

We both grew up fascinated with strength and conditioning and everything involved with it. We both got into the fitness business to work with serious athletes and trainees.

We wanted to help people that were not only looking for the help but that would put in the effort as well.

After college, both of us met up at a corporate gym facility where we both worked at as personal trainers. Right away we knew that we did not belong in that type of gym. That's when we broke off from the corporate gym scene and started The Forged Athlete.

We wanted to create our own system of training that would give results 10 times faster than what we were experiencing in the corporate world. We had our own way of training for strength and conditioning and wanted to expose that to our local area.

The gym we used to work at didn't allow us to supply the type of atmosphere we knew that our clients needed in order to take their results to the next level.

The Forged Athlete Gym

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Can you give us a description on what went into opening your awesome establishment?

The opening of our business has been very challenging, but very rewarding because during this process of hard work and sacrifice, we've learned many different life lessons. These lessons will forever remind us of how valuable our business truly is. Whenever you work your butt off for something you truly desire, you respect it that much more.

One of the main things that comes to mind when thinking about what we had to deal with in opening our gym was having the courage to take the leap of faith. We knew it would be a challenge to make it happen but we never lost site (and still haven't done so today) of our overall vision of what we want to accomplish. This keeps us moving forward.

Along with that, when we first opened up, we had nothing else but a few sandbags, kettlebells, sleds, and weighted vests. We pieced everything together from searching around for used equipment on the internet and in the local papers.

Now, we reward ourselves with new equipment but we always make sure we don't buy what we don't need.

We always stay within our means but when we see something we really like and know will help benefit our clients, we get it.

There's no car behind this camouflage garage. The Forged Athlete crew rolls on weighted sleds.

What makes your gym different?

Our gym is different in the fact that we go above and beyond to make our members who train within our programs very confident in their abilities. We do this through creating a family like atmosphere where our clients truly feel a part of the gym. They are not just clients, their family. They are the ones that make the gym what it is.

It's our specify system and atmosphere that forges nothing but results. Our training system is also something that makes us highly unique. We've created a unique blend of training that utilizes all sorts of different types of training modalities including - strongman, Crossfit, Power lifting, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, etc.

We don't shy away from any forms of training as long as we know that can benefit our client in some way shape of form.

What sort of people do you attract into your gym?

The people we attract into our gym are individuals who have a desire to change themselves both physically and mentally. They are hard-working and driven to take on the various challenges we throw at them. If they're not willing to put in the commitment and dedication, our gym and it's system will simply weed them out. We like to say that you must EARN your membership here. Nothing is ever given away.

As far as specific type of people we having training at The Forged Athlete, we have all different types including - firefighters, police officers, military personnel, MMA fighters, wrestlers, high school and college level athletes, plus your serious weekend warrior types of guys and gals who have a love and passion for living fit and healthy.

We take in all who are hard-working and willing to work their butt off in order succeed and accomplish their goals.

Earn your membership with heavy work and heavier weights.

What inspires people to train at you facility?

The inspiration that people have to train at our gym comes from the atmosphere and feel of it when you walk in. Only those that truly have a desire to win catch the "champions attitude" when walking into our faculty. Some don't' get this and we realize that it's not for everyone and that's ok with us.

Ultimately, what inspires people that most is that at our gym, they are a part of a family. Everyone has each other's back but, we do not hold people's hand.

Our members know that we'll supply the path to their success through proper programming, accountability, and coaching but, they are the ones that will have to put in the work to get what they want. People come to us for that extra bit of push they can't get on their own.

Do you have any top trainers and why are they so good?

We, (Joe and Travis - The Owners) are the life blood of the gym and are the top trainers. We constantly are in focus on improving our craft as we know with being a strength and conditioning coach is a lifelong learning process.

We will never know enough and will never be good enough. We want to always be improving in some way shape or form.

From this, we're involved in multiple mastermind groups and attend a whole slew of different seminars each and every year learning from the world's best.

What special services do you provide?

Everything we do at The Forged Athlete is small group based personal training and based off of appointment only. There are no 1 on 1 training sessions that go on nor is it ever an open gym where people simply come in whenever they want to train. Instead, everyone who trains at our gym trains under the supervision of a certified strength and conditioning coach within a small group. The groups range from 3 up to 12 people at once.

Our programs are developed into 4 week "mini-cycles" that are created and based around the specific goals of the client. Each program we deliver is specific to the clients end goal.

Ultimately, we believe that when people train together in a small or large group, the energy is a whole lot greater. It's this energy and group atmosphere that creates a competitive like feel that pushes our clients above and beyond their capabilities. On top of the highly effective and challenging workout programs we supply, everything else is taken care of as well.

Any solid trainer knows that a solid program is much more than just workouts. Our complete system also includes nutritional guidance and support plus ACCOUNTIBILITY. That is the most important service we provide. We stay on top of our clients and keep them honest!

Who are your most notable present and past members?

We have a large number of clients and athletes who have achieved and demonstrated great success with a champion's attitude and an overbearing will to win.

A few noteworthy clients you'll want to pay attention to are Brian Houstan (MMA Amateur, Pro Boxer), Todd McNeely (NCAA II Champ - Olympic Hopeful), Mirsad Bektic (MMA Pro)

The truth is that ALL of our clients are noteworthy. No matter how big or how small their completed goals have been, all have put in the time and effort needed to be successful. Some are currently serving our countries military, while others are police offers protecting our streets.

Then there are even some of our teachers who help our kids grow and develop or nurses who tend to the sick. Just depends. There are all walks of life that attend out gym that are all worth noting.

Bottom line - All of our clients are noteworthy to us.

What was the hardest part about operating your gym?

The toughest part with opening the gym was finally DOING it.

When you open a gym, you open a business and when you run a business you have to wear multiple hats. This has proved to be the toughest thus far.

They liked it, so they put TWO rings on it.

What makes you competitive over the other gym chains?

While we're highly competitive among ourselves within our own gym, we're not too focused in on being competitive with other gyms in the area.

The reason for this is there is no competition for us. We are our own. We focus on creating and not being competitive. We are unique in our own way and only want a certain breed of individuals in our gym. The focus is on the quality not the quantity of members we have in our gym.

So if there was an answer for this question, it would be that we're not like any other gym around.

How have you been able to remain so successful and how do you hope to remain so?

We remain to be successful and will continue to be as long as we focus on the creation of how we can do things better. We will forever continue to evolve to become better in running our business and working with people.

We focus on the PEOPLE because it's all about them.

The Forged Athlete Is Building Strong and Powerful Bodies Across The Globe!

Even if you don't live in Omaha you still have the opportunity to work with Joe and Travis via their online elite coaching and training program.

All of the programs they design are 100% specific to the client and are designed to meet your needs whether you have just bodyweight to workout with or have access to a fully equipped gym, they can help you achieve your goals.

Keep up with Travis and Joe via the The Forged Athlete website - Or check out their personal blog sites at - or

Please feel free to contact Joe and Travis with questions concerning their online elite coaching and training program. They can be reached at -

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